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How to add Widget in sidebar

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How to add Widget in sidebar

  1. 2. Step 1: To go to 'Dashboard' in administrator , type http://localhost/filename/wp-admin/ or website link with wp-admin. It ask for username and password. Fill it
  2. 3. Step 2: The dashboard screenshot below would finally appear on your screen.
  3. 4. Step 3: Go to left hand side click Appearance -> Widgets.
  4. 5. Step 4: Available widgets Screen look like this.
  5. 6. Step 5: There is a sidebar option to add widgets. Just drag and drop the widgets into the sidebar.
  6. 7. Step 6: Add title name and choose options. Then click save button.
  7. 8. Step 7:Similarly add many widgets that you need it.
  8. 9. Step 8:Finally visit your website/blog.
  9. 10. Step 9:It would display your sidebar widgets in the right hand side of your website or localhost.
  10. 11. End