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  1. 1. Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicio #64 Materia: INGLES Maestra: Dulce Hernandez Tema a presentar: Navojoa Sonora Equipo #1 Integrantes Danixia Gastelum Ana Mavita Fernando Molina Naydelin Calvo Brianda Gutierrez Jesus Sanchez Daniela Campoy Armando Hoyos Alejandra Borbon Issa Watanabe
  2. 2. The Mayo Indians    They were originally called Yoreme . Current yoreme are the descendants of the ancient inhabitants of Huatabampo culture , belonging to one of the cultural traditions of Sonora. It is the largest state group , with a population of 190,000 inhabitants according to 2011 statistics . Yoreme call themselves " which respects tradition " yori opposed to "who does not respect " . According to an ancient legend of its oral tradition , May the word means " people of the banks ." The mayo region is located in the southern part of Sonora
  3. 3. Conquest and Colony  The September 24, 1533 began a new episode in the history of this region , with the arrival of Diego de Guzman , the first Spanish who arrived in these lands. Three years later, the famous Spanish explorer Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, after being wrecked on an expedition to Florida , passed through this place on their way to the capital of New Spain .
  4. 4. Climate  In this town there are two types of climate, one semi-dry and semi-wet the other , both are extremes with a monthly average maximum temperature of 32.7 C in June and July and a monthly average temperature of 18.5 C in December and January having an average annual temperature of 25.4 C. The rainy season occurs in the summer months of July and August , counting with an average annual rainfall of 389.5 mm. In the months of September and October occasionally occur , in addition to cyclones of varying intensity , depending on the weather .
  5. 5. Flora  This municipality has a combination of different species of vegetation combined with varieties of pasture with bushes. The main components are white torote , torote colorado grass Donkey , governor , ironwood , candelilla, including groups also calls cardonal as organs , chandeliers and garambullo . Also noteworthy in this county areas dedicated to irrigated agriculture , including calls for partial irrigation .
  6. 6. Fauna  The wildlife of this county is varied , being : toad , nymph , bull frog , desert tortoise , desert chameleon, huico , cachora ( known worldwide as lizard) , bobcat , coyote, wild boar, hare , rabbit, opossum ( opossum ) squirrel, dove short tail , red dove, duck, garrapatero , hummingbird , matraquita , pigeons .
  7. 7. Economy          The economic activity of the municipality has been supported in agricultural production , trade and services , the main agricultural and livestock activities . The economically active population of the municipality is 46,786 inhabitants , while the economically inactive population totaled 56,559 . Economically active population: 46,786 Employed population : 46,166 Primary Sector: 7,923 Secondary sector: 12,151 Tertiary sector : 24,641 Not Specified : 1,451 Unemployed population: 620
  8. 8. Agriculture    Farming in the city is important not only for production volumes , but also for the creation of jobs and the value generated municipal domestic product. The course features navojoense irrigation infrastructure , roads and highways, agricultural research center and all the elements necessary to diversify crop pattern oriented market, which is increasingly open . Therefore, it requires a political funding and comprehensive support to the field , so you can recover and inserted into the process of modernization and be competitive.
  9. 9. Livestock      Livestock city ranks second place among the primary activities . This activity focuses on the pig , poultry and cattle , according to the following production volumes : 40,252 tonnes of pig meat 27,564 tonnes of poultry meat 1,136 tons of beef cattle ( 1993) Local pig is characterized by significant participation at the state level , representing 45% meat and 27% in number of heads.
  10. 10. Industry   This activity is second generation of jobs and employed population, since only in the year 1995 generated 1,145 jobs. In recent years the industry has played an important role in the town , there are dedicated to the Vegetable Oil Extraction , Production of Beer, Trails , plaster , Cardboard Packaging , Manufacturing Guitars, Alarms & Harness Manufacturing companies.
  11. 11. Cultural spaces           Municipal Library " Jesus Antonio Contreras VELDERRAIN" Mayo Regional Museum (former railway station Navojoa ) Teatro Municipal Auditorium "Romeo Gomez Aguilar " Auditorium UCAMAYO Plaza Santa Fe Springs Square May 5 Sports Unit Ballpark Manuel " Cyclone" Echeverria Olympic Football Stadium Navojoa Cinema Cinemex
  12. 12.  Thanks