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  1. 1. The Sartorialist A presentation on fashion blogging by Aude Manry and Tsoukala Panagiota. Istituto Marangoni 09.04.2013
  2. 2. Scott Schuman – The Blogger • • Schuman was neither trained as a photographer nor as a journalist and the blog began as a personal project Schuman could be classified as a street photographer and perhaps even set within a tradition of social documentary photography: “I don’t often think of “fashion” when I look at my photos...I have begun to see my images more as a social
  3. 3. The name: The Sartorialist Scott Schuman is the Sartorialist; Schuman trained in garment construction and merchandising, worked in fashion sales and marketing, and ran a showroom boutique for young designers.
  4. 4. Location: The City – Street Style Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barbour, Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Bro oklyn, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dallas, Dublin, Florence, Harlem, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, Montauk, Morocc o, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Pennsylvania, Pitti Uomo, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Francisco, Savannah, Seoul
  5. 5. Homepage
  6. 6. The layout– topics (tabs) The Sartorialist‟s approach is deceptively simple: completely devoid of web page background images, the look is completely streamlined, using one of the most basic web page design templates available. The pared down visuals keep the focus strictly on the photography. Posts are presented in chronological order with the most recent placed firstly The site daily updated on weekdays
  7. 7. The 1st post always enlarged setting the theme of the day‟s posts – can be an event or even an inspiration…
  8. 8. His photographs reflect our mood and character which is sometimes best articulated by everyday individuals who are not per se, part of the fashion industry.
  9. 9. As well as “ordinary” people he photographs designers, editors, stylists, other photographers, and models. Some industry insiders have become regular subjects such as Carine Roitfeld and Anna Dello Russo.
  10. 10. Layout Division • Right Side: Changing in relation to the chosen topic – tab • Left side: almost always constant – Changing element: the American Apparel advertisement, which is always present on the home page but randomly appearing on the other available.
  11. 11. Left Side • • • • • • • • • American Apparel Advertisement Categories – Archives Advanced Search Option Random Post selection option An advertisement of the book published as a collection of his posts Follow the Sartorialist on twitter Follow the Sartorialist on Instagram Links Subscribe
  12. 12. Categories and Archives
  13. 13. Social Media Coverage Always present at the left side of the blog a reminder of the bloggers presence in most popular Social Media. From Twitter to Instagram. Could the most popular ‘amateur’ fashion photographer
  14. 14. An advertisement of his own book
  15. 15. Links To various parties from his girlfriend‟s blog to a gallery in New York.
  16. 16. Home page posts – clicking on a random post • Date and title • A commentary on the picture taken can be found in rare cases. • Social media options and mail option– used as communication means of the post • Referred category and tags • Comments (Total Number of Comments appearing as well )
  17. 17. Commenting on a post
  18. 18. Did you like the post? Share it on the most accessed social media platform with a direct option available at the bottom of every post.
  19. 19. At the Bottom of the each page While finishing reading your post the blog provides you direct access to related posts that may interest you. If you are a committed reader the blog gives you the possibility of subscription for daily updates.
  20. 20. A different post A swift towards less visual and more „journalist‟ on retail mainly issues. Is this a hidden new form of advertising used by Schuman?
  21. 21. From 2005 to 2013: Apart from minor changes to the layout; mainly the positioning of the tabs – the site becoming more sophisticated over the years while remaining simple. The most distinctive change regarded is the reduce of advertising to only one thirdparty advertisement. NET-A-PORTER.COM was the 1st well known retailer to be advertised in Schuman‟s blog.
  22. 22. Evolution • • • Within the trajectory of the archived blog entries it is possible to witness a maturing of Schuman‟s photographic skill, particularly with regards to light and locations. At the earlier stage of the blog Schuman would supplement his work by posting photographs from other sources. The dialogue with his readers, in the form of either replying to posted comments or including a few lines about an image or idea signaling an unspoken, acknowledgment from Schuman that this remains a personal project.
  23. 23. One only thirdparty Advertisement American Apparel It is rather a choice of Schuman to keep this low advertising profile, and his gaining popularity has enabled him with the luxury
  24. 24. Press Schuman has become a very popular figure over the last years in the fashion world. • The Sartorialist blog was selected by Time magazine as one of the 100 top designer influences.
  25. 25. Search options
  26. 26. The blog provides the reader with an advanced search engine in order for the last to access every possible post of interest.
  27. 27. The Books The Sartolialist: Closer is the new collection of photographs of men and women who inspire him which takes a deeper look at individual style. The edition has been published by Penguin Books and is available in two distinct and different covers and includes photographs exclusive to the book. Meanwhile, there is also a numbered, limited edition version of the book in a larger hardback format, produced in a stylish slipcase
  28. 28. The Books The successful interpretation of his blogs into something all journalists or established photographers accomplish, into a book.
  29. 29. Brief Biographical note Intel Visual Life - The Sartorialist
  30. 30. Popularity Saks Fifth Avenue Windows in May 2006 inspired by the Sartorialist; hard evidence of the constantly rising popularity of the blog.
  31. 31. Web retrieved info on
  32. 32. Traffic Rank
  33. 33. Audience
  34. 34. Demographics
  35. 35. Reach-% of global internet users who visit the site:
  36. 36. Time on site