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Export prospects of kerala


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Export prospects of kerala

  2. 2. EXPORT IN KERALA • Kerala is a leading agricultural state and largest producer of: • Rubber • Pepper • Coconut • Coir etc
  3. 3. Continue.. • Major trade operations in Kerala is being conducted through Cochin port • During 2012-13 total traffic held by cochin port declined by 12% (200.9 MT* to 198.5MT) • Sea food & coir products are exempted from this • MT = metric ton (1000kg)
  4. 4. SPICES & EXTRACTS • Kerala, which is the Spices Garden of India, is home to all major items of export like Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Curry powder, Spice oils and Oleoresins, Vanilla, Nutmeg and mace. • The major destination of spice exports is USA followed by the European Union, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan and the Middle East.
  5. 5. MARINE PRODUCTS • There are about 287 seafood exporters in Kerala, with 124 Processing plants, 169 Cold Storages, with a total storage capacity of 23086.50, which are the highest figures in the country.
  6. 6. COFFEE • Out of the total Coffee export from India the highest contribution is from Cochin port, constituting 41.82% of the total export. • an increase of 14.3% in quantity export was realized from Cochin Port compared to the previous year.
  7. 7. TEA The popular forms of tea available in Kerala are CTC (literally means 'Crush, Tear and Curl') and leaf tea The quantity of export of tea through Cochin port during 2012-13 marked a decline of 15.3% over 2011-12
  8. 8. COIR & COIR PRODUCTS • Coir industry is one of the major traditional industries in the State and second only to agriculture in terms of employment. It provides employment to around 4 lakh persons, of which 84% are women • Export of coir & coir products from Kerala reached the highest ever level during 2012-13 (value 2011-12 = 4crore rupees , 2012-13 = 5.6 crore rupees)
  9. 9. CASHEW • The total export of Cashew kernels from India during 2006-07 was 118540 ton valued at Rs.2455.15 crores (US$ 543 Million). Of this, Kerala accounted for 61.46% of the total quantity exported, contributing to 61.29% of the total value. However, the State's share in the export of Cashew nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) declined to 60.8% in quantity and 55% in value during 2006-07.
  10. 10. MEDICAL TOURISM • Kerala is already marketed as a health destination mainly for its Ayurveda packages. • It attracts travelers from Europe,US,the Middle East etc
  11. 11. COCONUT • Kerala accounts for 45% of country’s total production • Produces 13 billion nuts p.a • Products include: tender coconut,copra,coconut oil etc
  12. 12. RUBBER • Kerala accounts for 92% of all India rubber production • An increase of 13% is found in exports when compared to last year
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