Introduction to new technologies in drupal 8


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Symfony, Twig, Backbone, Guzzle. What are these things?

A lot of new libraries and technologies have been added to Drupal 8. This session will go through the new libraries and provide a brief introduction to them by looking at some history, and the effects of including them in Drupal.

This will be a high-level introduction - not a deep technical walkthrough. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of skill level, who is interested in the building blocks of Drupal 8.

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Introduction to new technologies in drupal 8

  1. 1. NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN DRUPAL 8 Camilla Krag Jensen / @naxoc
  2. 2. WHO? Camilla Krag Jensen. @naxoc I have been doing Drupal for 5 years. I work at You guys?
  3. 3. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS TALK? What is an external library? Some history through Drupal releases. For most of the new libraries - a short description.
  4. 4. AN EXTERNAL LIBRARY Code that lives somewhere else than on d.o. and is maintained by people that are not nescessarily drupal people. Can be used by other projects and benefit from collaboration from a lot of people. In D8 - anything that lives in /vendor or /assets/vendor.
  5. 5. DRUPAL 4.7 RELEASED IN MAY 2006 There were no external libraries apart from a forked version of The Incutio XML-RPC Library We knew how to do things best ourselves
  6. 6. AS FOR JAVASCRIPT: THERE WAS VERY LITTLE »fn .-ae".s id nm *j" .ms/uoopeej /icatcmlt.s .ms/olpej /icclas.s .ms/rplj /icdua.s .ms/rgesj /icpors.s .ms/etraj /ictxae.s .ms/paej /icudt.s .ms/podj /icula.s
  7. 7. DRUPAL 5 RELEASED IN JANUARY 2007 2 external libraries were added to Drupal. One was really important - the other one not so much.
  8. 8. JQUERY! Write less, do more. Javascript tools with a really active community. Everybody agreed that it was a great idea to get it in core, so from the proposal to when it was committed was less than 2 months. Issue: Pave the way for integration of jQuery into core
  9. 9. MORE JAVASCRIPT The external library "Farbtastic" was added. The total of Javascript files that shipped with Drupal was 11. 2 of them external
  10. 10. DRUPAL 6 RELEASED IN FEBRUARY 2008 No new external libraries were added.
  11. 11. MORE (DRUPAL) JAVASCRIPT IS SHOWING UP There is a total of 23 JS files. Still only 2 of them are external libraries.
  12. 12. DRUPAL 7 RELEASED IN JANUARY 2011 Now things start happening. The PHP library Archive tar by Vincent Blavet was added There is a total of 85 JS files. A whopping 37 of them are external libraries. They are almost all jQuery libraries. Most prominent is probably jQuery UI. It is a collection of UI components like a datepicker, accordions and so on.
  13. 13. BUT WHAT ABOUT SIMPLETEST? Well, we only used the concept - not the library. The impact was immensely positive, but it was still stuff we rolled ourselves.
  14. 14. DRUPAL 8 RELEASED SOME TIME IN THIS DECADE Now the fun starts! We have 193 Javascript files. Of them 87 are external.
  15. 15. JAVASCRIPT STATS JS-files Drupal 4.7 Drupal 5 Drupal 6 Drupal 7 Drupal 8 Drupal-specific 7 11 23 85 193 External 0 2 2 37 87 Percent external 0% 18% 9% 44% 45%
  17. 17. SYMFONY2 Symfony2 is a lot of loosely coupled components. It offers us a lot we didn't need to invent ourselves. The first piece of Symfony2 was put in core in October 2011. Issue: Add Symfony2 HttpFoundation library to core
  18. 18. COMPOSER Issue: Use Composer for updating Symfony components
  19. 19. COMPOSER Dependency manager Inspired by package managers for other programming languages like Ruby and Node. Only used in core for managing external dependencies. A library declares its dependencies in a composer.js file.
  20. 20. PHPUNIT Whew. A mature testing framework that works well for testing OOP classes. Testing is much lighter loadwise with PHPUnit. Has a mocking framework. Cannot replace our version of simpletest but still is a game changer. Issue: Start using PHPUnit for unit tests
  21. 21. ASSETIC A Symfony component. A way for Drupal to find stuff like your CSS or JS. A way to include libraries. There are 'filters' so that you can use LESS, SCSS, Coffeescript, etc. and have Assetic compile/massage your files. Plays nice with Twig. Issue: Add Assetic component to core
  22. 22. GUZZLE A much needed upgrade of the way Drupal does HTTP requests. Useful for creating/using web services and a lot of other things. Guzzle "just" wraps cURL. Maintainers were very helpful in accommodating Drupal's use of the library. Issue: Adopt Guzzle library to replace drupal_http_request()
  23. 23. DOCTRINE COMMON A bit like Symfony - a bunch of libraries like DB abstraction layers etc. We have incorporated the "common" library. We use it for parsing annotations plugin definitions. Issue: Add the Doctrine Common PHP library
  24. 24. CKEDITOR This one I think many people know already. Not having a WYSIWYG has been a serious lack in Drupal - as well as a feature ;-) It took a while to make a decision. Initially Aloha editor looked like it was going in. Issue: Add CKEditor JS library to core
  25. 25. Editing text now looks like this straight out of the box.
  26. 26. TWIG Some guy is going to talk about that later this weekend while swearing profusely.
  28. 28. BACKBONE.JS AND UNDERSCORE.JS Backbone depends on Underscore. Underscore is a set of low-level utilities for manipulating arrays and objects. Backbone is an MVC - Model - View - Controller solution for javascript. Gives a lot of freedom in building web apps. In core so far - it is used on contextual links and in the toolbar. Issue: Add Backbone.js and Underscore.js to core
  29. 29. MODERNIZR A library that helps detecting older browsers that lack capabilities. Most websites use it, or something like it, today already. Also makes it possible for other libraries to check for browser support. Issue: Add Modernizr to core
  30. 30. QUESTIONS?