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Sept. 14


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Sept. 14

  1. 1. Crossroads Charter Academy Big Rapids, MI September 14, 2012 Mrs. Nawrot’s Classroom News This Week’s Academics Class News Spelling  First Book Order- Our class participates in We have had our Unit 1 test and students will be the Scholastic Book Order program. If you receiving their tests on Monday. Students will be would like to order books, please return the assigned their own list of words to practice and they book order form and payment by Sept. 21. If will be assigned activities for all of next week. you are interested in ordering online you can Reading access it through my blog. All orders earn Next week we will be reading a story, Toto. We our classroom FREE books. finished reading Stone Fox as a class and students were permitted to take an AR quiz on the book.  Character Traits- We are focused in on Writing Next week we will continue to look at the steps of the Respect and Responsibility this month! writing process and what makes a paragraph. We will write the 2nd paragraph of our autobiography.  Planners – Please sign planners each night so Math you are aware of your child’s assignments Next week will already be time for our first math unit and announcements. Planners are $3.50. test. Students in my math class will be taking the test on Friday.  Tuba Bach Assembly- We enjoyed an Social Studies assembly of music performed by the Harlem Next week we will begin wrapping up our 1st Social String Quartet today. They will be Studies unit. Students will be practicing the vocabulary terms in class and looking at government performing a free concert at BR High School on a state level. on Sunday at 4 pm. Special NotesMAP Testing – Next week we will continue  Enjoy this lovely fall weather!the MAP test. This will be a beginning of Upcoming Eventsthe year measurement, which will help us • Sept. 17 – Diahvyone’s Birthdaymonitor student growth. • Sept. 18 - Cougar Cross Country Club begins (permission slip in the CougarCheck out our class blog at Mews) • Sept. 20 – MAP Testing at 12:40 • Sept. 21 – Scholastic Book Order Due • Sept. 21 – CCA Homecoming football game • Sept. 27 – MAP Testing at 12:40