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May 18


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May 18

  1. 1. Crossroads Charter Academy Big Rapids, MI May 18, 2012 Mrs. Nawrot’s Classroom News Class Info This Week’s AcademicsSpelling – Students are still struggling with  AR Reading – Students should be at 75% ofhomophones. Commonly misspelled their new AR goals.homophones are there/their/they’re and it’s/  May Character Trait- Our trait is Wonder.its and your/you’re. Hopefully we can Stop by our last month end awards assemblypractice using these words correctly these and check out our Wonder-filled few weeks. This month the award goes to: Tim W., Brett D., David B., Jaylen S., Adonia R., andReading- Taylor B. We will be in the auditorium atNext week we will begin reading from our 2:30 on Wednesday.Open Court text book again. We will befocusing on a little bit of Spanish with a story  Field Day- Next Friday we will becalled The New Doctor. participating in field day as long as the weather cooperates with us. We will beWriting- down on the track from 8:30-11:30.Next week we will truly get into the elementsof poetry and writing a few of our own.  Lumberjack Sized Thank You!- This year we got to enjoy our first ever Michigan WeekMath- and our 1st Annual Lumberjack Breakfast! IWe will try to squeeze a test over capacity, wanted to thank you all! Without your helpweight, clocks, and more at the end of next getting your students dressed in lumberjackweek. gear, providing many of the breakfast food items, and volunteering your time, thisSocial Studies- Michigan Week was great! event could not have happened. Thank you so much for all of your donations and time! Special Notes Upcoming EventsBig Sable Point Lighthouse-Our class truly enjoyed the opportunity to go May 18 – Talent Show tonight!to the Ludington state park and visit the May 23 – Awards Assembly at 2:30lighthouse. Every year I am reminded how May 25- Field Day on the trackgreat it is to live in Michigan. I hope that you May 25 – Library Closes May 28 – No Schoolmight have the opportunity to take your May 31 – Great Lakes Electricity Wagon Comeswhole family to the Ludington state park and June 7 – Walking Fieldtrip to Hear about theenjoy how beautiful it is. I want to thank all Summer Reading Program at the Public Libraryof our chaperones who volunteered to help June 8 – Last Day/Hemlock Park Trip/ Half Dayour students enjoy their day!