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Feb. 22


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Feb. 22

  1. 1. Crossroads Charter Academy Big Rapids, MI February 22, 2013 Mrs. Nawrot’s Classroom News Class News This Week’s Academics  Awards Assembly- Next Wednesday, Feb.Spelling 27th will be our Awards Assembly toThis week we looked at using suffixes to compare. celebrate January and February’sReading accomplishments. Join us at 2:15 to celebrateWe will be getting back into guided reading groups the many great things the students havenext week. We are also going to be reading for the done!upcoming Battle of the Books. Be looking for an ARreport next week.  March is Reading Month- Be on the lookout for information about our upcoming ReadingWriting Month. We will have special assemblies,We are starting the paragraphs for our birdcomparison books. Students will be trying to get these daily Drop Everything And Read times, andcompleted and published by March 5. we will end with a Battle of the BooksMath challenge on March 28th. Students areMultiplication, Multiplication, Multiplication! We are receiving a yellow list of all the books thatgearing up for 2 digit by 2 digit! will be used during the battle. We have been divided into teams and students haveScience volunteered to read several titles from theOur class is currently with Mrs. Benson in Science list.class.  We are mailing in all BoxTops, so please send any you might have in by Thur. Feb. 28th.  Midterm- Today is the midterm for the 3rd marking period. I am posting grades of all Special Notes work that students completed while I was out on maternity leave. All assignments turnedI am glad to be back in the classroom! I in this week and in the future will be addedtruly enjoyed my maternity leave and am separately.grateful for how the students have handledmy transition back into the classroom. I Feb. 27 – Awards Assembly at 2:15look forward to catching up with my Feb. 28 – 3rd Grade Musicalstudents and with you. Please feel to email, Feb. 28 –IMPORTANT DATES Out-of-Uniform $1write a note in the planner, call, or stop in if March 1 – Girls on the Run Sign-up due toyou have questions. There were severalmissing assignments from before my return, get shoes through Mc Sportsbut I trust we will all be able to get back March 4 – Talent Show Contracts areinto the swing of things. Thank you so availablemuch! March 5 – Kindergarten Round-Up 6-7 pm Mrs. Nawrot March 8 – Jump-Rope for Heart has been rescheduled