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Beginning of the year 2011 2012


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Beginning of the year 2011 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to Mrs. Nawrots 4th Grade Family "A place where students and parents are encouraged to learn and grow together!"A Little About Mrs. Nawrot- Hi, my name is Mrs. Nawrot and I am starting my seventh year teaching 4th grade here at CCA! I am a Ferris graduate, and my areas of study are Math, Science, and Language Arts. I am married to Mr. Nawrot, the 6th grade teacher, and we have Katelynne, 3, and Kyleigh,1, and a very active chocolate lab named Moose. I like reading, quilting, sewing, gardening, being outside, and teaching! I enjoy watching sporting events, and I even spent a few years coaching basketball for CCA. My favorite subject is Math and I love to read a good book! And ultimately, I truly enjoy getting to know each family that is a part of my classroom!Our Classroom- I hope that you are as excited about this year as I am! We will begin working on our Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies curriculum right away! We will be trading classes for Math, and I will let you know who your child will have for Math later on. We will alternate between Social Studies instruction with me, to Science instruction taught by Mrs. Benson. We will be focusing on Social Studies for the first 4 weeks of school, and will switch every 4 weeks from then on. Please take time to fill out the “Something About Me” sheet and return it by Wednesday, Sept. 7. Please also read through the “Classroom Policies and Expectations,” and return the “Student-Parent-Teacher Contract” by Sept. 7 as well!Contact Information- Please feel free to contact me at any time. You may reach me by email at or if you prefer to contact me by phone I can be reached at (231) 796-6589 ext. 330. The best time to reach me by phone is from 3:30-4:15, but you may leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible. If you are wanting to find out things that are going on in our classroom, feel free to access our class blog at Thank you! Looking forward to all that is to come! ~Mrs. Nawrot
  2. 2. Mrs. Nawrots 4th Grade Classroom Policies and Expectations:Please read the following together and return the parent-student contract.Daily Folders- an essential tool for organization! Students are provided a purple folder that will be used to transport homework, class announcements, and information on community events. On Fridays it will also contain graded work. It will be kept on the desktops during the day for students to slide homework into, sent home each evening for parents to check, and must be returned to school the next morning.Planners- an essential tool for accountability! Planners are to be filled out each day with the homework for the evening and reminders of important events. Students will also record their behavior color for the day. I will communicate personal notes to parents in the planner as needed. I ask parents to make it a habit to initial the planner each evening. Students who have gotten their planner signed each day may be allowed to participate in our Friday reward time. Parents may also find it a useful place to send notes to me.Classroom Behavior- an essential part of great classroom! Students in our classroom are expected to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, RESPECT OTHERS, BE ON TASK, COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND ACTIVITIES, & PARTICIPATE. All students begin their day on the color GREEN, and may move a color down for misbehavior, or up for exceptional behavior. The colors are BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, & RED. Students exhibiting exceptional behavior may move a color up to BLUE, which results in a chance to get in the classroom prize box on Fridays. There are classroom consequences for misbehavior. In addition, students will complete a behavior report upon reaching RED. Three behavior reports may require a meeting with the student, parent, teacher, and possibly Mr. Schroeder.Classroom Newsletter- Classroom news and upcoming events will be highlighted each Friday in The Nawrot News, available in the Daily Folder. Please review the newsletter as I use it to communicate important information. I also try to maintain and update our class blog at Treats- If you would like to send a birthday treat to celebrate your childs special day please let me know ahead of time. This will allow me to set aside time to celebrate as a class, and it will allow me to alert you to any allergies, so that everyone can enjoy the treat safely.Classroom Volunteers- Our class welcomes volunteers to read with students or complete time saving tasks. If you are available and willing to help once every week or month please let me know. We would love to have you!
  3. 3. Student-Parent-Teacher Contract Mrs. Nawrots 4th Grade 2011-2012We have read Mrs. Nawrots 4th Grade Classroom Policies and Expectations, and we commit to do our best to follow them by:Student – I, ______________________, will… * Fill out my planner daily * Bring home and return my Daily Folder * Do my best to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, RESPECT OTHERS, BE ON TASK, COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND ACTIVITIES, & PARTICIPATE.Parent – I, _______________________, will… * Check the planner and initial it daily * Check the Daily Folder, support homework completion, and remind my student to return it to school * Frequently ask my student if he/she is doing his/her best to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, RESPECT OTHERS, BE ON TASK, COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND ACTIVITIES, & PARTICIPATE.Teacher- I, Mrs. Nawrot, will… * Check to make sure student fills out planner, and communicate with parent via planner when needed * Remind student to take and return Daily Folder * Do my best to enforce that the student FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, RESPECT OTHERS, BE ON TASK, COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND ACTIVITIES, & PARTICIPATE, to create a safe learning environment for everyone in the classroom._______________________________________Student Signature Date_______________________________________Parent Signature DateMrs. Nawrot 2011-2012 School YearQuestions:
  4. 4. Please return to Mrs. Nawrot by Wednesday, September 7th.