April 22


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April 22

  1. 1. Mrs. Nawrot’s Classroom NewsCrossroads CharterAcademyBig Rapids, MIApril 22, 2013• Girls on the Run – Tuesday and Thursday• Track and Field Club – Tuesday until 4:30• April 25- Awards Assembly at 2:15• April 25- Family Science Night 5-7 pm• April 26- PTO Treat Day 50 cent lollipop• May 20- Whitecaps Game• May 21- Ludington Fieldtrip• May 24- Field Day• June 12- Last day of school due to snow days AR Goal – Students should be at 40% thisweek. Awards Assembly- We will be having ourApril Awards Assembly on Thursday. Pleasejoin us as we recognize our manyaccomplishments at 2:15. We have studentsbeing recognized for Gentleness andHumility, AM, and AR. 4thMarking Period – We only have a fewweeks left in the year! All grades have beenupdated online. Scholastic Book Orders- Book orders will bearriving at the end of the week or thebeginning of next week. Conference Time- Thank you for taking timeout of your busy schedules to meet with melast week! I really enjoyed catching up withyou and sharing your child’s progress thisyear! MAP Test is coming up! We had topostpone our MAP test today. We will befitting in our Reading test as soon as possible.Students are eager to see how much theyhave grown this year! We will be taking ourtests on Monday afternoons.IMPORTANT DATESClass NewsThis Week’s AcademicsSpellingWe do have a 2-5-8 Menu this week. We also will bepracticing how we make singular nouns plural.ReadingToday we continued reading the chapter book, Bridgeto Terabithia. Students should read chapters 8 and 9tonight.WritingWe are starting a small poetry unit, and we are alsoreviewing the many parts of speech. This week we arelearning conjunctions. The most commonconjunctions are but, and, or. We will be practicingconjunctions. We will also be writing haiku poems.Haiku poems are three lined poems, and each line hasa set number of syllables. We will be writing poemsthat include nature and help someone guess anunknown object.MathWe are reviewing several topics in Math this week.Students need to make corrections to their math testsand keep practicing their division!Social StudiesWe are wrapping up our unit on the Midwest Region.Students will have a test over what they have learnedon Friday. We will identify the states of the region,their capitals, and some of the key industries.Special NotesFamily Science Night-Join us on Thursday from 5-7pm forFamily Science Night!-Free Event!-Bring your family- there are activitiesfor people of all ages!HAPPY EARTH DAY! Enjoy thesunshine in honor of the day!