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Family support network wah cantt


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Family support network wah cantt

  1. 1. Family Support NetworkAndYoung Athletes programHeld in Wah Cantt on 26th March 2013.Venue: NASHEMAN COLLEGE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION WAH CANTTVery special thanks to the following persons who not only attended the eventbut also took keen interest in organizing the event.Mrs.Farhana Tanveer Mr.Arif shaffi Mrs.Tehmina Azeem Mrs.Bushra khan Mr.Arshad Javaid Mrs.Irfana kayanniThanks to Mrs.Naila Gurmanni for providing complementary flowers for young Athletes and families .
  2. 2. Event Theme: love and acceptance for intellectual disablechildren by families and society.The event was successful as was organized in a very good manner .A very special thanks to Mrs.FarhanaTanveer Principal Nashesman College For Special Education in providing all facilities to Special OlympicsPakistan in organizing the event .She herself took keen interest and provided her full cooperation andtime for the event .She personally visited the SOP office in Islamabad and had meeting with Mr.Mahfooz Elahi and Mr. ArifShafi and assured her full assistance for the event.The school management and staff played a vital role in all arrangements. There were about more thanseventy families and about 30 young Athletes present at the function .More than 12 young Athletes andseven families participated from Mashaal institute for special education Terbala Ghazi headed by theirprincipal Mrs.Bushra khan.A well come Speech was presented by the Principal .She assured her full cooperation for families andemphasized parents to come forward and work for the betterment of their children .After wards Mrs.Tehmina Azeem National coordinator For Family Support Network gave a presentationabout the working of FSN. She in her presentation shared her views with the families.She said “having a child with a special need impacts the entire family. Parents are faced with manycritical decisions. A child with special needs work hard — very hard — to accomplish the same thingsthat come easily for other children. Their hard work often requires time and attention from mothersand fathers. Siblings can easily feel slighted when it comes to their parents attention. Planning familyfun times can pull the family back together and provide much needed relaxation”.
  3. 3. She asked families to come forward and share their views and ideas .some of the parents shared theirviews also.Being a mother of special children I have been part of Special Olympics Pakistan and feel that sometimesit becomes difficult to express our thoughts and outcomes in words. I wanted to share my experiencewith Special Olympics Pakistan and for past many days I was thinking what should be the best way toexpress my feeling and feelings of a mother who is alone taking care of her child with no help. Herloneliness not only depresses her life but also the life of the child who needs love and acceptance.Whereas if you are accompanied by people who care about you, can bring hope, love, acceptance andhappiness in your life. Sharing joy, laughter, and fun with others promotes bonding and strengthens asense of community. We develop empathy, compassion, trust, and the capacity for intimacy throughthese activities and this is what Family Support Network stands for!A musical dramatization was performed with the help of families which tired to explain the work offamily support network by Special Olympics Pakistan .Here I would like to share the lyrics of the song;Tum Mile (Love Reprise)tu hi meri hai saari zameenchaahe kahin se chaloon... tujh pe hi aake rukoontere siva, main jaoon kahankoi bhi raah chunoon... tujhape hi aake rukoon.tum mile, to lamhein tham gayetum mile, to saare gham gayetum mile... to muskuraana aa gaya.tum mile, to jadoo chaa gaya.tum mile, to jeena aa gaya
  4. 4. This was a real success as everyone wanted to be a part of this and families and athletes enjoyed this smallact. They them self came to the stage and participated in it.After this young activity was started with help of Mrs.Irfana kyanni .All the families and young Athletesparticipated. Everyone enjoyed the activity. Young Athletes were delighted to have flowers and differenttoys provided by SOP. They were excited to have flowers.In the End Mr.Arif Shaffi National Coordinator Young Athlete and Mr.Arshad Javaid National Sports Directorcollectively gave presentation and explain to parents the benefit and working of Young Athletes program.
  5. 5. Pictures: Families
  6. 6. Reported byLubna nawazCoordinator Federal RegionFAMILY SUPPORT NETWORK SPECIAL OLYMPICS PAKISTAN