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From zero to hero - How to better design your system


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محاضرة عن التصمم الهيكلي والمعماري للبرمجيات اقيمت في حاضنة بادر ضمن فعالية كامب ديف

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From zero to hero - How to better design your system

  1. 1. Architecture & System DesignFrom ZERO To HERO
  2. 2. @nalbadia• Master Degree in CS.• Works as an EnterpriseArchitect.• Trainer and frequent speaker.• Run a technical blog.• Published several academicpapers.ContentEmail:nalbodiaa@nalbadia.com2
  3. 3. • Introduction.• Fundamental & Concepts.• Examples.• Q & A.Content3
  4. 4. • Educate you• Entertain you• Trick you to follow me on Twitter@nalbadiaThe Objectives of this Presentation
  5. 5. Introduction to enterprise & solution architecturesIntroduction.5
  6. 6. Architecture Vs. Software DesignArchitectureSoftwareDesignSoftware architecture is more about the design of the entiresystem, while software design emphasizes on module / component /class level.7
  7. 7. Types of Architectures8Enterprise architecture (EA) is the process of translating business visionand strategy into effective enterprise change by creating, communicatingand improving the key requirements, principles and models that describethe enterprises future state and enable its evolutionSolution architecture (within or without enterprise architecture) is a kind ofarchitecture domain, that aims to address specific problems andrequirements, usually through the design of specific information systemsor applications. Disclaimer: There many types of architectures
  8. 8. EA vs. SA9EnterpriseArchitectureSolutionArchitectureStrategic longterm BusinessArchitectureStrategic long termInformationSystemArchitectureStrategic longtermTechnologyArchitectureMore tactical solutionsand project orientedIdentifying the futurestate of an organization.And shift business fromstate to another
  9. 9. ArchitectureVisionBusinessArchitectureInformationSystemsArchitectureTechnologyArchitectureOpportunities& SolutionsMigrationPlanningImplementationGovernanceArchitectureChangeManagementPreliminaryRequirementsManagementTOGAF10Customize TOGAF to youneedsCore EA ScopeSolution Architecture
  10. 10. Architecture Frameworks11TOGAFPRINCES2COBITITILGovernanceProjectManagementProject BriefsArchitectureprinciples andmodelsArchitectureconfigurations
  11. 11. Concepts in Architecture & DesignFundamentals.12
  12. 12. Application TypesMobileRIAService ApplicationWeb Application13
  13. 13. Architectural Style14Source: Microsoft Application Architecture Guide
  14. 14. 15Design Goals– Reliability.– Efficiency.– Maintainability.– Usability.– Simplicity.– Extendibility.
  15. 15. Some of the Key Design Principles– Separation of concern.– Don’t repeat yourself (DRY).– Convention over configuration.– Keep it simple.– One Repository.– Must be flexible.16
  16. 16. Design & Architecture ExamplesExamples.17
  17. 17. 18Enterprise System - Architecture
  18. 18. 19Twitter Architecture
  19. 19. 20
  20. 20. 21Localization ProblemSolution?
  21. 21. Thank you.Conclusion22