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Cloud Factory- Infrastructure Stack


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Next Generation IT Infrastructure Stack Solution Based on Open Source technologies For Deploying private & Hybrid Cloud Using Openstack ,DevOps Platform Using Ansible & Dockers with Swift Storage Solution and ETL Tool based of Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop
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Cloud Factory- Infrastructure Stack

  1. 1. XenonStack CloudFactory Infrastructure Stack Navdeep Singh Gill Founder & CEO
  2. 2. Infrastructure Stack ❖ Infrastructure Stack Build On Open Source Technologies ❖ Provides Platform For Deploying Cloud Based on Openstack and BigData Solutions -Hadoop & Spark ❖ All InfraStructure Stack Fully Automated DevOps Solution Using Ansible & Dockers ❖ Presently We Are 3 clients whom we Serving and One Client has 4 Lakhs Customers for desktop as a Service and Cloud Solutions with DevOps
  3. 3. Infrastructure Stack
  4. 4. Private Cloud Solution Complete DataCenter Solution ❖ OpenStack Deployment for Private Cloud ❖ Database as a Service ,Apache Hadoop & Apache Spark ❖ Swift Storage or Ceph Storage Solution
  5. 5. Cloud Factory Complete DataCenter Solution ❖ DaaS - Desktop as a Service &VDI on Openstack using Xen ❖ Datacenter Management - Integrate and federate existing IT assets in Datacenters and have full control of your resources. ❖ Hybrid Cloud - Take advantage of private clouds and use public clouds whenever needed from same platform. ❖ Containers - Harness the power of containers on robust base of Infrastructure using Openstack. Launch Containers as well asVM from same cluster. ❖ Firewall as a service that introduces fully functional virtual firewall feature set with the power of cloud.
  6. 6. DevOps Platform Efficient and Easy IT Infrastructure ❖ DevOps Platform is one stop solution for managing your IT Infrastructure with Ease of Access. ❖ Easily deploy your apps on public or private cloud with a few clicks. ❖ Automate your IT infrastructure. and application deployment. ❖ Auto configuration management for your running apps. ❖ Continuous Delivery from developer's IDE to Cloud with git push. ❖ Automated testing using Containers.
  7. 7. Extract,Transform & Load on Cloud With Amazon RedShift and Openstack ❖ Apache Hadoop ,Apache Spark Integrated on GUI for Data Analytics ❖ Apache Hadoop & Apache Spark Cluster on Openstack Cloud Integrated with GUI ❖ GUI Integrated with Hive, Python , ipyhton Notebooks for BigData Processing and Querying