Family Connection Newsletter October 2012


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Family Connection Newsletter October 2012

  1. 1. Family OCTOBER 2012Contents connectionPlaying Makes Kids SMART!EFMP Providing Support to NavyFamilies Around the WorldFinancial Aid:How Much Students Really OweGet and Stay Financially Fit DuringDeployment — Webinar for Families Bringing Peace to RelationshipsTransition and Employment Corner October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month; an optimal time to reinforce the Navy’s com-Ready Navy mitment to eliminating domestic violence in our military communities and families. ResearchFREE Emergency Apps consistently shows that domestic violence cuts across all age groups, genders, and ranks. In otherE-Resources Supporting Military words, victims of domestic violence are Sailors as well as spouses. It happens to men as well as toFamilies women and children. Families need to prepare themselves with tools to cope with the stressors of marriage and family life. Nine characteristics that support a strong, healthy relationship are: NN Love and Appreciation NN Commitment NN FaithFamily Connection is a publication of the Fleetand Family Support Program. NN Time Together NN Communication NN ConnectionsThe Navys Fleet and Family Support Program NN Encouragement NN Adaptability NN Clear Responsibilitiespromotes the self-reliance and resiliency ofSailors and their families. We provide informationthat can help you meet the unique challenges ofthe military lifestyle. These characteristics Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2012 strengthen and serve as tools Home is Not a War Zone: Bringing Peace to RelationshipsIf you have questions or comments, contactTimothy McGough at that couples and families October 2012 Make the commitment to participate in at can use to build the kind of Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday least three DVAM activities at your Visit us online at: Call your in-laws 1 Contact the 2 3 Put the kids to Write a post-it 4 Invite another 5 6 Make a “life” list installation this month. relationships they want and (or future in-law) and thank them for your partner Chaplain’s Office and sign up for this (or next) bed (early) and share dinner, by candlelight, at note to tell your partner why you are glad he/she healthy couple over (or out) for dinner together together and hang it on the refrigerator This may not be deserve. Make the commit- year’s Credo your kitchen table chose you EASY worth Marriage retreat 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ment to participate in at least but will be Hold a “State- Sign-up to take a Do something Text your partner Repeat your Go to the movies Ride bikes of-the-Union” MWR class with your partner a love message wedding vows to and have a (or take a walk) meeting or trip together that he/she may your spouse movie night in the park with with your enjoy, but you your entire family three activities this month. partner may not. (Watch football, etc.) the effort. 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Click to download a calendar Work on a “Do It Yourself” Write poems to one another and Get up early and do Yoga together Turn on some of your favorite Make dinner together (get the Write a love letter to your spouse Volunteer your time in The home project read them aloud songs and dance kids to help) or partner a community together together in the organization with suggestions on how to middle of the living room together strengthen and bring peace 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Fleet & Family Support Cut off all Write down 2 Kiss in the rain. Create a “love box” Write “I Love You” Declare your love in a different to your partner (in Pack a sunset picnic Center electronic personal and 2 Not raining? for your partner devices relationship goals Kiss in the shower with a few of his/ language - Tell a public setting) to your relationship. and make a commitment to talk today and share them with your partner her favorite things them to figure out what it says 28 29 30 31 Give each other Pick out clothes Play two rounds Pull out some pedicures that you want of hide and seek old pictures and Family Advocacy Program your partner (create a “prize” create a collage to wear to bed when the partner of your family, tonight is found) together Scan QR Code to access via mobile device “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi ..
  2. 2. OCTOBER 2012Playing Makes KidsSMART!Interact with your kids, play with them,and make them feel loved. Scientists have Navy Family Accountabilityobserved that babies who were not cuddled, and Assessment System (NFAAS)played with and loved have stunted brain NFAAS allows Navygrowth. They also observed that babies who personnel to managewere not held and did not receive attention the recovery processfailed to grow, became depressed and did for personnel affectednot thrive. On the other hand, many studies by a widespread catastrophic event. It is alsohave shown that loving, hugging, interacting helpful in providing commands with informa- tion to support IA family members whileand playing with your child has a strong positive effect their sponsors are deployedon developing his or her intelligence. The loving connection formed overseas. Watch the videobetween you and your kid and your one-on-one interaction provides the foun- and log on to NFAAS.dation for higher thinking skills. Scan QR code to accessHave fun together … without electronics, at least five days a week for 20 minutes NFAAS mobile website 24/ a time. This builds your child’s brain power! To read more, click here. EFMP Providing Support to Add JSS to your Mobile Network Navy Families Around the World iPhone, iPad User… Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Liaisons are Download JSSonboard at your local Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) to provide EFMP at the App Store Sinformation and assist families currently enrolled, as well as those needing to enroll.All FFSCs have EFMP Information and Referral services, and locations with high con-centrations of enrolled families have full-time EFMP Liaisons who provide expanded JSS Dial-in Access 24/7?services. All enrolled EFMP families are eligible for non-medical case management 1-877-JSS-NOW1and the development of Individualized Services Plans. Families desiring these ser- (577-6691)vices will be assisted by the nearest full-time EFMP Liaison.Liaisons provide resources and host or sponsor activities such as support groups,“Rest Stop” tents, bowling outings and movies on installations exclusively for EFMPfamilies. Family Connections meetings, Resource Fairs, Open Take advantageHouses and Lunch & Learns are among other sponsored events. of the National Dissemination CenterContact your Regional EFMP Liaison to subscribe to the EFMP for Children withnewsletter and get more information for your area. Remember, en- Disabilities’ State Re-rollment in the Exceptional Family Member Program is mandatory Scan QR Code source Sheets as youif you have a family member with special needs. You can begin to access EFMP plan ahead for yourthe enrollment process by logging on to the Navy Accountability information via mobile device. move. These sheetsand Assessment System (NFAAS) and clicking on the EFM tab. list important resources in each state and are divided into sections: state agencies, disability-specific organizations, organiza- tions especially for parents, and other. 2
  3. 3. OCTOBER 2012Financial Aid:How Much StudentsReally Owe Transition andA new “financial aid shopping sheet” will Employment Cornershow college applicants exactly how Spouses Who PCS May Havemuch money they might expect to pay Preferencefor their education and help them com- If your active-duty service memberpare financial aid offers from different is relocating with permanent changeschools they’re considering. The White of station (PCS) orders, you may haveHouse, Department of Education and hard it will be to preference for federal employment.the Consumer Financial Protection Bu- repay that amount upon This little-known provision that au-reau recently unveiled the final version graduation, provide default rates for that thorizes the hiring of eligible spousesof their Financial Aid Shopping Sheet. particular school and estimate monthly is called the Preferred Placement Pro-U.S. colleges are being encouraged to payments a student will be required to gram for spouses, also known as PPP-Sadopt the new form. make once they graduate. It is hoped or Program-S. You don’t have to be aThe form will include personalized that having this transparent information current or previous federal employeeinformation about how much one year will allow the student and their family to to take advantage of this opportunity!of school will cost, the loan options make a better decision on enrolling and paying for school. Schools that accept To be eligible, you must registeravailable to applicants, the differences Tuition Assistance and G.I. Bill funding are for Program-S at your local Humanbetween grants and scholarships and required to provide the sheet to military Resources Office (HRO). Additionally,the net cost of college when grants and financial aid recipients in the 2013-2014 you must:scholarships are taken into consideration.It will also give applicants an idea of how school year. Read entire article here. NN Have been married to your service member before the PCS.Get and Stay Financially Fit During NN Accompany your spouse to theDeployment — Webinar for Families new assignment. NN Be within the commuting areaIt all starts with a good spending plan. This webinar, designed for Sailors and their families, of the position for which you arewill cover understanding entitlements, establishing a savings routine, implementing strate- applying.gies to reduce financial stress, planning for homecoming expenses and more. The goal NN Be among the “best qualified.”is to educate families on the valuable resources available at the Fleet and Family SupportCenters (FFSCs). What does it mean to be “best 24 October 2012 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT qualified” for a federal job? First, a 24 October 2012 19:00 – 20:00 PM EDT very general explanation of the job To register, Sailors and family members will need announcement process might be to create a webinar account by logging on to the helpful. When a job vacancy is going to Learning Management System (LMS) and com- be announced, a recruiting office sets pleting the form for first time users. Go to http:// referral criteria using a numerical point and scroll down the page system. The most qualified applicants until you see “Is this your first time here?” Note: The score the highest points, and they earn LMS is not compatible with AOL accounts. a “referral.” You need a referral to get on the list to be interviewed. So, if your work experience falls within the set Continued on page 4 3
  4. 4. OCTOBER 2012Ready Navy Ready Navy (formerly Operation Prepare) con- tinues to provide Sailors and their families with Continued from page 3 tools and resources for emergency planning numerical range, you could be regarded as and preparation. Key elements for emergency best qualified, and referred. If you are a best preparedness: qualified spouse, you may be selected.NN Be informed. NN Practice your plans. For more information about Noncom-NN Make an evacuation plan. NN Make emergency kits. petitive Appointment of Certain MilitaryNN Make a family communications plan. Spouses, get the facts from your local Human Resources Office (HRO) or review frequently asked questions at U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).FREE Emergency Apps Flashlight Hands-Only CPR Android and iPhone Android and iPhone E-Resources Supporting Flashlight uses the This app walks you Military Families LED light and fills your through the two-step Military Pathways® is part of ongoing sup-screen with bright white light to checklist: call 911 and start chest com- port to military members and their families.illuminate your world when you find pressions; there’s also a brief video. The program is accessible online and providesyourself in a dark spot. free, anonymous mental health and alcohol self-assessments for all branches including the ARC: Shelter View 5-0 Radio Police National Guard and Reserve. iPhone Scanner Lite Be prepared. When iPhone Home Base Program offers clinical and disaster strikes know During a disaster, be counseling services in individual or group set-when and where shelters have been the first to know about important tings to veterans and their spouses, parents,opened to provide assistance. An- news and precautions to take. An- children, siblings, grandparents, significantdroids, follow the Red Cross on Twitter. droids, try the free Scanner Radio app. others and other loved ones in their lives throughout the deployment cycle. LifeArmor was designed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, is portable and provides information U.S. Navy Individual Augmentees and assistance at the touch Like us on Facebook. of a button. Touch-screen technology allows the user IA Discussion Group Schedule to browse information on 17 View the Fleet-wide list of classes, topics, including sleep, de- support groups and events. pression, relationship issues, and post-traumatic stress. Free download available on iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon Marketplace. 4