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Family Connection Newsletter October 2011

  1. 1. Family OCTOBER 2011Contents connectionBuilding a Community of “One VoiceAgainst Domestic Violence”Exceptional Family MemberEnrollment Coming to NFAAS WebsiteNational Disability Employment Building a CommunityAwareness MonthSee Something, Say Something of “One Voice AgainstSafe Harbor Domestic Violence”Introducing Electronic OBT! Each year, leaders and advocates across theOperation Give a Hug nation proclaim October as Domestic ViolenceOperational Stress Control Awareness Month. But a yearly proclamationCombat the Winter Blues isn’t enough. The severity of the problem calls forAre You Ready for the Flu Season? every person to be engaged in ending domesticInformation on the GO! violence, year-round. The Navy’s theme thisEmployment Resources & Updates year focuses on blending our voices to stop it:Family Readiness Groups “One Voice Against Domestic Violence.” Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and co-workers are challenged to stepFamily Connection is a publication of the Fleet up and speak out against domestic violence.and Family Support Program.The Navys Fleet and Family Support Program The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) assesses,promotes the self-reliance and resiliency ofSailors and their families. We provide information treats and educates thousands of domestic vio-that can help you meet the unique challenges of lence victims and offenders each year. However,the military lifestyle.If you have questions or comments, contact until the entire community becomes proactive,Timothy McGough at domestic violence will continue its insidious exis-Visit us online at: tence in the shadows of our family lives. Everyone needs to speak up when they suspect someone “A peaceful world is an is in danger; staying silent can have grave conse- inclusive world.” quences. –Judith Umbach The more people get involved, the more Ameri- The Fleet & Family Support can families will get help with this persistent yet hidden threat to safety and welfare. In addition to What you can do to stop domestic violence: Center reporting violence, we need to become educated about the dynamics of abuse. Through education N Be the example; model nonviolent and respectful responses to conflict for the and encouragement, we can begin to dispel the next generation. myths that discourage involvement with this is- N Build a consensus among your family, Scan QR Code sue and can promote healthier communities as a colleagues and neighbors that abusive to access via mobile device whole. Take a stand and make a difference! behavior and language is unacceptable. N Spread the word; post a link to the Na- tional Domestic Violence Hotline (www. on Facebook or Twitter. Continued on Page 2
  2. 2. OCTOBER 2011ExceptionalFamily See Something, Continued from Page 1Member Say Something If you or someone you know is aEnrollment Coming victim of domestic violence, thereto NFAAS Website In support of the Navy’s continuing efforts to combat terrorism and pro- is help: N The National Domestic ViolenceThe Navy Family Accountability and Assess- tect Navy personnel, Commander, Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFEment System (NFAAS) website has made Navy Installations Command (CNIC) (7233).Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) launched its 2011 Antiterrorism Awareness video. The video was N Locate your nearest victim ad-enrollment easier and faster. Enrollment in the created to inform and educate all vocate or counselor at the FleetEFMP will soon be available in NFAAS. NFAAS Navy personnel and families on and Family Support Center.EFMP module Phase I is being released toenable an electronic process to expedite the what constitutes suspicious activity, N Military healthcare providers.submission, review and final designation of what actions to take if you observe N Chaplain Care.enrollment forms for new enrollees. suspicious activity, and how to best N Base security. protect yourself from potential ter-Additionally, the EFMP module will enable N Military chain of command. rorist activities or attacks, whether atcase managers at Fleet and Family Support N Military One Source work, home, or on travel.Centers to track information and referral 1-800-342-9647.requests, and to develop and manage indi- It is everyone’s responsibility to N Anyone experiencing domesticvidualized service plans for new enrollees. report suspicious activity. View the violence — a victim or a wit-The EFM Users Guide is available via the NFAAS video. ness — should call 9 Once logged in, select the Help taband find the guide in the upper right corner.National Disability EmploymentAwareness MonthBeing disabled by no means implies being Act, the President is again dem-without ability. Each October, National Disability onstrating unwavering support ofEmployment Awareness Month (NDEAM) leads Veterans and businesses by puttinga national campaign that raises awareness about forward an aggressive plan that willdisability employment issues and celebrates help create new jobs for Veteransthe many and varied contributions of America’s and boost the American economy.workers with disabilities. Veterans Affairs already employs over 100,000 Veterans — about 30The overall goal is to increase awareness of hir- percent of their workforce. The goaling and training programs that assist and level is to up that to 40 percent. For ad-the playing field for people with disabilities. Tal- ditional information and resourcesent has no boundaries. With the American Jobs for veterans, visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website. 2
  3. 3. OCTOBER 2011 Safe Harbor Operation Give a Hug Navy Safe Harbor is the Operation Give a Hug strives to provideWays to Save Energy Navy’s lead organiza- comfort to children with a deployed par-Now is the time to check your utility tion for coordinating the ent while helping families get connectedbudget from last year. Review these non-medical care of seri- to resources and support. Give a Hug is atips to stay warm and reduce costs: ously wounded, ill and injured Sailors, Coast 501 (c) (3), charitable organization.N Clean HVAC air filters monthly; Guardsmen, and their families. Safe Harbor dirt and dust hinder air flow, provides a lifetime of individually tailored as- reducing efficiency. sistance designed to optimize the success of the service member’s recovery, rehabilitationN Program your thermostat; and reintegration activities. To learn more, adjust the settings to allow for visit, email safehar- higher daytime temperatures., or call 877-746-8563.N Look for appliance incentives; investing in a new energy- efficient unit can cut costs Introducing Electronic OBT! long-term. You’ve asked, and we’ve listened! We often eOBT is open to ombudsmen, command hear from family members who would like leadership and command leadership to volunteer to be a command ombuds- spouses, but we encourage all to attend man, but are unable to attend the required the standardized classroom training, training due to scheduling, budget, or whenever possible. If you’re an geographic constraints. Command ombudsman awaiting training, leadership and command leader- or a member of the Command ship spouses have shared similar Support Team wanting to learn comments. In response to these more about the Ombudsman concerns, CNIC is pleased to Program, please consider this announce Electronic Ombudsman training alternative if you are un- Basic Training (eOBT); the conversion able to attend classroom training.Relocation Assistance of Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT) to a All modules, both the webinars andProgram (RAP) Tip combination of five webinars and five on- the on-demands, will be available via the demand modules. Although we recommend Learning Management System (LMS) atWhether CONUS or OCONUS, mov- students complete the modules in order, is a part of the unique military participants are required to begin with eOBTlifestyle. The Relocation Assistance The first eOBT course will be offered in Module 1: Orientation and Program Overview,Program (RAP) offers assistance early November, 2011. For exact dates and and end with eOBT Module 10: Capstone Partand resources to help, from the times of the five webinars, please go to the 2. This alternative to classroom OBT was devel-time you receive new orders to the Ombudsman Program Webinar schedules oped to present the same course informationunpacking of that last box. Reduce at or www.ombuds- as traditional OBT. However, the presentationyour stress; contact your Fleet and The on-demand modules order and delivery style varies slightly fromFamily Support Center now. will be available to complete at your con- classroom OBT to accommodate the webinar venience at the conclusion of eOBT mod- and on-demand medium. ule 1. All questions should be directed to CNIC’s Ombudsman Training Coordinator, Doreen Scott, at 3
  4. 4. OCTOBER 2011Operational StressControlDay-to-day life in the Navy can beextraordinarily stressful. The OperationalStress Control (OSC) program is dedi-cated to help Sailors and their familiesbe better prepared to navigate life’sinevitable challenges. The program’sfocus is building resilience and keepingstress issues from becoming stressinjuries through education and trainingin conjunction with Navy Medicine andallied programs.OSC is about prevention. While the pro-gram initially targeted service membersand deckplate leaders, it has becomeincreasingly focused on reaching outto family members with informationabout operational stress and ways tomitigate its negative effects.A recent Navy survey indicated that the is expanding its reach by joining forces The OSC Blog,,majority of Sailors use friends and fam- with other related efforts to create an offers official information and links toily members as their primary resource understanding of what stress is and other programs, resources and research;to help them cope with stress-related provide practical tools Sailors and their while providing news about the Navy’sissues. To be more “family friendly,” OSC families can use. continually expanding and improving training curriculum. The OSC team hopes that sharing the success stories of family members who have overcome the challenges of long deployments, frequent relocations, reintegration and financial concerns will empower others. Resilience can be learned. The OSC’s stress continuum is a guide for identify- ing stress reactions and appropriate actions to take. Knowing what stress is, how we respond to it, and where to get help will keep us healthier and psychologically fit. 4
  5. 5. OCTOBER 2011Combat the Winter BluesAs the fall season approaches with cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours,many begin to experience what is called the “winter blues.” It usually begins bylate fall or early winter and ends by late spring or early summer. Symptoms arecharacterized by a drop in energy level, social withdrawal, oversleeping or insomnia,difficulty concentrating, irritability, weight gain, and carbohydrate cravings. Considerthese tips to improve your mood and combat the winter blues:N Exercise. Exercise is great for reliev- N Reduce alcohol. Alcohol is a de- ing the stresses of life. Exercise also pressant, and rather than improving helps your mind by releasing those your mood, it only makes it worse. “feel good chemicals” that improve N Treat yourself. If you plan some- your mood.  thing exciting, your mood improvesN Eat healthy. Incorporate complex when you’re anticipating it and carbohydrates such as whole wheat when the event actually occurs. Are You Ready for breads, veggies and fruit in your diet. Healthy foods provide your body N Relax. Try to spend a few minutes each day doing nothing! Read a the Flu Season? and mind with nutrients, and stabi- book or magazine, sleep in on the The influenza season is upon us, and lize blood sugar and energy levels. weekend, go to bed early, try medi- it’s important for you and your familyN Get some sun. Spend a little more tation, or take a yoga class.  to take the necessary precautions. time outdoors. Did you know that N Embrace the season. Seeing win- Widespread local outbreaks, called the sun improves your mood? Keep ter in a positive light, with all the fun epidemics, occur annually. Very wide- your shades up during the day to let activities that it has to offer, will keep spread outbreaks, called pandemics, more light in. Sit near windows while your spirits high.  are unpredictable, but the opportunity you are out. Try changing the light always exists for an outbreak like the N Get social support. Don’t underes- bulbs in your house to “full spectrum” H1N1 virus in 2009, which had far- timate the power of friends, family, bulbs. These mimic natural light and reaching impacts. co-workers, neighbors and support actually have the same affects on groups like Family Readiness Groups. The most important steps to take to your mind as the real thing. Something as simple as a phone call, prevent the spread of flu viruses are to a chat over coffee, or a nice email or receive annual vaccinations, wash your letter can brighten your mood.  hands with soap and water, and cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. You and your family should also be prepared with an emer- gency plan and an emergency supply kit. If a flu pandemic seems imminent, increase your emergency supplies to last at least ten days. In the event of an epidemic, stay informed and follow the instructions of health and emergency authorities to practice safe infection control mea- sures. For more information on what to do and how to prepare, visit the Com- mander Navy Installations Command, Operation Prepare. 5
  6. 6. OCTOBER 2011Informationon the GO!Navy Life AHRN Mobile BykiNavy Life is an official Byki Online is aNavy iPhone/iPod Touch new language-application providing learning softwareinformation about system from Trans-important quality of life The Automated Housing Referral Net- parent Language. Byki can be used onresources for Navy personnel, retirees work ( is sponsored by the a desktop computer, but also includesand their families. It was created by Com- Department of Defense and is designed iPhone and Android applications. Bykimander, Navy Installations Command Fleet to improve the process of securing connects online and mobile resourcesand Family Readiness staff and endorsed available housing for relocating military to social media. A free, “express” versionby the Master Chief Petty Officer of the members and their families. From AHRN of Byki is downloadable from anyNavy. The application includes embedded mobile you can: computer at A morevideos and information about Morale, powerful version is available at no N Search for listings, including a geo-Welfare, and Recreation, Navy Entertain- cost through Navy Knowledge Online based search option to show listingsment, single Sailor program, family and (NKO). near your current location.bachelor housing, library program, child N Log on to NKO youth programs, discounted tours and N View listing information including photos and maps. N Click: Reference (upper right of thetravel, Fleet and Family Support programs, N Check your AHRN message center. page).lodging for business travelers, the NavyMovie Program, and more. Download at N View housing office contact infor- N Click: E-Library - Foreign Lan- mation. guage/Culture (left side of theid368752284?mt=8. page). N Manage your account. N Click the Byki Online icon. Visit today! N At the Byki site, click the “sign up now” button to create a new ac-Navy Fitness Child ID iPhone App count.The Navy Operational The first mobile ap- N Log in to your new account.Fitness and Fueling Series plication created by N If you are planning to use youriPhone/iPod Touch appli- the FBI provides a mobile device with Byki, downloadcation is now available so convenient place to the free Byki application for thatyou will never be without electronically store device at your service provider’s photos and vital information about app store. When it has beenyour Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling your children so that it’s literally right installed, you will be prompted forSeries (NOFFS) workouts. Sailors and their at hand if you need it. You can show an activation code.families can read news and events, use the pictures and immediately provide N Click the “Byki Mobile” button onan interactive NOFFS virtual meal and physical identifiers such as height and the right side of your Byki desktopworkout builder, find answers to their most weight to security or police officers. to generate the activation code.common questions about fitness, sports, Using a special tab on the app, you canand nutrition, and more! Download at N Enter the code into your mobile also quickly and easily email the infor- device. mation to authorities with a few clicks.id368752284?mt=8. Download at us/app/fbi-child-id/id446158585?mt=8. 6
  7. 7. OCTOBER 2011Employment Resources & UpdatesIndefinite Noncompetitive Eligibility for Government Jobs IA Discussion GroupHusbands and wives of service members disabled or killed in the line of duty Schedule View the Fleet-wide list of classes,now have indefinite noncompetitive eligibility for government jobs. In a final rule support groups and events.published in August in Federal Register, the Office of Personnel Managementeliminated a two-year limit on a special hiring authority for the spouses of disabled Returning Warrioror deceased military personnel. The new regulation provides indefinite eligibility for Workshops (RWW) Returning Warrior Workshopspouses who are not prepared to enter the workforce within the two-year period Schedule & IA Family Events —because they are still grieving, they are enrolled in school or training programs, or are caring for children or their disabled spouse. Read the full article. Helping Transitioning Military Service Members Start a Career Transitioning from the military and will work with service members to help starting a new career can be challeng- them find jobs for up to 21 months. No ing. Job Corps can help. At Job Corps, matter where a member is coming from eligible veterans up to age 24 can train or wants to go, there is a Job Corps hands-on for a new and rewarding center nearby. Check it out at www. career. After training, Job Corps staff TeleTech@Home Family Readiness Groups Seasonal part-time home agent op- Family Readiness Groups (FRG) are portunities are available to assist with an integral part of a support service the upcoming holiday season. Training network. The purpose of a Family Readi- classes will begin in early October ness Group is to help plan, coordinate, with new classes starting each week and conduct informational, care-taking, thereafter through year end. For more morale-building and social activities to increase the resiliency and well-being of information visit: http://www.hirepoint. Sailors and their families. Gain valuable com/athome-en-US/. tools to establish, run and maintain a successful FRG by visiting the Family Readiness Groups site. 7