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3M A Y 2 0 1 3Prepare for your moveThe military community offers severalresources to help you prepare for yourmove, so man...
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Family Connection Newsletter May 2013


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Family Connection Newsletter May 2013

  1. 1. Scan QR Codeto access viamobile deviceTheCenterFleet & Family SupportContentsFamily Readiness Groups –Here to support you!Connect with your ombudsmanfor summer resourcesPrepare for your moveNavy Housing – Make your movewith us!Navy Gateway Inns and Suitessaves you and the Navy moneyWounded warriorsexperience the healingpower of sportsEmployment and TransitionCornerFamilyc o n n e c t i o nM A Y 2 0 1 3Family Connection is a publication of the Fleetand Family Support Program.The Navys Fleet and Family Support Programpromotes the self-reliance and resiliency ofSailors and their families. We provide informationthat can help you meet the unique challenges ofthe military lifestyle.If you have questions or comments, contactTimothy McGough at us online at:Military SpouseAppreciation Day 2013During the month of May we pay tribute, honor and recognize various aspects of our ArmedForces by observing:NN National Military Appreciation MonthNN Loyalty Day (May 1)NN Victory in Europe (VE) Day (May 8)NN Armed Forces Day (May 18)NN Memorial Day (May 27)We also celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May10. This is a day to appreciate the tremendous contributions,support and sacrifices military spouses make as they serve on thehome front, supporting their beloved service members. In honorof our Navy spouses, many Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) across the Navy will hostactivities to celebrate the occasion. For more information, contact your local FFSC.“Our spouses serve as we serve,every bit as much. They do not bear the arms,but their open arms provide strength and comfort.They do not set the ship’s course, but their internal compasskeeps the family ready and on track. They do not ford the stream or build the bridge,but the bridge they provide back to the home sustains and improvesthe morale and performance of entire units.”– Admiral (Ret.) Mike Mullen
  2. 2. Add JSS to yourMobile, iPad User…Download JSSat the App StoreJSS Dial-in Access 24/7?1-877-JSS-NOW1(577-6691)2M A Y 2 0 1 3Family Readiness Groups –Here to support you!Family Readiness Groups (FRG) are an integral part of the military lifestyle. These groups servethe needs of individuals who share a common experience, particularly that of deployment. AnFRG’s purpose is to:NN Prepare members for deployments and homecomingNN Provide family support during deploymentsNN Help families adjust to challenges and to support one another in times of personal, unitor area crisesNN Welcome/mentor members who are new to the Navy lifestyleNN Coordinate social events, such as holiday celebrationsWhen families of deployed service members know their resources, have fun and can draw onthe strength of new friends, coping skills are enhanced and deployment anxiety is reduced.Lasting friendships, the satisfaction of helping others and a sense of pride are all positiveresults of belonging to a strong FRG. For more information regarding FRGs, contact your localFFSC.For those not located on or near a Navy installation, there are a variety of community-basedMilitary Service Organizations (MSO) and Department of Defense activities which also providesupport to military families:NN National Military Family Association (NMFA) is a nonprofit organization which focuses onissues important to military families. They believe that all military families deserve com-prehensive child care, accessible health care, spouse employment options, great schools,caring communities, a secure retirement and support for widows and widowers.NN United Service Organizations (USO) fulfills its mission of lifting the spirits of America’stroops and their families. Thousands of USO volunteers do everything possible to pro-vide a home away from home for our troops and to keep them connected to the familiesthey leave behind.NN Military OneSource (MOS) Education, relocation, parenting, stress … you name it,Military OneSource is here to help you with just about any need. Available by phone oronline, this free service is provided by the Department of Defense for active-duty, Guardand Reserve service members and their families.Relocation Tip: If you and yourfamily are moving overseas, youmust obtain passports beforedeparting the United States. A visaissued by the host country mayalso be required, for more informa-tion visit with your ombudsmanfor summer resourcesAre you looking for fresh ideas to keep thekids busy this summer? Are you one of themany families preparing for a PermanentChange of Station (PCS) move and areinterested in learning about your next dutystation? Either way, your command ombuds-man can be a valuable source of informationand referral. Make a note to contact yourcommand ombudsman for ideas andresources to help make this an enjoyablesummer. Go to the Ombudsman Registry and click onthe “Contact Your Ombudsman” feature forassistance in locating command ombudsmen.
  3. 3. 3M A Y 2 0 1 3Prepare for your moveThe military community offers severalresources to help you prepare for yourmove, so many that you may feel like youare drinking from a fire hose! However,with planning and preparation, a positiveattitude and a few KEY resources, you willhave a smooth move.NN The Fleet and Family Support Center’s(FFSC) Relocation Assistance Program(RAP) makes moving easy! When youreceive Permanent Change of Station(PCS) orders, you may have questions,but do not worry: FFSC RAP profes-sionals will help you with every aspectof the move. They offer the FFSC“Smooth Move”workshop to explainwho pays for the move, how to shippersonal property and overseas living.The bottom line is if you visit yourFFSC, you’ll be prepared for whatevercomes your way. To find your localFFSC log onto To find installation specific information,visit MILITARY INSTALLATIONS .NN To access planning tools such aschecklists, and information aboutentitlements, benefits, education andemployment visit Plan My Move.NN is a resource for informationand provides access to the DefensePersonal Property System (DPS), whichis a web-based tool used to initiate andmanage a Household Goods move.Watch the video on the DPS website tounderstand the process.NN Military OneSource is a one-stopshop for service members and theirfamilies when they need informa-tion or assistance.NN SPCA International may be able toassist with the financial cost associ-ated with relocating a pet.NN Angels for Soldier’s Pets and theAmerican Humane Association maybe able to provide assistance locat-ing or providing temporary fosterhomes when airline restrictions orshot/quarantine issues prevent thepet from traveling with the Servicemember and family.The adventure awaits!Navy Gateway Inns and Suites saves you and the Navy moneyService members and DoD civilians can save money on official travel (i.e., permanent change of duty station, work-related) by staying at Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS). With more than 24,000 guest beds at military installationsworldwide, NGIS offers lodging services for individual and group temporary duty travelers, Department of Defense(DoD) civilians, space-available (leisure) travelers, retirees, reservists and their sponsored guests. NGIS offers affordablelodging rates that support the continuing reductions of command travel expenses. NGIS provides a business lodgingenvironment. In-room amenities include Wi-Fi, microwave and refrigerator, cable televi-sion, free in-room coffee and newspapers and more. Click here formore information. Make reservations at 877-NAVY-BED or at Housing ServiceCenters (HSCs) are availableto help you and your familyduring every step of yourrelocation and PermanentChange of Station (PCS).The HSC staff at your current duty sta-tion can assist with ending your lease,understanding the moving out processand connecting you with the HSC at yournext duty station. The HSC staff at yournew duty station can provide invaluableinformation about the housing optionsavailable, including community housing,military and privatized housing as wellas available housing for unaccompaniedservice members.The HSC staff will assist youwith the application processif you choose to live in mili-tary or privatized housing.They can explain the waitlist and what benefits andhousing you are eligible for. If you planto live in the community, the HSC keepslistings of homes and many participatein the Rental Partnership Program (RPP).The RPP offers homes with cost savingsto service members through reduced orno security deposit and discounted rent— all without credit checks or incomerequirements above your basic allow-ance for housing (BAH).Whether you are moving OCONUS andneed extra help planning your moveand finding housing overseas or are justlooking to move within your commu-nity, the Navy HSC offers home findingservices to assist you in finding suitable,affordable and safe housing.Find your local Housing Service Centeror find out what services are offeredthrough Navy Housing online.If you and your family are movingoverseas, you must obtain passportsbefore departing the United States. Avisa issued by the host country may alsobe required. For more information visit Housing – Make your move with us!
  4. 4. Returning Warrior Workshops (RWW)Returning Warrior Workshop Schedule & IA Family Events— Click “Links and Resources.”IA Discussion Group ScheduleView the Fleet-wide list of classes, supportgroups and events.U.S. Navy IndividualAugmenteesLike us on Facebook.4M A Y 2 0 1 3Wounded warriorsexperience the healingpower of sportsThis month, seriously wounded, ill and injured service members from all branchesof the military will go head-to-head on a different kind of battlefield: the WarriorGames. The Warrior Games are a Paralympic-style competition among more than200 wounded warriors. They are presented by Deloitte and hosted by the U.S.Olympic Committee; they also are supported by the Department of Defense, theDepartment of Veterans Affairs and a host of nonprofit organizations. This year, theGames take place May 11-17 in Colorado Springs, Colo. The event includes competi-tions in archery, cycling, seated volleyball, shooting, swimming, track and field andwheelchair basketball. The wounded warrior athletes have upper-body and/orlower-body injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, visual impairments,serious illnesses and/or post-traumatic stress.Team Navy is sponsored by Navy Wounded Warrior (NWW)-Safe Harbor, the Navy’ssupport program for seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Guardians. Theteam includes 35 athletes, and each member can share an incredible personalstory of perseverance and dedication, from a Corpsman whose valorous conductin battle earned him a Silver Star to an Aircraft Structural Mechanic who overcamea challenging battle with cancer and successfully fought to remain on active duty.Fitness and teamwork are a way of life in the military. Serious illness or injury canprofoundly impact that way of life, often confining a service member to a hospitalbed and significantly altering his or her physical capabilities. Adaptive athleticreconditioning – and events like the Warrior Games – help wounded warriors buildstrength and endurance while also drawing inspiration from their teammates.Wounded warriors interested in adaptive athletic reconditioning should contactNWW at 855-NAVY WWP (628-9997) or email Forthe latest news on Team Navy at the 2013 Warrior Games, visit NWW’s website orFacebook page.Employment andTransition CornerSpouses find career mentorshipon the virtual platformWould you like to talk about your career pathto someone who understands the military life,is currently employed and is career-savvy? Youare in luck! The MilSpouse eMentor LeadershipProgram connects volunteer Career Mentorswith military family members who would like abit of career guidance. And it is free to you.From a list of profiles, you can choose thementor you prefer. You and your career mentorcan communicate virtually to discuss the insand outs of entering a particular career field ortalk about upward mobility or job stability—allitems of great importance to the highly mobilemilitary spouse! Ask these professionals all thequestions you want. For example, ask aboutyour job field, an organization or a particularindustry. If you would like a larger conversation,visit the site’s Q-and-A feature at any time or jointhe online group discussions.Bottom line: if you are looking for a job or think-ing about looking for a job, you can talk to aCareer Mentor at this site. The MilSpouse eMen-tor Leadership Program is waiting for you!