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Navtech - an overview


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Navtech (Navaratan Technologies) is a software company with a vision to introduce and innovate cloud computing technologies. We understand what it takes to maintain an IT Infrastructure for an enterprise, be it, small, medium or large.

Our focus is to provide innovative cloud services and applications which suit to the specific needs of your enterprise. We believe that cloud based services will define new innovative, reliable and an economic way of providing IT Services for your employees and customers.

Our focus is to leverage cloud based services and provide solutions which meet the specific requirements of the enterprise. We hope that your focus be on your specific domain. Let the cloud and Navtech handle your IT needs.

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Navtech - an overview

  1. 1. ABOUT NAVTECH – Navtech is a niche software development company that leverages TECHNOLOGY with DOMAIN expertise to create solutions that make an impact for its clients. – Navtech’s strategy is to work at the bleeding edge of tech leveraging innovative platforms to build scalable and intuitive solutions; and offering technology services to leaders transforming their businesses.
  2. 2. INNOVATION @ NAVTECH Understanding User Need Designing User Experience Build an MVP
  3. 3. THINKING Identify the Problem Build an MVP Release fast 10 AGILELEANDESIGN INNOVATION @ NAVTECH
  5. 5. Our Domain Expertise SaaS Platform Development Cloud UI/UX development Mobile E-commerce & Retail Business Intelligence Open Source Business Technology Media & Entertainment
  6. 6. Technologies we Tinker with We leverage best of breed technology across Web, Mobile and Cloud, some platforms we leverage • Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. • Front-End: Angular JS (1.x, 4, 5), ReactJS, Redux, EmberJS • Back-End: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, ASP.NET MVC, Java Spring Boot, Elixir • Datastores: Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, Redis, Elasticsearch • DevOps- Jenkins, Bamboo, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, CodeShip, Runscope
  8. 8. Our Differentiators People- Passionate Folks with technology excellence. We love to code and that is easily visible in what we create Creative Teams- Its not only about Design and UI/UX, we also write elegant code. Code portability and reuse is important and we excel at it. Digital Disruptors - Digital Disruption through Incremental Innovation, we don’t always invent the wheel but use established platforms to create solution that have an impact. Truly Agile- The tools we adopt and development language we choose reflect how we work. Our customers see the value of the products in weeks, not years
  9. 9. Case Studies
  10. 10. Development of SaaS Platform for a Inventory Management Solution Provider Business Need- A Leading Inventory Management Solution Provider was facing challenges in importing orders from different eCommerce Platforms Solution Overview- Navtech created a SaaS based product which is multi-tenant and leverages API and Microservices architecture to import orders from various ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Shipstation Business Benefit- The solution delivered by Navtech ensured that monthly active users in the platform increased and the error rate in packaging and distribution decreased. Key technologies- Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, AngularJS, Redis, Elixir for Data processing, React Native, Bamboo, Amazon Web Services
  11. 11. Integration of disparate Platforms for a Tax Credit Administration Corporation Business Need- A niche Tax administration corporation wanted to integrate there back office systems with the front desk staff Solution Overview- Navtech developed API's based on micro-services architecture which helped the client to unify their platform and have various web/mobile clients feed data into a single system Business Benefit- The API based solution delivered by Navtech enabled the client to integrate with various third-party clients and automate majority of their tax submission process Key technologies- NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Runscope, CodeShip, Amazon Web Services
  12. 12. DEVOPS CONSULTING Business Need- A digital distributor for major film studios niche wanted to accelerate there build and deployment process. Solution Overview- Navtech undertook Devops consulting assignment and helped the team to move from Waterfall to Devops driven development. Navtech also setup a workflow and a continuous delivery system using Bamboo CI. This automated all deployments and release processes for various components Business Benefit- The solution delivered by Navtech ensured Client is able to deliver software reliably and efficiently without causing hindrance among cross-functional teams. Key technologies- Java Spring Boot, ASP.NET MVC NodeJS, AngularJS, Runscope, Bamboo, AWS
  13. 13. Migration of car classified website from legacy code to modern architecture Business Need- A leading car classified portal wanted to migrate from its older system to increase user traffic and engagement Solution Overview- Navtech developed a search engine optimized brand new application with a refreshed UI which loads the pages in near split second. The application used advanced caching techniques which auto updates with latest changes intelligently Business Benefit- The solution delivered by Navtech resulted in 40% site traffic growth and now ranks as a top ten result on Google for its keyword. Key technologies- Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, JQuery, Redis, Codeship, Amazon Web Services
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