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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. ChemistryBy Aryan, navneet, sahil, suyog
  2. 2. All about chemistry……………Definition:- Chemistry is the science of matter,especially it’s chemical reactions, but also it’scomposition, structure and properties. Chemistry isabout the substances which make up the world. It isconcerned with the similarities and differences, howthey react with each other and what they are madeof- down to particles so small that we can hardly seethem.
  3. 3. Chemists……………..Chemist:- Chemist is a scientist trained in the study of chemistry. Great chemists…. ……………Atul Kumar, Indian scientistEmil Abderhalden, Swiss chemistRichard Abegg, German chemistFrederick Abel, English chemistFriedrich Accum, German chemist, advanced in the field of gaslightning
  4. 4. Continue great chemists………….Homer Burton Adkins, American chemistPeter Agre, American chemistGeorgius Agricola, German chemistArthur Aikin, English chemistAdrien Albert, Australian chemistKurt Alder, German chemistAngelo Angeli, Italian chemist
  5. 5. What are there in the labs?Labs are the places where these people work. Things which are used in the lab:-Bottles[ containing some kind of liquid]Test-tube[ They test liquids in this]Test-tube holder[ we can keep the test-tube bottles on thisstand]Flask[ there are two types of it, round-bottom flask, andflat-bottom flask]
  6. 6. Continue .....Tripod[ it is used for balancing the round-bottomflask]Funnel, conical glass and filter paper[ first we needto put the funnel in the conical glass, then make acone shape with the filter paper and then put that inthe funnel. Then you can pour liquid in it]Stirrer[ We can stir and liquid that we want to dowith this]Small conical flask[ it is same as the big one]