Serra's Magazine Group 4.


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Serra's Magazine Group 4.

  1. 1. Serra's Magazine.<br />1. Halloween in Serra's school. Where did sixth grade go?<br /> <br /> <br />The protection of sixth grade against the diseases.<br /> <br />1 alex arias. <br />Halloween in Serra's school<br /> In Serra's school the Friday 29th of October was <br /> celebrated the Halloween party.<br /> <br /> In the morning we went to the haunted house entering through a terror tunnel. It was terrorífic. <br />At the afternoon, fifth and sixth grade did the scary stories that we search in internet or we invented.<br /> <br /> Xavier valiente 2 <br />Where did sixth grade go for excurtion trip?<br />Firstly, sixth and fifth grade , went to the Quingles. The day 12 of November.<br />We had some activities of archaeology.<br />Then, the day 15th of April. We are going to San Miquel del Fai. We are going to have some adventures in the caves.<br />And, the days 23,24,25 we are going to encampamded in Santa Maria del Collell. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />encampaded<br />The days 23th ,24th and 25th, we are going to the camping in Santa Maria del Collell<br />By Adrian rubio 4<br />Sports of the playground<br />The day 4th of October , at the playground <br />The Team of Xavi vs the Team of Alex Arias.<br />The winner was the team of Xavi with the goals of George in the minute “12” , and goal of German in minute “24”.<br /> Alex ariza <br />The vaccines<br />Some nurses came to the school and they put us the vaccine of the hepatitis A and B to the girls the vaccine of the human papiloma and for some children the vaccine of chickenpox<br />Andrés CoelloHYPERLINK ",r:2,s:0"<br />favourite subjects<br /> the favourites subjects of the class are P.E and I.T <br /> this subjects are very happy and entertainment ,<br /> <br /> <br />and the second favourites subjects are english to some <br />persons or science in catalan .<br /> <br />maths and spanish no are one's of the favourites <br />by Xavier Valiente.<br />Intranet is a new page of the school <br />it`s very beautiful and interesting <br />we can speak with the teachers and in this page put the homeworks and the news. And the news pages of english <br />are wikia , we can edit this page it's very interesting.<br />the boy's of the group of this project like'd this pages.<br />By Andrés , Adri and Xavi<br />This is the interview to miss Navica Nivela , this is.<br />How old are you? <br />My age is a secret, only my mother , my father and my ouland know it.<br />What is your opinion about the school?<br />I think that schools in spain are very good specialy en Catalonia.<br />Why do you choose this work?<br />I like teach<br />Are you happy with this work?<br />Yes, of course because I like childrens.<br />Games .<br />The best videogame of simulation of football.For:PS3, PC, Wii, Xbox,PSP,Nintendo DS and PS2.<br />Super car simulation game of the year only for: PS3,PS2,PC and Xbox 360.<br />A videogame inspirited in the history of the assassin’s in the ancient Italy. For: PS3,Xbox 360 and PC.<br />Pes 2011 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a very good videogame of soccer. For: PS3,PS2,PSP,PC, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360.<br /> By: Alex Molina, Alex Arias and Alex Lopez.<br />This magazine is finish .<br />BY : <br /> Xavier Valiente García<br />Alex Molina Valero<br />Adrià Rubio Castillo<br />Andres Coello Salazar<br /> <br />Àlex López Sabater<br />Alex Arias Chacon<br />Alex Ariza Borrero<br />The favourites subjects are: I.T and P.E. Because this <br /> subjects are very funny and amazing.<br />Adrian rubio.<br />