Bridging the Electronic Divide: A Reflection on Year One of Naviance eDocs


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Bridging the Electronic Divide: A Reflection on Year One of Naviance eDocs

  1. 1. Bridging the Electronic Divide: A Reflection on Year One of Naviance eDocs Joseph A. Tagliaferro Coordinator of Student Support Services Abington Senior High School Abington, PA
  2. 2. Session Objectives •Description of Abington Senior High School •Overview of prior practice for college application process •Steps to gain “buy-in” for eDocs from stakeholders •Technology setup and challenges •Rolling out eDocs to parents, students and staff •Successes and challenges •The plan for year two
  3. 3. Description of Abington Senior High School
  4. 4. Abington Senior High School •Located in suburban Philadelphia •Approximately 1800 students • 33% minority students • Approximately 15% students with IEPs • Approximately 22% economically disadvantaged •90% of graduates attend post-secondary schools • 65% four-year institutions • 25% two-year institutions/community colleges
  5. 5. College Application Process pre-eDocs •Approximately 2300 applications processed per year •Most students applied online •Paper transcripts and letters of recommendation printed •Envelopes, stamps and postcards •Lots of signatures and visits to the post office! •Logging of applications in Naviance by counselors and secretaries •Senior Survey completed through Naviance
  6. 6. Frustrations •Paper everywhere! •Getting envelopes and stamps from the seniors •Maintaining accurate records •Lost materials •Time lost to signing documents •Confidentiality
  7. 7. Laying the Foundation for Change
  8. 8. The “Buy-in” Process •Start within the department •Submit formal proposal to building and district administration •Involve the Technology Department •Solicit support from teachers who write the most letters •Cost-benefit analysis •Present to Board of School Directors •Use your professional network
  9. 9. Overcoming Fear of Technology •Establish an internal “expert” panel •Make contact with Naviance support •Training for: • Counselors • Secretaries • Teachers • Tech department • Students • Parents
  10. 10. Technology Setup
  11. 11. Steps to Making eDocs “Live” 1. Download eDocs printer 2. Setup printer on counselor and secretary computers 3. Print a test transcript 4. Upload documents 5. Send a test packet to a college 6. Set up permissions for counselors, teachers and secretaries 7. Determine process for students
  12. 12. Challenges •Internal technical issues setting up the eDocs printer •Familiarizing users with components of application packet for Common Application, NACAC, etc. •Trusting the process – make sure you stay connected with your resources and Naviance support
  13. 13. Rolling out eDocs to students, parents and staff
  14. 14. Bringing the Faculty into the Picture •Faculty meeting prior to the start of school •After-school meetings for staff •Establish points of contact for questions or procedural concerns •Be willing to go the extra mile for teachers as they familiarize themselves with program •Establish internal network of teachers during the school year
  15. 15. Rolling out to Parents •Send mailing prior to the start of school •Set up an evening event during the first weeks of school •Use all technology means to publicize the new procedure and any orientation meetings • Website • Social media • “robo-call”
  16. 16. Rolling Out to Students •Classroom presentations early in the school year •Be clear about the procedures •Provide handouts or outlines for each type of application •Know your audience •You will learn more from them than they will from you!
  17. 17. Successes and Challenges
  18. 18. What Worked? •Significant time savings for staff •Where is all the paper? •Immediate results •Financial impact on department budget •Facility of reporting for building administration •Immediately embraced by all stakeholders
  19. 19. Challenges •Teacher permissions and access •Surrendering the process to the students •Submission of teacher documents •NCAA Clearinghouse documents •Colleges with unique procedures or non- subscribers
  20. 20. Looking Ahead
  21. 21. New for Year Two •Expanded networking with local high schools •Expanded use of technology to facilitate application process •Evening “parent panel” – have parents speak to parents about eDocs
  22. 22. Questions? Joseph Tagliaferro Abington Senior High School 215-884-4700 x2366
  23. 23. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: