Naviance in Action


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Naviance in Action

  1. 1. Naviance in Action Chelette Stephenson @TXCollegeLady Director of College Counseling, Yes Prep North Central
  2. 2. Naviance in Action
  3. 3. Who am I Chelette Stephenson •College & Career Counselor for MISD (8 years) •Mother of Jaden (4) & Charleigh (2) •Wife of 5 years •Naviance Presenter (2010-2013) •Naviance Innovator of the Year, 2012 •Texas A&M Class of 2001 •Lamar University M.ED in Counseling and L.P.C. •TACAC, NACAC, TCA, ACA Member •Real Life Passion: Photographer
  4. 4. Through the grapevine • When do you find time to do what you do? • How much work do you take home? • Do you sleep? • How much coffee do you really drink? • You want me to ask my teachers to do what? • Seriously?
  5. 5. • Definition of action (n) [ ákshan ] – doing something toward goal: the process of doing something in order to achieve a purpose – something done: something that somebody or something does – movement: the way somebody or something moves or works, or the movement itself (
  6. 6. Today we will accomplish: • Identifying “Great Ideas and Best Practices” for – Your Community – Teachers & Administrators – Students – Parents • Social Media and YOU
  7. 7. Ready, Set, SHARE! Timer 10 minutes
  8. 8. Chalk, Coffee and Creativity CHALK •Write about upcoming events in Parking Lot •Take a picture of it. •Tweet it, FB it, Pin it, Instagram it SENIOR Coffee •Once a month, before school, in the library •SENIORS only •Parents, colleges, and military recruiters donate goodies for raffle.
  9. 9. CELEBRATE SUCCESS “Oh the Places You’ll Go” •Students update their status in Naviance, they are invited to the Celebration in December and/or April. •College Acceptance Letter is their ticket in. •Cupcakes, Cotton Candy and Hot Coco- December • Snow Cones-April •Take pictures of every student with their acceptance letter. •To see more pictures: oh-places-youll-go- january-2013.html
  10. 10. Visits •When was the last time you took a group of students on a college tour? •How many different College Admissions Representatives come to meet with your students? •My $5 plan
  11. 11. Unused Real Estate •Writing on the Walls •Wall of Thoughts •“If I had a million dollars, I would . •“When I was little, I wanted to be . Now I want to be .
  12. 12. Writing on the Wall • Every month, focus on one grade level. Stand outside English teacher’s classroom with laptops or butcher paper • Depending on grade level, students put their college dreams on Naviance or on the wall. • Parent Volunteers transfer “Writing” Cake Signing • Seniors • At the end of Fall semester during lunches, seniors get a piece of cake after they update their status in Naviance (acceptance, etc) or on a piece of paper. • (Reports from Naviance)
  13. 13. Think Outside the Box • Where do you spend most of your time? • Moved my office to the middle of the commons during lunch
  14. 14. Planting Seeds •Organized by grade-color coded •Instruction Sheets about Naviance, College Planning, Career Planning, along with scholarship applications •Show me the Money Wednesday Workshops during lunch •The Money Tree •No Money Left Behind Financial Aid Seminars December-March •Lessons Learned Weekly Newsletter
  15. 15. Framed Success •Print pictures on transparencies and then make frames out of butcher paper. •Hang up College Acceptance Letters •Pictures of staff on College T-Shirt days •Pictures of all College and Career Center Events
  16. 16. College Cram Sessions • One day cram session by grades at each semester break • Naviance in a Nutshell • $25 • (Pays for my fun) College Boot Camps • 4 day sessions • Educate on everything under the sun in Naviance • $50 • Parents invited.
  17. 17. Your Staff needs YOU too! • Teacher Tea Times • Wednesday Walks – Hand out supplies- Markers, Expos, Highlighters, Post It Notes, etc • Teach for the Day • Not just another College T-Shirt Day – Take pictures!
  18. 18. Wednesday Walks
  19. 19. Look Around • Empty Nest Prep Luncheon for Senior Parents • Junior Conferences • Sponsor a table at Community Events • Newspaper Editor should be your BFF • When was the last time you drove around where your students live?
  20. 20. So what can you do? •Look at the Sheets & Pick 3 ideas You could Take back To your School. GO!
  21. 21. Social Media & YOU! • To see all the LINKS NOW, go to http://texascollegelady. GOAL: Pick 3 you could use as a counselor!
  22. 22. My Favorites • Sends Text messages to your students, can break down by grade, class, needs, game plans, etc. Students subscribe to it. (Texas @collegean to (720)924-4387) • Twitter: Follow colleges, scholarship organizations, test preps, school districts, etc (
  23. 23. • Facebook: • Website: • Blog: • Pinterest: ge-planning/
  24. 24. Outside the Box • Stitching ideas through webbed conversation • Flipboard is your personal magazine, filled with the things you care about. • Pictures! • GO! • QR Codes- Download APP on phone!
  25. 25. Yes there is more! • (Twitter) • (Twitter) • • (Text Messages) • (Publish newsletters off your Tweets) • •
  26. 26. It’s the little things • It only takes one thing to change a person’s life forever. What will it be? I am not sure but I do know one thing for sure, I am willing to try a thousand different, crazy, outside the box ideas to reach that one!
  27. 27. Chelette Stephenson Director of College Counseling and Alumni Services Yes Prep North Central 832-492-7024
  28. 28. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: