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NSI 2012: Planning for Success with Success Planner


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This presentation teaches participants how Minneapolis Public Schools utilized the Success Planner tool to implement their My Life Plan Graduation Requirement. This session is appropriate for any school staff or administrator looking to implement developmental guidance in a systematic college and career readiness program.

Danielle Jastrow, District Coordinator, Achieve! Minneapolis and Minneapolis Public Schools (Minnesota)

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NSI 2012: Planning for Success with Success Planner

  1. 1. Planning for Success using Success Planner Danielle JastrowDistrict Coordinator: AchieveMpls & MinneapolisMy Life Plan & Naviance Public Schools July 2012
  2. 2. Agenda •Get a Life….. Plan•Scope and Sequence •Success Planner
  3. 3. Foundation of My Life Plan (MLP)• Career & post-secondary exploration & planning comprehensive guidance program• Aligning with the vision(s) − District vision: • Every Child. College & Career Ready − MPS Counseling Department Vision: • Counselors help schools achieve their mission and students reach their goals• Informed decisions on possible career paths• Find the best postsecondary options for those careers• Create academic plans to reach postsecondary aspirations 2
  4. 4. Foundation, cont’d• Grades 6-8: MPS Academic Requirement – Who am I? – How do I fit into the community? – Decision making; problem solving; planning• Grades 9-12: MPS Graduation Requirement – 9th and 10th grades: • Who am I? • What am I interested in? • I don’t know what I don’t know. – 11th and 12th grades: • Forming a plan – Which colleges? What requirements? What career? What lifestyle? • Executing a plan – Completing applications, following up with all pieces 3
  5. 5. Let there be…MLP• Created by Licensed School Counselors – Developmental Guidance – Aligns with ASCA model – Systemic – Systematic• Rationale – Career changes 5-7 times throughout lifetime • A process a student will encounter again and again during their working lifetime – Aligns with Holland’s theory about work satisfaction • Promote self-awareness; match self with work – Computer skills, self-reflection and professional skills• Collaborative – AVID; CTE; community agencies• Naviance as the platform 4
  6. 6. Connecting the Dots… Post-•Graduation Requirements•College Entrance Requirements Secondary Plan •Career Interest Inventories •Surveys - do the students actually•Courses related to career interest have a plan •Training, knowledge & skills needed•Access and support for higher level for career •Real Life Experiences courses – Honors: Advanced •College Knowledge - understanding •Job Shadowing Placement; International systems; skills to persevere & succeed •Internships Baccalaureate; College In the Schools; •Brown Bag Lunches PSEO •College exploration - finding the right school •Majors available related to best school for career interest Career Goal (& Academic Plan Plan) 5
  7. 7. My Life Plan--Timeline• Post-secondary Planning Grad Requirement – 2006: • District formalized desire for all students to have a post-secondary plan • MLP developed – 2007: • Naviance adopted as platform – Tracking grad requirement through check boxes – 2010: • First class to graduate with MLP requirement – 2012 • Incorporate MLP on Success Planner 6
  8. 8. Scope and Sequence
  9. 9. MLP: Grade 6 Milestone Objective Student Outcomes Keys to Successful To assist the students transition to Students will learn: Transition middle school  Organizational skills Naviance custom survey Study skills 1  Navigation of the school building  Use of a locker  Other daily tasks necessary to function in middle school Naviance Introduction To registerNaviance custom survey and acquaints students Students will be able to log in and with the Naviance tool and understand the basic navigation within2 Naviance and will indicate areas in which they need support Naviance Built-in Career Explorations To explore careers of interest and Students will become more aware of Inventory3 obtain details about different careers and post-secondary requirements professions for different professions Academic Course Plan To create a flexible and appropriate Students will have an academic plan to4 2 year course plan Course Planner Naviance assist them in meeting their education & career goals 8
  10. 10. MLP: Grade 7 Milestone Objective Student Outcomes Needs Assessment To determine the personal, social, Students will be able to indicate areas in1 and academic needscustom survey which they need support Naviance of students Learning Styles To teach students about different Students will identify their learning style2 Inventory learning styles Naviance Built-in and associated strategies to assist with Inventory their academic performance Collaborating with To teach students how to collaborate Students will learn: family, school, and and the importance of collaboration  Benefits of cooperation3 community Naviance custom survey  Importance of connection to others and community  Skills to successfully collaborate Budgeting/ To teach Naviance custom survey Students will learn the connection students the basics of4 Wants Sheet budgeting between income and expenses and how it relates to careers Academic Course Plan To create a flexible and appropriate 1 Students will have an academic plan to5 year course plan Course Planner assist them in meeting their educational Naviance & career goals 9
  11. 11. MLP: Grade 8 Milestone Objective Student Outcomes Needs Assessment To determine the personal, social, Students will be able to indicate areas in1 and academic needs ofsurvey Naviance custom students which they need support HS Choice To teach students decision Students will learn decision making skills making skills that they can utilize and how they apply to the HS choice2 as they go through thesurvey Naviance custom HS Choice process process Exploring My Options To explain students’ EXPLORE Test Students will have an understanding of results as they relate to HS and EXPLORE results, associated college post-HS education opportunities readiness benchmarks, skill proficiencies,3 and career interests loaded EXPLORE scores college planning, career interests and exploration, and the importance of rigorous HS course work Academic Course Plan To empower students for Students will review their 3 year course academic success by facilitating plan and the MPS Academic Plan and their academic planning and create a 4 year HS course plan and student4 transition to HS transition plan Naviance Course Planner 10
  12. 12. MLP: Grade 9 Milestone Objective Student Outcomes High School To assist with students’ transition Students will learn the skills needed to be1 Transition to high school successful in HS, the requirements for graduation Naviance custom and the requirements for college access High School To introducesurvey to key students Students will be aware of the importance of the2 Orientation terminology and school personnel 9th grade year and the support systems available to them Needs To determine the personal, social, Students will be able to indicate areas in which3 Assessment and academic needs of students they need support Naviance Reflection Career To expose students toSurvey Option/Custom the vast Students will learn about career categories and4 Experience array of career options increase their awareness of potential career options Naviance Resume Resume To teach students to market their Students will recognize their personal strengths Tool5 skills via a résumé and the need to be able to communicate their skills to others 4 year course To create a flexible and appropriate Students will have an academic plan to assist6 plan/credit 4Naviance Course Planner year academic plan them in meeting their high school grad status requirements and education and career goals 11
  13. 13. MLP: Grade 10 Milestone Objective Student Outcomes Needs To determine the personal, social, and academic Students will be able to indicate areas in1 Naviance Custom Survey Assessment needs of students which they need support PLAN Test To explain students’ PLAN Test results as they Students will have an understanding of Interpretation relate toLoadededucation opportunities and post-HS PLAN score PLAN results, associated college readiness2 career interests benchmarks, skill proficiencies, college planning, and career interests and exploration My Personality To formally introduce the concepts of personality Understanding of personality as it relates Naviance Built-in Inventory3 Type types and their relationships to work satisfaction to career, college options and education & career options Career To expose students to the vast array of career Students will increase their awareness of Experience Naviance Reflection options and their relationship to post-secondary potential career options and understand4 Option/Custom Survey training/education the training/education related to the various careers 4 year course To create a flexible, appropriate 4 year academic Students will have an academic plan to5 plan/credit plan Naviance Course Planner assist in meeting their high school grad status requirements and education/ career goals 12
  14. 14. MLP: Grade 11 Milestone Objective Student Outcomes Needs Assessment To determine the personal, social, Students will be able to indicate areas in1 Naviance academic Survey students and Custom needs of which they need support Preliminary Plan for Post- Students create initial plan for their Students will have knowledge of post-HS2 High School Naviance Custom Survey path after HS options and pros/cons of each Career Interest Inventory Using knowledge acquired from Students will further their knowledge previous activities, students will about career interests and their relation3 Naviance Built-in Inventory relating to deepen their knowledge to college/post-HS training interests, careers, and world of work College Research To instruct students in the variety of Students will have a reasonable list of post-HS education options and to possible post-HS education options4 Naviancewith the use of various college assist Custom Survey search engines 4 year course plan/credit To create a flexible and appropriate 4 Students will have an academic plan to status year academic plan assist them in meeting their high school5 Naviance Course Planner grad requirements and education and career goals 13
  15. 15. MLP: Grade 12 Milestone Objective Student Outcomes College Experience To expose students to college as an Students will create a list of possible post-HS option and envision themselves as a Naviance Custom Survey education options based upon education needs,1 college student career goals, personal interests Application To ensure students understand Students know how to correctly complete “Colleges I’m Applying To”2 military, job, college application application process Graduation Review To confirm students’ completion of Graduation and/or plan for appropriate3 Counselor tracked & Approval grad requirements interventions to meet graduation requirements Senior Exit Survey To gather data and information on Students will reflect upon college and career4 Naviance Custom Survey students’ experiences to inform planning (My Life Plan) experiences and provide stakeholders and improve services feedback to counseling team Capstone To be able to put meaning to college To create a culminating project that is reflective of5 and career planning activitiesSurvey Naviance Custom their personal path to a future plan and to be able to communicate experiences and plan to others6 FAFSA Under development Financial Package Under development7 Review 14
  16. 16. District Implementation• Naviance in MPS – Available in every school with a licensed school counselor – 27 schools in total – Servicing 13245 students – 81% of total students grade 6 – 12 – ½ Naviance accounts funded by MN Office of Higher Education through the Naviance Initiative for Secondary Schools 15
  17. 17. Logistics of Implementation• Counselor-led – “Green Zone” or “Tier 1” intervention – Team approach – collaborate with teachers, college access agencies• Electronic portfolio that travels with student – District sync 16
  18. 18. Success Planner: Saving yourclicker finger, one task at a time!
  19. 19. Success Planner• District – Consistency & efficiency across schools • Schools cannot modify district tasks – Reporting• Schools – No recreating of wheel, just assign district level – Customization based on needs • Assign on own schedule • Add site-specific tasks 18
  20. 20. Success Planner:(ML)Planning made easy!• Success Planning Tools for Students – Set goals – Complete tasks assigned to them – Connect action list with goals – Add comments on goals and tasks• New home for My Life Plan – Created at district level – More efficient• Accountability 19
  21. 21. One size fits…most• Pros • Challenges – Built-in tracking – Diverse counseling – Established at district departments level – To fully streamline, – Flexibiity need to make – Student & counselor concessions monitoring – Consensus takes time – Built-in tracking 20
  22. 22. Success Planner in Action• Success Planning Tools for Staff – Assign tasks and groups of tasks – Monitor goals and tasks – Comment on goals and tasks – Assign tasks to themselves 21
  23. 23. Success Planning Features• Tasks = Milestones – Assigned by staff• Programs = MLP by grade – Groups of tasks• Goals = Bonus – Managed by students• To-do’s – For both students and staff 22
  24. 24. Hierarchy of Terms Program: MLP 9 Task: Task: Task: Task: Task: Task: MLP 9.1 MLP 9.2 MLP 9.3 MLP 9.4 MLP 9.5 MLP 9.6 Goal To-Do To-Do 23
  25. 25. Hierarchy of MLP Goal: Meet Grad Requirements To-Do: To-Do: To-Do: To-Do: MLP 9 Program MLP 10 Program MLP 12 Program MLP 11 Program Task: Task: Task: Task: MLP 12.1 MLP 12.2 Task: Task: Task: Task: MLP 11.1 MLP 11.2 MLP 10.1 MLP 10.2 MLP 9.1 MLP 9.2 Task: Task: Task: Task: Task: MLP 12.3 MLP 12.4 Task: Task: Task: MLP 10.3 MLP 10.4 MLP 11.3 MLP 11.4 MLP 9.3 MLP 9.4 Task: Task: Task: MLP 12.5 MLP 10.5 MLP 11.5 Task: Task: MLP 9.5 MLP 9.6 24
  26. 26. Creating Task & Programs
  27. 27. Tasks• Tasks are actions that students are asked to take• Created by school staff or pre-set by Naviance• Assigned to one student or a group of students 26
  28. 28. Creating a task• Planner > Tasks• Add Another Task• Follow the prompts to set up your task > save 27
  29. 29. Programs• Programs are groups of tasks to be assigned to students• Programs may be assigned to groups or individual students• Programs allow reporting on multiple task completion 28
  30. 30. Creating a Program• Planner > programs• Add another program• Follow prompts to add a program• Add tasks to the program• Save 29
  31. 31. Assigning Tasks & Programs
  32. 32. Assign Tasks and Programs• Assigning tasks to students will be a common activity• You can assign tasks in more than one way• There must be tasks in your library to assign them to students 31
  33. 33. Assigning to Group of Students• planner > search and assign.• Select the criteria you wish to search by• Click continue 32
  34. 34. Assigning to Group, cont’d• Review students that you have selected and uncheck any that you would like to exclude• At the bottom of the screen, choose either the task or program that you would like to assign.• Choose continue 33
  35. 35. Assign to a Single Student• From the student profile, go to success plan• choose the task from the dropdown menu 34
  36. 36. Success Planning in Family Connection
  37. 37. Family Connection• Students view tasks in my planner tab of Family Connection• Tasks viewed in Tasks Assigned to Me 36
  38. 38. Family Connection• To complete the task, students will follow instructions included 37
  39. 39. Family Connection• Students can comment or ask a question to coaches by adding a comment on a task or by using the “raise hand” feature 38
  40. 40. Success Planner Reporting
  41. 41. Reporting• Planner reports are accessed in reports > planner reports 40
  42. 42. Accountability• Scheduled reports – Not finger-shaking – Monthly – Team review – District meetings• October meetings – Set goals – Create implementation plans – Support & troubleshooting 41
  43. 43. Task Completion Summary 42
  44. 44. Questions?Danielle JastrowCareer & College Center Coordinator, Southwest High SchoolDistrict Coordinator, My Life Plan & NavianceAchieveMpls & Minneapolis Public 43