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Naviance Test Prep [Infographic]


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Naviance helps students connect learning and life. Once students have identified their goals, they will see how standardized tests (including SATs, ACTs, ACT Aspire and AP* exams) can help them reach their goals. Naviance Test Prep provides proven, game-based courses that help students to perform their best on test day. Naviance Test Prep is also seamlessly integrated with Naviance to help students be college and career ready, all from one place. Learn more at:

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Naviance Test Prep [Infographic]

  1. 1. Naviance Test Prep Score Improvement & Student Engagement Analysis A Naviance Test Prep structured study plan led to significantly higher engagement Compared to students who do not use a study plan. 81–10061–8041–6021–400–20 Percent of course completed Rawscore 63 62 61 59 55 451+401–450351–400301–350251–300201–250151–200101–15051–1000–50 40%more learning activities 30%more active days 58%higher completion rate The achievements and game mechanics boosted engagement Compared to Naviance Test Prep courses without game mechanics and incentives. 1.9× more learning activities 1.9×more active days 1.8×higher completion rate 10 Emotional incentives provide positive reinforcement along the way Naviance Test Prep courses supplement classroom instruction and help students prepare for key standardized tests. The efficacy analysis demonstrated a significant impact on students’ engagement and scores. Time period: Jan 2013 to Dec 2014 | Sample size: 18,410 Subjects included SAT, ACT and Advanced Placement exams 0–20 21–40 41–60 61–80 81–100 1,210 1,248 1,273 1,287 1,295 Percent of course completed EloRank Elo Rank measures answer accuracy relative to question difficulty. As students progressed, their Elo Rank improved. Students using a study plan also saw greater score improvement Naviance Test Prep is mobile-friendly since students prefer mobile devices for learning Overall, as students completed more course activities, scores improved Scaled Score by Progression of Activities Ultimately, students realized a 16% average score improvement Raw Score by Course Completion 81% of students in grades 4–12 agree that using tablets in the classroom lets them learn in a way that’s best for them SOURCE: Pearson Student Mobile Device Survey, 2014 Compared to desktop usage rates Mobile use boosted engagement 3.1×more learning activities 3.2×more active days 2.6×higher completion rate And led to greater score improvement Web Web + Mobile 55 58 58 60 60 61 61 61 62 63 Number of Activities © Copyright 2015 Hobsons. All rights reserved worldwide. Elo Rank improvements Compared to students who do not use a study plan Rawscore