We Have Naviance. Now What?


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We Have Naviance. Now What?

  1. 1. You Just Got Naviance…now what? Karen Bush MSD Pike Township District Graduation Coach July 2013
  2. 2. So…..where do you start..
  3. 3. First Things First…… • Can’t do it all in one year! • Develop a plan of action • Get KEY Administrators involved • Use the Naviance Community Support • Talk to other schools
  4. 4. Can’t do it all in one year….. Who is your target audience?  Middle School  High School Within that group…who do your target first?????? • 6th grade • 8th grade • 12th grade What is the best way to reach them???  Open House  Parent Teacher Conference  Back to School Nights  Senior Information Nights  Orientation
  5. 5. When do they need to sign up?? Is it a requirement? Is it just a helpful tool?? How do I motivate them to sign up….and then use the tool!
  6. 6. Students Student Questions: • WHY DO I NEED NAVIANCE • HOW IS IT GOING TO HELP ME • IS IT EASY • WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME • WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY???????
  7. 7. Action Plan – Logic Model Pike Twp. College & Career Planning Family Connection Program Logic Model College Career About Me My Colleges College Research Scholarships Explore Careers What Are My Interests? Interesting Things About Me Official Things Success Plan CoursePlan CollegesI’m thinking about CollegesI’m ApplyingTo College Visitsat ACT/SAT TestPrep Super Match College Compare Enrichment Programs Scholarship List National Scholarship List Explore Careersand Clusters Personality Type–Do Whatyou Are Career Interest Profiler Resume Journal surveys Update ACCOUNT Username/ studentid Update PROFILE Cell/email Goals Task 6 X X X X 7 X X X X 8 X X X X X X 9 X X X X X 10 X X X X X X X 11 X X X X X X X X X X X X 12 X X X X X X X X X X X
  8. 8. Action Plan Your plan MUST address………..  Must Do’s  Like To’s  Relevancy  Time  What’s Critical
  9. 9. Must Do’s…….VS…..Like To Transcripts Surveys Scholarships College Visits College Tours Teacher Recommendation VS Learning Inventory Super Match Road Trip Nation Goals Task (Make the Like To’s a Must Do….tie in curriculum!!!
  10. 10. Monthly To Do List Plan to “get the word out” at least once a month  Email important information  Mailings to parents  Promote ALL school events  Lunch rooms  English Teachers
  11. 11. Key Administrators Involved • Superintendent • Principal • Director of Guidance • Counselors • IT • Department Chairs
  12. 12. REPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stress enough how much information is POWER!!!!!!!!! Send reports to those Key Administrators that will be helpful to them.
  13. 13. Naviance Community Support
  14. 14. Community Support  Power Point Presentations  Word Documents  Discussion Groups  White Papers  Podcast  Blogs  Videos
  15. 15. Indiana Naviance Network - INN We have collaborated with other schools in Indiana that currently use Naviance • Share Ideas • Useful Information • Learning Sessions • Networking
  16. 16. Karen Bush kbush@pike.k12.in.us 317-387-2636
  17. 17. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: http://go.naviance.com/evaluations