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Online flight booking


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Online flight booking

  1. 1. An airline reservation system is anapplication supporting the directcontact with the passenger. AirlineReservation System make the life ofpassengers very easy as they don’tneed to stand in queues for gettingtheir seats reserved and they caneasily make reservations on anyairline just from a single system.
  2. 2. Route Schedule Availability Fare Passenger Paymentsearch search search search confirmation
  3. 3. This system allows customers to buy tickets onlinefrom their home or anywhere from around the world.The customers can choose dates when they would liketo travel as well as their departure and arrival location.The customers can even select their seats on the flightwhere they would like to reserve including the food andmake their payment via debit card or credit card. Thesystem also displays the available flights and seats forthe desired location and dates, process the transactionand makes reservation.
  4. 4.  User Accounts Registration Checking Availability @ Selection Process Making Official Reservation Confirmation
  5. 5. A user can choose one of these and his choice would be governed bywhether he is a guest or a registereduser and whether he wants to check the availability of tickets or also block/buy them.
  6. 6. Registration
  7. 7. After logging in, the system shallrequest the user to enter origin cityand destination city. The system will then refer to the flight schedule database, to check if origin or destination cities are listed or not.
  8. 8. The system will now ask the user if he wishesto block/buy the ticket. If yes, and if the userhas been a guest, he will have to first register and become a registered user and then log onto the system. If the user is already a registered user, and if he has logged on already, he can block/buy the ticket
  9. 9. When user buys the ticket, system accesseshis profile and charges the price of the ticketto his credit card number & generates aconfirmation number for the user. If a userwho has earlier blocked a ticket is required toconfirm the ticket before a certain period oftime or the ticket will get cancelled.
  10. 10. Thank You