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Deradiclization ppt by waheed ur rehman


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Deradicalisation in Kashmir...Constructive ideas by Wahid Ur Rehman "Para"

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Deradiclization ppt by waheed ur rehman

  1. 1. What we are doing at Present ?
  2. 2. Manufacturing bad students and bad citizens
  3. 3.  A majority of the so-called leaders of this turmoil-torn zone have violent pasts and today they enjoy the prominence of a leader. Thus, in this lost paradise violence is rewarded, making it a platform for youth to prove themselves and emerge as achievers .
  4. 4.  Here one can easily garner appreciation: the larger the number of stones pelted the larger the recognition, the greater the damage to public property the greater the reputation of courage, and the more panic one can inspire in the hearts of people, the closer you are to rising to prominence as a leader.
  5. 5.   Will nurture a future generation of democratic students who will be used to participatory process of elections in schools, colleges & ahead. It will democratize the next generation and legitimize the electoral polity slowly and steadily.
  6. 6. Thankyou! Suggestions-