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Wiki Technology By It Rocks


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Wiki Technology By It Rocks

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION:  In today's life people are using advanced technologies and future concepts. These technologies can be useful in every day of people life. It may be in corporate level, organization level, user level and management levels so on…….. Every new collaborative technology, from cue cards via email to real-time meeting support systems, holds the promise of revolution. Collaboration remains both opaque and hard, and technology will not make it easy or painless. Here we are going to discuss how these can be utilized through wiki’s technology. Page  2
  3. 3. WHAT IS WIKI?  Wiki is a simple design that allows quick and easy creation of web pages.  It is a social software and simplified interface which is a immediate, easy way to access and find relevant information without trawling through a bunch of web search engines.  Wikis are simple, efficient tools for managing knowledge and collaborating. They're particularly convenient in today's busy and international workplace.  A wiki is a website that makes it easy for anyone to contribute pages, and link them together.  With a wiki, any user can edit the site content, including other users' contributions, using a regular Web browser. Page  3
  4. 4. WHY WIKI:  To establish a competitive baseline system, to put the information together wiki’s introduced.  Wikipedia brings group of people and communities together and create a value.  Even though a small amount of information is shared, the collective matter provides a different form of collaborative intelligence, from which they discover some thing great.  It can be used when a group of people wanting the work to be done in a short span of time. Page  4
  5. 5. Who Use wiki?  Wiki can be used by the students, in educational institutions in order to work together in one place to research, outline, draft, and edit all projects, post home work, course materials, study guides within the wiki.  It can be used by professionals in organizations. With a private internal wiki staff can make announcements, discuss internal issues and work on projects , instead of bunch of e-mails forwarded between the staff.  Association for Library Service to Children Wiki  Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki (knowledgebase) Page  5
  6. 6. When it is useful?  When a group of people working together and assessing the relatedness of texts in this space amounts to comparing the corresponding vectors using conventional metrics (e.g., cosine).  Wiki can be used as a knowledge management tool.  It is useful to avoid the email overloading.  Building consensus and to organiging the information. Page  6
  7. 7. HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM A BLOG:  A blog tends to reflect the opinions of an author, while wiki is more open to the users or subscribers.  In blog the entries are displayed in reverse chronological order.  The blog valued the latest empherical headlines and instant reactions from commentators, where as wiki values the permanent knowledge although wiki entries could be edited and improved over and over.  In a blog the content posted by the user or author can not be edited it can only be commented. In wiki the content posted can be edited improved and commented.  Shortly a blog is for latest news and wiki is for content that may be old but still good. Page  7
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGIES USED IN WIKI: The technologies used in wikis are  Ajax  web logic 2.0  html Page  8
  9. 9. MERITS OF WIKI:  The main advantage of wiki is the ability to work collaboratively in the one space.(Mark weblog)  A simple design which allows for quick and easy creation of web pages, by making each page editable in an HTML-based editor.  Saving of all old version pages, so that errors can be corrected simply by going to a prior, correct version.  In wikis server storage of documents is to store the worked documents.  There are easy links to multiple language documentation.  We can easily monitor the most recent editions. Page  9
  10. 10. DE -MERITS OF WIKI:  The main de merits of wiki is anyone can edit so this may be too open for some applications, for example confidential documentation. However it is possible to regulate user access.  The information given by the users is not verified ,it is just the assumptions of the user and the information is neither reliable nor true. Page  10
  11. 11. Conclusions:  A structured Wiki is a powerful platform for web collaboration  Collaborate in free form; add structure as needed  Easy to share knowledge  Corporate brain gives a competitive advantage  The collective matter provides a different form of collaborative intelligence, from which they discover some thing great. Page  11
  12. 12. Thank you. Page  12