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Lean agile for leaders (1)


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Lean agile for leaders

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Lean agile for leaders (1)

  1. 1. Lean Agile for Leaders
  2. 2. Scott Downs Vice President Enterprise Agility Advisory Temenos+Agility One person’s journey toward Lean-Agile
  3. 3. Where have I come from? ❖ New York ❖ Chicago ❖ Tokyo ❖ London ❖ JPMorgan ❖ Citibank ❖ PA Consulting ❖ Capco ❖ Axialent ❖ nowhere
  4. 4. What kind of work have I done? ❖ Banker ❖ Chief operating officer ❖ Consultant ❖ Entrepreneur ❖ Helping leaders plan and execute a strategy
  5. 5. What challenges did we face? ❖ How to become an investment bank ❖ How to weave technology and people ❖ How to streamline complex processes ❖ How to manage the balance of local and global ❖ How to to disrupt competitors ❖ How to focus on both customer and product ❖ How to move faster
  6. 6. What leadership principles did I work with? ❖ The leader’s job was to have a strategy and a plan ❖ The leader’s job was to see accurately far ahead ❖ We could help make the plan, but the leader was ultimately responsible ❖ The leader knows best ❖ The leader’s job is to control and direct
  7. 7. What leadership principles did I work with? continued… ❖ Success depended on setting medium-term goals and achieving them ❖ Success depends on locking people into their medium-term goals – that’s accountability! ❖ People’s most important relationship is with their boss ❖ Key values: foresight and control
  8. 8. How did we do? It seemed very hard to make progress We felt overwhelmed by complexity Sometimes we succeeded long-term … sometimes not so much Almost all the organisations are radically changed We pretended we knew the answers, but we almost never did
  9. 9. What have I learned? The most successful organisations are the ones who learn and change the fastest ❖ Being close to the customer ❖ Tapping the skills and insights of people ❖ … who do the work… ❖ … who know the customers … ❖ … and the products first hand ❖ Being intentional learners
  10. 10. Enter Lean and Agile ❖ Cadence for working in short cycles ❖ Having a big vision … and … ❖ Delivering fast in small increments ❖ Constantly delivering value ❖ Learning fast, adapting fast - with the customer ❖ Releasing the creative power of great teams … ❖ Always getting better
  11. 11. Cadence and process are important… and … bringing them to life requires a new way of being with people
  12. 12. Enter Temenos ❖ Creating and holding safe containers ❖ Trusting each other ❖ Sharing deep truths ❖ Being humble and vulnerable ❖ Learning and co-creating together ❖ Including everyone
  13. 13. A new way of leading ❖ No heroic leader can predict the future ❖ We need collective wisdom and learning ❖ We need patterns that help us deliver fast, learn fast ❖ These patterns only work when we value people ❖ This way is great humanity … and great business!