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Dsp thrissur ch6


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Dsp thrissur ch6

  1. 1. << CHAPTER 5 < CONTENTS >District Spatial Plan - Thrissur FUNCTIONAL CHARACTER OF SETTLEMENTS 97 Chapter – 6 FUNCTIONAL CHARACTER OF SETTLEMENTS The function of a settlement is the major activity acters which needs to be explored. Analysis based onwithin the settlement, be it primary sector activities land use and average plot size (Methodology already(rural), secondary sector / tertiary sector activities (ur- explained in IDDP Kollam report) shows that there ex-ban activities) or the combination of above. But here ists semi urban and semi rural character in settlementsan attempt is made to determine the major function of in addition to the urban and rural character. An area cana settlement by studying the major land use and the be classified as Semi Urban, if there exists (or it is likelyaverage plot size within the settlement. to introduce) both urban and rural activities with pre- dominance to urban activities. If the predominant ac-6. 1 CHARACTER OF SETTLEMENTS tivity is rural, in area both urban and rural activities co- With the unique settlement pattern existing in exist, it is classified as a semi rural area.Kerala, the function of a settlement cannot be limited The functions of all the settlements of the Dis-to the usual classification of urban or rural. There are trict derived based on the methodology are shown insettlements exhibiting a combination of the two char- Figure 6.1 and Table 6.1. Fig 6.1 : Functional classification of settlements Department of Town & Country Planning, Kerala
  2. 2. 98 FUNCTIONAL CHARACTER OF SETTLEMENT District Spatial Plan - ThrissurTable 6.1: Functional Character of LSGs SI No Name of LSG Character SI No Name of LSG Character 1 Adat RURAL 35 Kattur RURAL 2 Alagappanagar SEMI RURAL 36 Kodakara RURAL 3 Alur RURAL 37 Kodassery RURAL 4 Annamanada RURAL 38 Kodungallur Municipal council URBAN 5 Anthikkad RURAL 39 Kolazhy SEMI 6 Arimpur SEMI RURAL RURAL 7 Athirappilly RURAL 40 Kondhazhi RURAL 8 Avanur RURAL 41 Koratty RURAL 9 Avinissery URBAN 42 Kunnamkulam Municipal Council URBAN 10 Chalakkudy Municipal Council RURAL 43 Kuzhur RURAL 11 Chavakkad Municipal Council URBAN 44 Madakkathara RURAL 12 Chazhur RURAL 45 Mala RURAL 13 Chelakkara RURAL 46 Manalur SEMI 14 Cherpu SEMI RURAL RURAL 15 Choondal RURAL 47 Mathilakam URBAN 16 Chowannur RURAL 48 Mattathur RURAL 17 Desamangalam RURAL 49 Melur RURAL 18 Edavilangu URBAN 50 Methala URBAN 19 Elavally SEMI 51 Mulamkkunnathukkavu RURAL URBAN 52 Mullassery RURAL 20 Engandiyur RURAL 53 Mullurkkara RURAL 21 Eriyad URBAN 54 Mundathikode RURAL 22 Erumapetty RURAL 55 Muriyad RURAL 23 Esdathiruthy RURAL 56 Nadathara RURAL 24 Guruvayur Municipal Council URBAN 57 Nattika URBAN 25 Irinjalakkuda Municipal Council URBAN 58 Nenmanikkara RURAL 26 Kadangode RURAL 59 Orumanayur RURAL 27 Kadapuram URBAN 60 Padiyur RURAL 28 Kadavallur RURAL 61 Pananchery RURAL 29 Kadukkutty RURAL 62 Panjal RURAL 30 Kaipamangalam URBAN 63 Paralam RURAL 31 Kaiparamba RURAL 64 Parappukkara RURAL 32 Kandanissery RURAL 65 Pariyaram RURAL 33 Karalam RURAL 66 Pavaratty URBAN 34 Kattakampal SEMI 67 Pazhayannur RURAL RURAL 68 Perinjanam URBANDepartment of Town & Country Planning, Kerala
  3. 3. District Spatial Plan - Thrissur FUNCTIONAL CHARACTER OF SETTLEMENT 99 69 Pookode URBAN 83 Thekkumkkara RURAL 70 Poomangalam RURAL 84 Thiruvilwamala RURAL 71 Porathissery SEMI 85 Tholur RURAL RURAL 86 Thrikkur RURAL 72 Porkulam RURAL 87 Thrissur Municipal Corporation URBAN 73 Poyya SEMI 88 Vadakkekad RURAL RURAL 89 Vadanappilly URBAN 74 Pudukkad RURAL 90 Valappad URBAN 75 Punnayur SEMI 91 Vallachira SEMI URBAN RURAL 92 Vallatholenagar SEMI URBAN 76 Punnayurkulam RURAL 93 Varandarappilly RURAL 77 Puthenchira RURAL 94 Varavoor RURAL 78 Puthur RURAL 95 Vellangallur RURAL 79 Sreenarayanapuram RURAL 96 Velukkara RURAL 80 Thaikkad RURAL 97 Velur RURAL 81 Thalikulam URBAN 98 Venkitangu RURAL 82 Thanniyam RURAL 99 Wadakkanchery RURAL6. 2. INFERENCE exhibited by LSGs that have urban influence like The spatial distribution of the settlements based Vallathole Nagar (located near to Shornur Municipalityon its character shows a clear demarcation in the pat- in Palakkad District) , Elavally and Vallachira. Most oftern of the settlements in four categories. Thrissur the LSGs in the midland and high land region of theMunicipal Corporation and Municipal Councils except District exhibit rural character. Semi rural character isChalakkudy shows the urban character. Some of coastal seen in those LSGs which are in a transition zone be-LSGs also show urban character. Semi urban character is tween LSGs of urban and rural character. Department of Town & Country Planning, Kerala < CONTENTS > CHAPTER 7 >>