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Business Initiative


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We are looking for partners who are interested to take up Online Supermarket Business for Part Time / Full Time in your country and globaly.
You can promote Products ranging from Global Telecom , Global Vacations, Homecare, Persoanal Care, Online Swiss Education, Jewlary & Watches, Wellness, etc and in future online flight ticketing system and so on,
See Basic Details about company and products in attached PowerPoint Presentation.
Reply me if you are interested to get a personal / Online meeting.

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Business Initiative

  2. 2. Where you prefer to go to buy items? A hypermarket, generally speaking, is one huge retail store owned by one organization and with a large variety of goods for sale. A mall is usually an enclosed shopping area with many different shops and outlets owned by different organizations Grocery Hypermarket
  3. 3. Franchisee Where more customers prefer to go?
  4. 4. Internet Because of Internet today you have Online Banking. Transfer Money by Mobile. Buy Things online. Find your friends and relatives online.
  5. 5. Network What's happening inside Rotary / Lions Club is nothing but building human network. Would you to be part of a network?
  6. 6. Marketing I Never Did marketing and I will never do marketing. Dear Searching for JOB with your CV is known as marketing. So do you prefer to sell yourself or products / service ?
  7. 7. Being a Brand Ambassador for some of your favorite things you use and recommend to your friends and relatives, how much money you make? Brand Ambassador You
  8. 8. Online Business Own an Hypermarket on Internet which can generate an income bigger than Insurance and build a network of business around the world and be a Brand Ambassador.
  9. 9. Products availability based on the country
  10. 10. My Personal Recommendation