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Pinegift - Corporate Rewards & Recognition Digital Platform

Pinegift is a unique digital Rewards platform that helps employees redeem their reward for favorite gift vouchers of choice instantly and shop at the retail stores of convenience. Amazing choice of 100+ leading brands, ease of access through the web ( ) or Mobile App, seamless and secure redemption makes Pinegift a true choice of corporate for Rewards & Recognition programs

Gift of choice leads to the delight and satisfaction of gift recepient
Automated ordering panel and reports for audit-tracking
Order processing in less than 24 hours
Minimum manual intervention
No logistics and operations involved

Amazing choice of brands
Exciting bonus coupons
Option to check voucher history in real-time
Timely alerts to keep track of unused vouchers
Seamless redemption at retail outlets

For more details click OR please reach out to or call at +91 98804 28902

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Pinegift - Corporate Rewards & Recognition Digital Platform

  1. 1. Simple & Efficient EmployeeGifting & Recognition Solution
  2. 2. Introducing Pinegift Want to Recognize, Reward & Motivate Employees, Partners and Customers? AND NOT LOOSE SLEEP IN THE PROCESS Adopt Reward & Recognition made easy, simple & hassle free with mobile and electronic vouchers
  3. 3. Introduction to Pine Labs Leading Position in Indian Retail Market Place 80,000Points of Sale 12%Market Share Card Payments Volume (FY15E) All of the top 10Issuers and Acquirers on Pine Labs Network 60Leading Brands participate in EMI & Cash Back Programs Leading Presence at Premium Merchants Department Store e-Commerce Retail Fashion Dining & QSR Smartphones & Mobile Devices Supermarkets Consumer Electronics
  4. 4. Pinegift : Value Proposition Hassle free & user friendly seamless solution for everyone involved For Corporate No Extra Costs Fully automated ordering panel No logistics or inconvenience of physical voucher handling Minimum annual intervention No Paperwork or delays Online reports Zero reconciliation Suitable for corporate of all sizes & spreads, with employees strength from 10 or 10000+ Instant delivery local or remote For Employees Apt for mobile and web savvy employees, who prefer convenience of digital platform 100% Freedom to choose from 100+ brands, both online and offline 100% Flexibility of place & time of use 100% Seamless & Secure 100 % User satisfaction Timely alerts to remind about expiry/ unused vouchers Seamless redemption at retail outlets
  5. 5. Pinegift : How does it work? Simple process, leading to healthy redemption rates For Employees Share employee details Share employee wise reward value 1. Corporate Place order 2. Pine Labs Creates & credit employees’ Pinegift Account within 24 to 48 hrs 3. Employees Login to profile page or download mobile app on Choose vouchers & select denomination Redeem vouchers At respective merchant outlets Issue vouchers
  6. 6. Solution for all through Pinegift Win-Win for employees and corporate • Identifying right gift in terms of age, gender and seniority CHALLENGES faced by corporate and their employees SOLUTION through Pinegift • Gift of choice for employees from 100+ brands offline & online stores, across all categories • Freedom to allocate wallet amount to different brands & voucher denomination • Fully automated with instant gratification • Employee receives the gift wallet within 24-48 hours of the order • Online reports and reconciliation • Secure and readily available digital wallet and Vouchers • Limited usage options • Resource intensive and time consuming • Procurement & distribution • Reconciliation issues • Employees hassle with loss or misplacement of physical voucher
  7. 7. Pinegift platform: Partner Brands Offers 100 relevant brands to choose from E-COMMERCE CONSUMER DURABLES DINNING LIFESTYLE
  8. 8. Pinegift platform: Partner Brands Offers 100 relevant brands to choose from HEALTH & FITNESS ENTERTAINMENT HYPER MARKET TRAVEL
  9. 9. Pinegift : Employee Utilizing Reward Amount - Mobile Interface For Employees Employee downloads Pinegift App from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Logs in with user name and password provided by Pinegift Employee will get reward value after Corporate Approval Reward Value is visible under Corporate Account Corporate logo
  10. 10. Pinegift : Employee Utilizing Reward Amount - Mobile Interface For Employees Employee can choose from over 100 voucher options Multiple vouchers can be availed
  11. 11. Pinegift : Employee Utilizing Reward Amount - Mobile Interface For Employees Voucher is Generated on the Mobile Present the Voucher at the cash counter Pinegift sends an OPT for Security of use Transaction is completed on the EDC terminals after OPT is entered
  12. 12. Pinegift : Employee Utilizing Reward Amount - Web Interface For Employees
  13. 13. BANGALORE CONTACT Name : Naveen K Designation: Regional Sales Manager Mob: 98804 28902