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Business intelligence - Microsoft Technologies


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Business intelligence - Microsoft Technologies

  1. 1. Business Intelligence Framework Providing actionable enterprise business intelligence and data warehousing
  2. 2. Features• Develop data warehouse/Schema• Faster Integration• Granular Data• Role Based Analysis• Reports and Report Builder• Ad-Hoc Query• Mobile BI• Integration with SharePoint
  3. 3. Technologies• SQL Server 2008 R2 – Data Warehouse – SQL Server Integration services - developing ETL Packages – SQL Server Analysis Services - OLAP and cubes – SQL Server Reporting Services - Report development – SQL Server PowerPivot - Self Services BI with Pivot Table in Excel – SQL Server Report Builder 3.0 - Self Reporting/Authoring tools• ASP.Net 4.0 – For any custom development• SharePoint 2010 – PerformancePoint Services - Dashboard and KPI development – Excel Services - sharing excel report and pivot reports etc. – Visio Services – bind maps/graphs to data
  4. 4. Deliverables• Data warehouse schema having Fact and dimension specific to industry• ETL packages to integrate popular applications• Ready to use Cubes• Analytical data in form of Dashboard, Scorecard and Pivot etc. in excel sheet connected to Cubes• Industries specific ready to use reports (Online, PDF and Mail)• Report builder capability to design report by end-user• Ad-hoc query builder tool to query row data through cubes• Cost effective model for customization and enhancement• SharePoint 2010 integration to store data
  5. 5. Data Warehouse(Schema)Our pre-modeled industry-specific datawarehouse with dashboards and scorecardsenables faster roll-out of the BI application.
  6. 6. Faster IntegrationOur data model is designed considering industrybest practices standards, resulting in quickintegration with existing applications and theability to aggregate data from multiple,disparate sources into one data warehouse fordata mining, analysis and decision-making.
  7. 7. Granular DataOur data model supports storing data at thelowest level of granularity - transaction level -which enables data mining capabilities.
  8. 8. Role Based AnalysisEach business user is presented with theinformation appropriate to their responsibilitiesand decision-making role within theorganization, with issues highlighted forimmediate action - allowing them to spend theirtime. improving results - not searching for theinformation they need to guide their actions andmake their decisions.
  9. 9. Reports and Report BuilderIndustry specific ready to use reports. Option tocreate faster interactive, tabular, graphical andfree-form reports and auto deploy.
  10. 10. Architecture Diagram