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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  1. 1. WHAT ISDISEASE??Disruption in the functioning of anytissue , organ or organ system isdefined as a disease.
  2. 2. TYPES OF DISEASESInfectious DiseasesNon Infectious Diseases
  3. 3. INFECTIOUSDISEASE Diseases which spread from diseased person to healthy person by means of air, food, insects, physical contact etc. These are caused by microbes and other pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoan etc.
  4. 4. NON INFECTIOUS DISEASE Disease which do not spread from diseased person to healthy person is called non infectious disease. These are not caused any pathogen or living organism. They are mostly due too internal causes.
  5. 5. MALARIA Malaria is an infectious disease caused byprotozoa. It is more common in Africa and Asia. Itis estimated that about 300 million people areinfected with malaria every year and more than 2million die annually due to this disease.
  6. 6. CAUSES OFMALARIA… Malaria is caused by the toxins produced in the human body the malarial parasite Plasmodium. Presence of malarial parasite can be checked by blood test.
  7. 7. MODE OF TRANSMISSIONPlasmodium is transmitted by female Anophelesmosquit0. When tis mosquito bites man to suckblood it introduces its saliva containing the malarialparasite into blood stream of the man.
  8. 8. SYMPTOMSMalarial attack is preceded byheadache, nausea and muscular pain. Totalperiod of malarial attack is of 6-10 hours andcan be divided into 3 stages: Cold Stage – Characterized by chill and shivering. Hot Stage – Characterized by high fever (106’F), faster rate of breathing and heart beat. Sweating Stage – It is characterized by lowering down of temperature to normal.
  9. 9. PREVENTIO N• Use of insect repellants to prevent mosquito.• Wire gauzing of doors, windows, etc. to check the entry of mosquitoes.• Killing of adult mosquitoes by spraying insecticides like D.D.T. and B.H.C.• All the mosquito breeding places should be destroyed or covered or sprayed kerosene oil.• Sleeping under mosquito nets.• Taking care of coolers, flower pots and uncovered water to prevent breeding of mosquit0es.
  10. 10. CONTROLA number of anti- malarial drugs areavailable. The commonest anti- malarialdrug is quinine (which is extracted fromthe bark of Cinchona tree.) Efforts arebeing made for the development of ananti- malarial vaccine.