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Business plan bikes point

  1. 1. Zenith BIKERS POINT Abhishek(01) Chandrashekar(09) Hariprakash(12) Karthik(17) Naveen(37) Sandeep(40)
  2. 2. OVERVIEW  Introduction  Market Analysis  Company  Promotion  Expansion  Financial Analysis
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  Need for own conveyance  Economic growth  Scarcity of public transport  Hikes in prices of public & private transport  To reach destination in time & save Energy and money.  Affordability- cars, bikes
  4. 4. Cont…  Demographic issues: Two wheelers sales in India: 6.57 million -2004/05 7.50 million -2005/06 7.86 million -2007/08 10million by 2010  Annual growth rate of 8%
  5. 5.  Penetration: 7% in Rural areas 24% in Urban market  Population in Hyderabad: According to census-Around 45,00,000 Percentage of bike holders-20%
  6. 6. DRIVING FORCES BEHIND SALES &PURCHASES OF USED BIKES: SALES: Wants of the customer to change according to the trend. Situations like-Going abroad, Dissatisfaction with the performance etc. PURCHASES: Lack of Purchasing power for new bikes. Less usage.
  7. 7. CONCEPT & MARKET ANALYSIS  What is the present condition of the 2nd ’s two wheeler Sales/Purchase Market?  Even though there are lot of competitors existing ,why are we again starting the 2nd ’s Automobile Sales/Purchase Business?  How will we distinguish ourselves from our competitors ?
  8. 8. Present condition of the 2nd ’s Sales/Purchase Market.  Unreliable  When customer purchases bikes from company  Lack of the quality  Charging high price than the actual value of the product.  When customer sells their bikes to the company.  Very much undervaluation of the product.
  9. 9.  As a result, 1.Customer is not able to get right value ,Apart from that he is being exploited. 2.Lack of trust 3 Consuming lot of time.
  10. 10.  Earn the trust of customers by creating right value to the customer.  How will we create value to customers ? 1.For the customers who are selling their bikes to our company  We pay Reasonable market prices  Giving guidance about the bikes in the market if the customer has an idea to buy new one 2.For the customers who are purchasing from our company Quality product + Value added services
  11. 11. ABOUT US  Creating value to the customers through purchasing and selling of used bikes along with Value added services.  Inventory of bikes to select  Best value  Complete customer satisfaction is top priority  Provide quality service after sales.
  12. 12. Product MIX  2nd Hand bikes of different models.  Modification of New & 2nd hand bike’s  Services to the bikes
  13. 13. Target customers & place Youth Middle & lower income group Narayanaguda,hyd
  14. 14. Pricing strategy Negotiable based on the following aspects Model of the bike Market value of the bike No. of Years used
  15. 15. Marketing strategies • Sales Strategy: Providing Free service of bikes for 6 months • Buying Strategy: Identity Card & Booklet Providing Free service for 6 Months (Once for 3 Months) online site for comparison of 2nd hand Bikes
  16. 16. Promotions  Pamplets  Print Media  Online Marketing  SMS  Radio
  17. 17. Expansion strategy  Forecasting of sales ,demand and profit  Expansion of business from Two-Wheelers to Cars .  Increasing  No of Operating branches  facility locations across the City  Expanding from Tier-1 cities to Tier-2 cities across A.P
  18. 18.  Selling bikes on Behalf of Brand image  Promoting sales by providing EMI facility  Spreading Business from Cities to Rural People.  Continuous feedback from each and every customer for Total Satisfaction