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Glimpses of the past India

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  1. 1. Glimpses of the Past Presented By: Naveen.P & Bhuvanindra.K.ReddyAtomic Energy Central School , Manuguru
  2. 2. The Martyrs •“Oh my country men! Let your eyes fill with tears, as you recall the sacrifices of India’s martyrs.”
  3. 3. The company’s consequests During18th century,British eastIndiaCompanywasextending itspower in worldwide.That time Indian princeswerefighting eachother.EastIndiaCompany subdudedIndianprincesoneby one.
  4. 4. British Rule (1765-1836) •Religious leaders preached ideas like untouchability and child marriage. •The British imposed heavy taxes on farmers so that farmers had to abandon their fields. •The east India Company’s law began to cripple Indian industries. •British invented other methods which gave them profits. •Inevitably famines followed, between 1822 and 1836 fifteen lakh Indians died of starvation.
  5. 5. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Ram Mohan Roy, a learned person from Bengal understood what was wrong with this country. He was attracted by science and modern knowledge. He went to England and fight for the justice of India. He said to his wife, “Cows are of different colors but the color of their milk is the same. Different terachers have different opinions but the essence of every religion is the same.” Ram Mohan Roy
  6. 6. Oppression (1765-1835) •But the British continued to oppress Indians. •In 1818 they had passed regulation III, under it, an Indian could be jailed without trail in a court. •By 1829, Britain was exporting British goods worth seven crore rupees to India. •All the time British officers in India drew big salaries and also made fortunes in private business. •At that time Bentinck was the Governor - General of India.
  7. 7. Dissatisfaction (1835-1856) •Education in India was in Persian and Sanskrit. •During 1835-56 Thomas Macaulay suggested some change in Indian Education. •They taught Indians their language. •By 1856, the British had conquered the whole of India. •They cared a little about the needs of Indians. Thomas Macaulay
  8. 8. The sparks (1855- 1857)  Some Indiansoldiers in east India Company were ill pleasedwiththe attitude of East IndianCompany.  A soldier namedMangal Pandey attackedthe adjutantof his regiment and executed. Mangal Pandey
  9. 9. Revolt (1857)  In 1857, a violent revolt was out broken in Meerut.  The rebellion spread wider.  Many landlords lost their lands, because of the British policies
  10. 10. The Fight for freedom(1857)  Many rulers like Begum Hazrat Mahal of Lucknow were bitter.  The patriots pounced upon the British and fought pitched battles all over North India. Tantya Tope Begum Hazrat Mahal
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