How facebook can play role in corporate world


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How facebook can play role in corporate world

  1. 1. HOW FACEBOOK CAN PLAY ROLE IN CORPORATE WORLD? Article Written By: Khawaja Naveed Haider Social Network Website is a place on the internet where people around the world meet to make new friends to share ideas, knowledge and the things what they discover. The most important role of any social networking website is to bind people into a network which helps them to understand the culture and other things about the person. Role of social networking sites in the corporate world can’t be ignored if the one understand. It plays an important role in the communication between the corporate hierarchies. Employees can easily communicate with other employees about the latest happenings in the organization. But for the use of social networking websites, it would be better to have a large organization, as the communication distortion is mostly exists in companies large in size. Small companies can also use the social networking websites as it helps in reducing the paper cost used in business. One more main advantage is that employees won’t get bored in working in the organization. Because social networking is not only for communication between people but it also helps employees in sharing their ideas and extra things that they would browse on the internet in their relative interest. Facebook is the website which people like most among social networking websites. Facebook allows the users to send private messages, wall post, pictures, links, videos and invitations. The combination of these things is the best combination that an employee wants to have during their work. When you’re on the job, it doesn’t mean that you have to work like an ass. Employees are human and an average human brain can work continuously with best capacity for not more than 2 hours. 15 - 30 minutes relaxation is enough to restore the maximum capacity of the employees. Most probably, employee’s efficiency would increase due to good source of relaxation. This type of thing will work most effectively in the multinational
  2. 2. organizations where employees can interact with each other to share the overall business performance. It would help them to forecast the future and to analyze the business and corporate strategies. One more important advantage of social networking websites is that it helps a lot in promoting the brand name. Customer Service Representatives can easily get the feedback about their product or brand to check the brand value. The more you interact with your customer, the more you get the customer loyalty. As of loyalty, Lexus is the brand, the customer of which is more loyal to it. Lexus owes 80% brand loyalty. Social networking websites can be act like a backbone for the e-commerce where you can instantly update your customers through these websites easily rather than putting your own social network application on your website. Because social networking websites are the specially designed to customize and differentiate between people demographic and geographic. Like you must have seen advertisement on Facebook. They are all targeted. You get the ultimate potential customer on Facebook for your product. Before targeting your customer on Facebook, you can also check the psychology and other personality traits of the potential customers. It will also help you to create the psychographic segmentation. You can check the behavior of your customers about you product by checking the comments they place about your brand. Facebook also helps the employees to be united for some causes. That helps to make sure their demands about particular issues and other. Employees can show their majority about the issues they face in the organization. Overall, people join the pages on Facebook which they like to join. It can be for fun or it can also be for some purpose. The use of this thing can positive or negative for the organizations. But it depends… Currently, there are number of companies around the world using Facebook for multiple purposes. Like Versace, Gucci, Nestle, Stoneage, HSY, Dell and many other. II | P a g e May 1, 2010