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Telenor By Naveed Iqbal

  1. 1. Presentation topic Presented to : Sir Zargham ullah Khan
  2. 2. Naveed Iqbal Mi12MBA038 Usman Anwar • Mi12MBA049 M. Abdullah • Mi12MBA057 Sadam Ayub • Mi12MBA073
  3. 3. Objectives of this Presentation To know about company Products & Services SWOT Analysis HR in Telenor
  4. 4. Norwegian Multinational Telecommunication History: company. 1 of World’s largest mobile Norwegian telecommunication Multinational Telecommunication companies company. Owns network in 12 countries 1 of World’s largest mobile Operations in more telecommunication than countries companies Owns network in 12 countries Operations in more than 30 countries
  5. 5. “Telenor Pakistan” Telenor acquired the license for providing GSM services in Pakistan in April 2004 Telenor is the 2nd largest network of Pakistan after Mobilink. It had a reported subscriber base of 26.7 million, and market share of 24% 1st Company in Pakistan that following International HRM rules
  6. 6. Contribution in Pakistan Economy It has created 2,500 direct and 25,000 plus indirect jobs. It has a network of 30 sales & services center More than 250 franchises 150,000 retailers For 2010 it is estimated that Telenor Pakistan contributed over Rs. 21 billion in various forms of direct and indirect taxes to the economy of Pakistan.
  7. 7. “Vision & Mission” We are here to Help you! We believe in 4 core values… Make it Easy Keep Promises Be Inspiring Be Respectful
  8. 8. Type of Customers… Business community Govt. organizations Teen agers Shopkeepers Bankers
  9. 9. Product Line
  10. 10. Competitors Mobilink Warid Telecom Zong U-fone
  11. 11. Departments Commercial Customer care Admin. Departments Corporate Affairs Human Capital Finance Technology Human Resource Management
  12. 12. Flatter hierarchy Easily Approach to Boss Flatter Type of Organization Less layers of hierarchy
  13. 13. Management Functions Planning Organizing / Staffing Human Resource Management Leading Controlling
  14. 14. HUMAN RESOURCE MENAGEMENT???? The Management function that deals with recruitment, placement, training, development of organization members. HRM is the process for staffing the Organization & sustaining high employee performance.
  15. 15. Mi12MBAo49
  16. 16. Why the HRM is so important??? Staff is the most important resource of an organization Human resource is the key ingredient to success Helps to reduce high employee turnover
  17. 17. Components of a HRM System HR Planning Career Developme nt Recruitment Salary HRM & Selection Benefits Performanc e Apprisal Orientation Training
  18. 18. Type Of Business And Importance Of HRM Telenor serves its valued customer through its best services That services are given with Human Capital , so Telenor has to take much care of it Human Capital , Its Human Resource Management Department is solely responsible for it. Visit to every Franchise on weekly basis
  19. 19. Telenor Pakistan in context with HRM
  20. 20. Components Of HRM Telenor and HRM system Being the Multinational Company it has to follow the world wide accepted rules and regulation regarding to HRM HRM system consists upon 8 elements
  21. 21. Recruitment In Telenor Telenor believe in equal opportunity and Freedom of Action Telenor has most graduated jobs in Europe Asian countries prefer to hire young and skill full individuals over elderly experience Currently 80% staff is young generation
  22. 22. Types Of Recruitment Inter Recruitment External Recruitment
  23. 23. Hiring Process Advertising/C.V Collecting/ Talent hunt Screening / Short listing General Test (Line & Recruitment) TST, PPA or Simulation Interview Candidate Finalization Offer & Acceptance
  24. 24. Hiring Process Time Basically depend upon the nature of Job Normally 6-8 weeks Important for the graduates to assess themselves and recognize their interests Not only GPA but skills are also important
  25. 25. Firing Thanks to Allah, a very few people are, we fired since the Telenor started its work in Pakistan No compromise on serve the customer Moral persuasion on suspicion Notes before 40 days
  26. 26. In Telenor , selection is not influenced By gender, age, race, colour , religion ,national origin or disability Today, our workforce proves that; with 18% women working at all levels in the organization, both foreign and local educational backgrounds Selection includes a whole process, in which every one who fulfils the requirement of job can apply Online
  27. 27. Job Requirements for Selection Communication skill Customer focus Innovative Working with others
  28. 28. M. Abdullah Mi12MBAo57
  29. 29. Orientation Brief Intro about the organization Feel at ease current values, beliefs and code of conduct
  30. 30. Telenor’s Code of Conduct Telenor has a professional and positive workplace with an inclusive working environment. People have to behave with respect and integrity towards anyone comes into contact with through your work. They have to create an environment free from any discrimination, be it based on religion, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, race or disability.
  31. 31. Trainings for.. Skills development Sponsor further education &programs Introduce Telenor vision & values Identify , manage & develop talent Introduce latest training concepts
  32. 32. Types Of Training we Conduct Orientation training Technical training Management development training
  33. 33. Training Process Assessment stage Training design implementation stage Evaluation stage
  34. 34. Performance Appraisal
  35. 35. Performance Appraisal in Telenor Based on the judgment & opinions of : supervisors Peers Mangers employees Subordinates
  36. 36. Methods.. Work standards Checklist Graphic rating scale Ranking methods Essay appraisal Multi-rater assessment Forced choice rating
  37. 37. Sadam Ayub Mi12MBAo73
  38. 38. Compensation , Benefits & Awards, Reward
  39. 39. Salary System of Telenor Salary system of any organization is confidential Telenor pays most handsome Compensations to their employees amongst the all cellular Companies of Pakistan 1st priority in choosing Company for Job, Telenor
  40. 40. Award ,Reward And Incentives Special things for special persons/Disables Gratuity Laptop scheme Life insurance Long term service award Maternity leave Mobile connections
  41. 41. Special things for Special Persons: In Telenor, equal opportunities are given to everyone even we care for disable persons. We provide suitable and easily adjustable environment for them Gratuity Long term incentives Financial relief or award
  42. 42. Insurance Support the family of employee Long Term Service Award Completion of number of years Shild or gift Laptops Allotted one laptop Personal ownership to permanent employee
  43. 43. Provident fund • All permanent employees • Eligible for provident fund Leaves Annual leaves • 21 leaves in a years • Other than the special Religious and Gov. holidays Maternity leaves • Female employees • Encourage the continuing of services
  44. 44. Career development
  45. 45. In Telenor, Come & beCome Telenor gives the opportunities to everyone to make career better with struggle and hardworking There is no ban on achieving desire post by hardworking Like other companies, we don’t keep employees as employees, we give optimum opportunities to grow We believe in Come and BeCome your own Boss
  46. 46. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weakness Opportuniti es Threats
  47. 47. STRENGTH Great market share Reasonable salaries Reliable service WEAKNESS Continuously rotation of employees Lake of customer’s feedback
  48. 48. OPPORTUNITIES Utilize its efficiencies and skills To improve its CSS THREATS Current economic recession Employee management Dumping technique by cmpetitors
  49. 49. Summing up!! The HR department of Telenor is the foundation of organization as it is meant to take care of the employee, employees who are the “Biggest asset” an organization . The HR team hires highly qualified and competent individuals through a screening process. Outsourcing makes sure that the selection is free from biases. The skill of employees is developed through proper training &development phases. This becomes a major factor in the career growth of an employee
  50. 50. Information Source & Practical Work We visit two Different Franchises of Telenor Pakistan in Lahore 1_ Sales and Service Centre , Moon Market Iqbal Town, LHR 2_ Regional Office of Telenor,Main bluwrad Gulbrhg, LHR We conduct interviews of employee there and get information regarding HRM elements We made a Questionnaire for this purpose We got some information from the Official Website of Telenor