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Denmark (Autore Sebastiano Boscarino)


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Denmark (Autore Sebastiano Boscarino)

  1. 1. Denmark
  2. 3. The Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest and the most southern country of the Scandinavian countries. It borders with Germany in the south and is to the south- west of Sweden and to the south of Norway. The capital is Copenaghen.
  3. 4. Denmark has been a parlamentary monarchy since 1901. Denmark's monarchy is over one-thousand years old and is the second oldest monarchy in the world .
  4. 5. Denmark has a temperate Atlantic climate. In winter the coldest months are January and February when the temperature is about 0° C degrees. The summers are cool.
  5. 6. The Danese is the language that belongs to the subgroup of the Scandinavian languages group of Germanic languages Indo-European family of languages. It is the official language in Denmark and is the second official language in Greenland. As a former colonial language, it is still in use in Iceland.
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