New Cool Gadgets Latest Technologies


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New Cool Gadgets Latest Technologies

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New Cool Gadgets Latest Technologies

  1. 1. Mobile Phones (G Phone)
  2. 4. Apple imac
  3. 19. Toyota announced the development of the Winglet, a personal transport assistance robot ridden in a standing position. The Toyota Winglet is designed to contribute to society by helping people enjoy a safe and fully mobile life.
  4. 20. You've heard of hybrids, electric cars and vehicles that can run on vegetable oil. But of all the contenders in the quest to produce the ultimate fuel-efficient car, this could be the first one to let you say, "fill it up with air.          The compressed air car planned for the U.S. market would be a six-seater, a New York company says.
  5. 21. This cute green desk fan features 4 ports USB hub. It also comes 4 pieces of anti-dust stopper that keep away from dust and other damages when they are unused.
  6. 22. Acer Aspire One mini notebook which features a low-cost $400 8.9-inch notebook will be released based on the upcoming Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor
  7. 23. The 5th Generation video iPod is too small to enjoy your favourite movies. It will be nice to have something that is enlarger that an iPod touch. This portable DVD player will do the job, it integrates with 5th Generation video iPods to let you view the iPod videos on a 8 1/2″, 16:9 widescreen LCD which is 2 3/4 times larger than the iPod’s screen.
  8. 24. Oregon Scientific Company designed a clock that besides time shows state of weather and outside temperature. The synchronization of data occurs by means of built-in radio receiver and then 3D model is painted on the display.
  9. 25. This Ultimate Style Steel MP4 player watch comes with 8GB of built-in flash memory.  It is made entirely from stainless steel and features a 1.8-inch color TFT LCD screen with a 160×128 resolution, capable of displaying videos at 20 FPS.
  10. 26. LG DP889 features an 8-inch LCD display, and also comes with an integrated DVD player. You can browse photos that are stored on a DVD or a CD, and also use it as a portable DVD player with the supplied battery pack providing up to 3 1/2 hours of playback.
  11. 27. National Geographic announced the launch of its new iGen NV20/20 night vision scope, boasting night vision technology which able to capture photos as well.
  12. 28. You won’t be able to tell which is a spy pocket video when it is place with a handful of pens in a pen holder. The Spy Pocket Video Recorder Pen provides colour video recording with 640 x 480 pixels AVI format.
  13. 36. The Skype Mouse Phone is the world’s first sliding USB VoIP mouse. It comes with a built-in microphone and speakers, and also has handsfree, an LCD screen and keypad and an auto-detection switch that knows when you are clicking or dialing.