Intellectual Intersections, draft conference program


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This is the draft program for the Intellectual Intersections, Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. The conference will be held at the Northern Arizona University campus, Friday, February 4, 2011.

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Intellectual Intersections, draft conference program

  1. 1. Conference Program Intellectual Intersections: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference February 4, 2011 Northern Arizona University DuBois Conference Center Flagstaff, AZThis Conference was organized and convened by the Graduate Association of Political Science (GAPS).We would like to thank the following external and NAU sponsors:The New York Times Ethnic Studies ProgramNAU Department of Politics and International Department of PsychologyAffairs Department of Geography, Planning, and RecreationStudent Activities Council (STAC) Department of SociologyThe College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Department of Criminology and Criminal JusticeThe Graduate College Master of Arts in Sustainable CommunitiesThe Honors Progam Program in Community, Culture & EnviromentThe Office of the Vice President for Research Associated Students of Northern Arizona University (ASNAU)
  2. 2. Intellectual Intersections: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student ConferenceWELCOME:To all Conference participants and attendees:I would like to welcome you to the second Intellectual Intersections Conference at Northern Arizona University,Flagstaff, AZ. This year offers us a wide variety of discussions that I hope you will find both interesting andenjoyable. This year we are also building on the successes of the first conference by expanding the offer to presentto our fellow graduate students in neighboring states. We have also extended the offer to senior students in thehopes of strengthening ties between all students at the universities, and by providing those with graduate schoolaspirations an opportunity to present their research to a friendly crowd to see what it is we do in the upper levels ofthe university.A conferences such as this is important for many reasons. It gives us the opportunity to present and have ourresearch reviewed by others, so that we may learn from the critiques of others and improve upon our professionalskills. A broad based program such as this offers fellow students the chance to see what the state of the art is intheir fields, as well as, provides a venue to see what researchers in other areas are working on.At the same time, we offer a chance to relax with peers. We have planned an excellent lunch at noon and ourkeynote speaker is Dr. Joel Olson from the Department of Politics and International Affairs at NAU. We also hopeyou will attend the after-conference get together this evening at the Weatherford Hotel in beautiful downtownFlagstaff.Todays conference would not be possible without the generosity of many. First, I would like to offer a particular"Thank You" to the organizers: the graduate students of the Professional Development Seminar class in Politicsand International Affairs (POS 691), the office staff of the Department of Politics and International Affairs, and myfellow members and officers of the Graduate Association for Political Science (GAPS). Second, a special note ofthanks goes out to all the sponsors listed on the front of the program for their financial support, especially ASNAUand STAC for their large financial contributions. I would like to thank Dean Stevenson of SBS, Dean RamonaMellott of the Graduate College, and the Vice President for Research, Dr. Laura Huenneke, for their contributionsand support. The chairs and discussants deserve a special thanks for donating their time and energy to theconference and the participants. I would also personally thank Dr. Solop of the Department of Politics ofInternational Affairs for his insight and leadership, and Dr. Joel Olson for his generous acceptance of the invitationto be this years keynote speaker. And finally, thanks to all for attending.I would be amiss if I did not thank former GAPS President Jim Buthman and last years GAPS officers andstudents of POS 691, who worked so hard to ensure the success of the first Intellectual Intersections conference.With that, I welcome you all to this years conference and much success.Sincerely,David R. ForestPhD student, Department of Politics and International AffairsPresident, Graduate Association of Political Science (GAPS)Northern Arizona University 2  
  3. 3. Intellectual Intersections: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student ConferenceCONFERENCE AGENDA: 8:00-­‐8:30am   Registra0on  &  Breakfast    8:30-­‐10:00am    Session  I     A1    -­‐  Agassiz     The  Poli0cal  Economy  of  Asian  Development   Menuka  Karki   Ethnic  Wage  Differen5al  in  Nepal:  The  Cost  of  Being  Dalit   UNM  (Economics),   Jeff  Felardo   Building  Bridges,  the  Second  Interna5onal  Mekong  Bridge   UNM  (Economics),     Construc5on  and  its  Effect  on  Mukdahan  Thailand    Peter  D.  Fazio    China  and  the  Renewable  Energy  Industry:  The  Rela5on    NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),     between  Foreign  Investment  and  Renewable  Energy  in   China    Discussant    Dr.  Gretchen  Gee    NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   A2  -­‐  Fremont   Addressing  Disparity  Gaps  in  K-­‐12  Educ0on   Stephen  Hart   Dispari5es  and  Deficits  in  Middle  School  Students   NAU  (Educa5on),   College  Awareness  and  Knowledge     Daisy  E.  Fredricks   Filling  in  the  Gaps:  Examining  the  Literature  on  Children   ASU  (English),   with  Limited  Schooling  Experiences   Navin  Kumar  Singh   Influences  of  Globaliza5on  on  Language  Educa5on  for   NAU  (Educa5on),   K-­‐12  schooling,  in  Terms  of  Mul5lingualism,  with   Reference  to  India,  Nepal  and  the  United  States  of   America    Johan  Bodaski    American  Higher  Educa5on  and  United  States    NAU  (Communica5ons),   Government  Research  Funding-­‐-­‐WWII      Discussant    Dr.  Ishmael  Munene    NAU  (Edu  Leadership),    A3  -­‐  Meadows    Environmental  Sustainability   Ryan  J.  Riggins   Bio-­‐Piracy  and  the  Loss  of  Biological  Diversity     NAU  (Criminology  &  Criminal  Jus5ce),   Moran  Henn,  David   Incorpora5on  of  Tradi5onal  Ecological  Knowledge  Within   NAU  (Center  for  Sustainable  Environments),   Ostergren  and  Erik   The  Na5onal  Park  Service:  A  look  at  the  Western  United   Nielsen   States  with  an  Emphasis  on  the  Colorado  Plateau   Discussant   Dr.  Jacqueline  Vaughn   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   A4  -­‐  Southwest   Iden0ty  Poli0cs    Challie  Facemire    Problems  with  Iden5ty  in  Young  Post  colonial  Migrants  in    ASU  (English),   Rushdies  Satanic  Verses   Daniel  Pout   Violence  and  Rainbows:  A  Study  of  a  Violent   ASU  (Poli5cal  Science),   Reproduc5on  of  Iden5ty  in  Aegean  Macedonia   David  Hartwig   Sketches  of  Iden5ty  in  Herta  Mullers  Traveling  on  One  Leg   UNM  (Foreign  Languages  and  Literature),   Emily  Jacobson   Jewish  Iden5ty    in  Pioneer  Arizona:  Anna  and  Lillian   ASU  (Public  History  and  Scholarly  Publishing),   3   Solomon  and  Suitable  Love   Discussant   Dr.  Naomi  Pinion   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  
  4. 4. Intellectual Intersections: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student ConferenceCONFERENCE AGENDA:10:00-­‐10:30pm   Coffee  Break,  sponsored  by  the  New  York  Times   NAU  Graduate  College  Informa0on  Informa0on  booth   NAU  Cline  Library  Informa0on  booth    10:30-­‐12:00pm    Session  II  B1    -­‐  Agassiz   Race,  Resistance,  and  Civil  Rights  William  H.  LeMaire   "God,  Please  Grant  Us  a  School":  Religion,  Truth,  and   ASU  (Religious  Studies),   Reconcilia5on  in  Prince  Edward  County,  Virginia  Rich  Updegrove   Deviant  Nonviolence:  Atheist,  Agnos5c,  and  Queer   NAU  (History),   Leadership  Chiedza  Denhere   Spaces  of  Resistance,  Spaces  of  Cohesion:  Moving  Towards   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   Agency  for  People  of  Color  Meghan  G.  McDowell   Policing  Marked  Bodies:  Strategies  of  Resistance  in  Post-­‐ ASU  (Jus5ce  Studies  and  Social  Inquiry),   SB1070  Discussant   Marcelina  Ryneal   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  B2  -­‐  Fremont   Agricultural  Discourses  and  Prac0ces  Rebecca  Richardson   From  Soil  to  Social  Jus5ce:  Permaculture  as  a  Vehicle  for   SFSU  (Communica5ons  Studies),   Social  Change  Cara  Corbin  Meyer   Sustainable  Food:  What  We  Eat  is  Who  We  Are   NAU  (Sustainable  Communi5es),  Carolyn  Kuchera   American  Primi5ves   UNM  (English  Language  and  Literature),  Jus5n  Ervin   Beef  as  Unequal  Ecological  Exchange:  Case  Studies  in  Brazil,   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   Uruguay,  and  Argen5na  Discussant   Katrina  Taylor   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  B3  -­‐  Meadows   Language,  Art  and  Expression  Daniel  Richmond   Endangered  Words  and  World  Abstract   UNM  (Sculpture),  Kathleen  Kirk   Drumming  and  Dance  in  Ghana:"  A  Spicy,  Juicy{Cross-­‐ NAU  (Music),   Cultural  }  Adventure"  Discussant   Dr.  Cecilia  Ojeda   NAU  (Spanish),  B4  -­‐  Southwest   Media  and  Poli0cal  Discourse  Antonio  De  La  Garza   Invisible  Chain:  SB1070  and  White  Supermacy   NAU  (Communica5ons),  Cindy  Edwards  Cowles   Obama  the  An5christ:  Going  Viral  with  S5gma5zed   ASU  (English),   Knowledge,  Neo-­‐na5vism  and  Right-­‐wing  Rhetoric  Hamad  Alshalawi   Ideology  in  Poli5cal  Discourse  and  Media  Discourse   ASU  (English),  Jessica  DeShazo   Mass  Media:  The  Cause  of  Confusion  about  Climate  Change   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   4    Discussant   Dr.  Fred  Solop    NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  
  5. 5. Intellectual Intersections: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student ConferenceCONFERENCE AGENDA: 12:00-­‐1:30pm   Lunch  in  the  Ballroom   Poster  session   Keynote  Speaker     NAU  Graduate  College  Informa0on  Informa0on  booth  (cont.)   NAU  Cline  Library  Informa0on  booth  (cont.)    Du  Bois  ballroom  -­‐  Poster  Session   John  Southard   A  bank  Blooms    in  the  Desert:  How  Walter  Bimsons   ASU  (Public  History),   Depression  Era  Leadership  posi5oned  Phoenix  and  Vally     Na5onal  Bank  for  the  Post-­‐war  Period   Jillian  Swope   Culturally  Competent  Care  in  High-­‐Risk  Obstetrical  Air   NAU  (Nursing),   Transport   K.  Ferraro,  J.  Miller,  M.   Flagstaff  Tea  Party   NAU  (Sociology),   Dahne,  C.  Danielson,   C.  Steward,  M.   Mahlon,  M.  Herrera,   N.  Matsueda   **Poster  Session  presenters  are  asked  to  please  stand  at  their  posters  by  no  later  than  12:00  pm**  Keynote Speech & Speaker Bio:To  Live,  Love,  and  Work  Anywhere  You  Please  Redefining  Freedom  in  the  Struggle  Against  SB  1070  This talk discusses the relationship between scholarship and political activism through an analysis of the work ofundocumented people and their allies against the notorious Arizona law SB 1070. It argues that the implications ofsuch work, carried out by grassroots groups such as the Repeal Coalition, goes beyond the language of immigrantrights or even human rights. The demand of undocumented workers for the freedom to “live, love, and workanywhere you please” is a demand for locomotion regardless of borders and for participation in multiple publicspheres. It thereby presents a radical challenge to liberal citizenship. Recognizing such challenges requires thescholar to acknowledge that ordinary people are not only subjects of inquiry, they are also producers of theory. Thetask of the engaged scholar is to articulate such theories in a systematic fashion. Working-class struggles are vital tothe development of new knowledge regarding politics and society, and to new possibilities.Joel  Olson  is  Associate  Professor  of  Poli5cs  and  Interna5onal  Affairs  at  Northern  Arizona  University  and  the  author  of  The  AboliGon  of  White  Democracy  (University  of  Minnesota  Press).  He  is  also  a  member  of  the  Repeal  Coali5on,  a  grassroots  group  seeking  the  repeal  of  all  an5-­‐immigrant  laws  in  Arizona  and  that  fights  for  the  freedom  of  all  people  to  live,  love,  and  work  wherever  they  please.  Olson  won  the  Outstanding  Teaching  Award  for  the  College  of  Social  and  Behavioral  Sciences  at  NAU  in  2004-­‐2005.  He  is  currently  wri5ng  a  book  on  extremism  in  the  American  poli5cal  tradi5on.     5  
  6. 6. Intellectual Intersections: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference CONFERENCE AGENDA:1:30-­‐3:00pm   Session  III  C1  -­‐  Agassiz   Water  and  the  Environment  Yasmin  Khan   Mexico,  Water  Policy  and  Management   UNM  (Water  Resource  Mgmt.  &  Regional   Planning),  Tita  Berger   Irriga5ng  a  Modern  Na5on:  Reclama5on,  Na5on   UNM  (American  Studies),     Building  and  Cri5cal  Regionalism  Petrika  Peters   Global  Forces  and  Transna5onal  Jus5ce  for  the  Toxic   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   Water  Trade  Discussant   Dr.  Robert  Poirier   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  C2  -­‐  Fremont   Human  Rights  and  Security  Kate  Eugenis   Miracles  Dont  Happen  Here:  Israel,  the  Security  Wall,   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   and  the  Gaza  Strip  Parwez  Besmel   Transi5onal  Jus5ce  and  the  Role  of  the  Human  Rights   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   Commission  in  Afghanistan  Marcelina  Ryneal   Organiza5onal  Deviance  and  the  United  Na5ons   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   Response  to  Sexual  Misconduct  During  UN   Peacekeeping  Opera5ons    David  Forest    Human  Rights  and  Climate  Change    NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  Discussant   Dr.  Paul  Lenze   NAU    (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  C3  -­‐  Meadows   Gender  Farrah  Jafari   Reinterpre5ng    Gender:  the  case  of  the  Iranian   U.  of  Arizona  (Near  Eastern  Studies),   transgendered  community  Grace  Gámez   In5mate  Partner  Violence  in  college  students   ASU  (Jus5ce  Studies),  Kimberlee  G.  Waggoner   Migra5on  and  Sex  Work:  The  Norwegian  Case   NAU  (Criminology  &  Criminal  Jus5ce),    Melissa  Nadel,  M.             College  Students  Online  Social  Behaviors:  Self-­‐Esteem,    NAU  (Psychology),  Anderson,  A.H.  Huffman,  Loneliness,  and  Gender  H.A.  Wayment  Discussant   Dr.  Kelly  Rawlings   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   C4  -­‐  Southwest   Conversa0ons  about  La0n  America  and  Poli0cs   John  Rosinbum   Was  El  Salvador  Really  Spanish  for  Vietnam?:  The   ASU  (Historical,  Philosophical  and  Religious   Rhetorical  Barle  in  the  United  States  Over  the  Central   Studies),   American  Conflicts,  1979-­‐1989   Jose  R.  Bucheli   Crisis  Between  Ecuador  and  Golombia   UNM  (Economics),   Carrie  Bauer   Micro-­‐Lending  for  Economic  Jus5ce  in  Guatemala   ASU  (Jus5ce  Studies  and  Social  Inquiry),   Discussant   Dr.  Robert  Neustadt     NAU  (Modern  Languages),   6  
  7. 7. Intellectual Intersections: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student ConferenceCONFERENCE AGENDA:3:15-­‐4:45pm   Session  IV  D1  -­‐  Agassiz   Criminal  Jus0ce:  Programs,  Policies  and  Challenges  Molly  Schiffer   Innocence  on  Death  Row   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  Michael  Jerome  Wolff   The  Parallels  of  Trafficking  and  Insurgency:  A  compara5ve   UNM  (Poli5cal  Science),   Analysis  of  Rio  de  Janeiro  and  Recife    Doris  Schartmueller   Taking  on  Recidivism  in  Arizona  -­‐  A  Look  at  Various  Policy    NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   Op5ons  Jessica  Wood   Barriers  and  Challenges  Overcome  in  Youth  Par5cipa5on   NAU  (Applied  Sociology),  Discussant    tba  D2  -­‐  Fremont   Religion  and  the  Collec0ve  Imagina0on  Brooke  Burris   Ordinary  Readers  and  African  Biblical  Studies:  A  Challenge   University  of  KwaZulu,  Natal,  South  Africa  Isingoma   to  Western  Methods   (Religion  &    Theology),  Joel  E.  Stoker     "St.  Expedit  and  the  Sacred  Imagina5on:  The  new  Age  of   ASU  (Historical,  Philosophical  &  Religious   Experience  and  Unifica5on"   Studies),  Discussant   Dr.  Geeta  Chowdhry   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  D3  -­‐  Meadows   Global  Health  and  Epidemiology  Jessica  Peyton   Epidemic  Negligence:  Disease  in  the  Gulag  Camps  and  its   ASU  (History),   Effect  on  the  Soviet  Power  Ver5cal,  1924-­‐1954  Lizz  Ubaldo  Wandag   Mapping  Tropical  Diseases,  Health  Care  Facili5es  and   NAU  (Geography,  Planning  &  Recrea5on),   Indigenous  Communi5es  Discussant   Sophia  Barkat   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  D4  -­‐  Southwest   Theore0cal  Spectrum  Charles  Roecker     Machiavelli  Today:  From  Prince  to  President  (  Without   NAU  (Administra5on),   Barering  Women)  Agus  Wahyudi   Extremism  in  the  Tradi5on  of  Cri5cal  Theory:  A  Preliminary   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),   Assessment  Aisha  Sadiq   Defense  of  Subaltern:  How  to  harmonize  East  and  West   NAU  (English),  Mar  Evans   Queer(ing)  Marx   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),  Discussant   Dr.  Jeffrey  Hilmer   NAU  (Poli5cs  &  Int.  Affairs),     7    6:00-­‐8:00  pm    Party  at  Zane  Grey  Ballroom,  Weatherford  Hotel  (downtown  Flagstaff)