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For a Client based in USA

  2. 2. WHO IS ERICA A. MURRAY?Erica A. Murray is an entrepreneur, author, mentor, educator and keynote speaker. She hasbeen hailed as an "extraordinary international business guru" because of her ability to drivechange and provide advisory services to Fortune 500 companies, as well as, C-LevelExecutives and to design and lead large-scale business transformation projects andprograms. This ability has garnered her an impressive clientele in big names. She hasbecome a well sought after international business consultant, and has provided consultingservices for a wide range of clients (municipalities, prime ministers, airport systems, etc.) invarious industries to advise business strategies that quantifies financial growth! Hercolleagues describe her as being distinguished, exceptional and implementing innovativebusiness techniques, as well as, having extraordinary determination and they applaud hercreativity, motivation, discipline and structure. She continues to strive daily to set newstandards of excellence as she expands her clients business development interestinternationally.Erica A. Murray is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in International Business, has aMasters degree in Public Administration from Webster University, Webster Groves, Missouriand her Bachelors degree in Political Science with a minor in History from the SouthernUniversity system.Her business travels extend to Asia, Canada, Caribbean Islands, United Kingdom andthroughout Europe.Erica A. Murray, resolves that, whatever we do should be done with passion, purpose andintent! Her signature is, "Forward Progression and Upward Mobility!"
  3. 3. WHY WORK WITH ERICA A. MURRAY?I bring quantitative, qualitative, and knowledgeable expertise in the ability to oversee thestrategic and global initiative and direction of an enterprise; inclusive of team managementand knowledge of general management, marketing (domestic & international), operations,finance (domestic & international), and customer service.Erica has consulted with a wide range of clients to provide organizational management,business operations reengineering, supply chain and resource optimization, and third partyrelations management. She has led multiple simultaneous projects with up to 135 directreports and budgets ranging from $7M to $600M per project.Erica possesses deep global experience working with companies and government agencies.Her experience includes penetrating new and emerging markets worldwide, forging strategicalliances with international partners, and providing mission-critical support to improve globalsupply chain operations.Armed with a wealth of knowledge from the many successful companies she started, matchedwith a high level of commitment to your success, Erica A. Murray promises to fulfill yourprojects 100%. She understands the importance of adhering to schedules, cost controls, duediligence, strategic development, public policy and most importantly, her clients concerns.Choosing Erica A. Murray, means partnering with a dedicated professional.
  4. 4. Erica will spearhead your business into the active global market with her thorough grasp oftechnology and innovation. Working hand in hand with this successful business guru meansreceiving direct, concise and up-to-date information which includes:• An in-depth analysis of your current business position• Detailed feedback on deficiencies and points of improvement• Expert advice and effective remedies for growth• A step-by-step action plan to reach target growthErica consistently delivers precise and detailed business results, business frameworks,operational growth, and valued troubleshooting initiatives for companies in which shescollaborated.The world is ready for the taking. All you have to do is step up and act now! With an expertbusiness partner like Erica A. Murray by your side, success is more than achievable, it isinevitable!
  5. 5. ABOUT MY WORKThe most successful entrepreneurs didnt get to where they are because of sheer luck. Mostof them had to work grueling hours, investing not only resources but time, energy, sweat andtears. This is why going to the next level is such a daunting task for budding entrepreneurs.Erica has:• Enabled operational excellence by implementing operational frameworks that integrated ISO 9000, Six Sigma, and Baldridge principles.• Led $600M project to retrofit and optimize wastewater treatment facilities in China.• Reduced clients global supply chain cost by 20% and completed project five months ahead of schedule.• Secured $800M for Fortune 500 client account that generated $18M in annual fee and trade revenue by identifying and capturing international prospects in China and Latin America for a client.• Won more than $90M in new business within 24 months through expert business development, relationship building, contract negotiations, and RFP development.• Led $35M wastewater project on time and 3% under budget.• Facilitated growth in Jamaicas tourism rate by leading airport runway expansion project at Montego Bay Airport, allowing larger aircraft to safely land.
  6. 6. ABOUT MY SERVICESEricas expertise as a international business consultant is well-respected by her peers,colleagues and clients as well. She continues to break boundaries with her outstanding workas a business consultant both domestically and internationally. You can choose from any ofthe following services:• Transformational Leadership • Business Intelligence• Lifecycle Project Management • Strategic Planning & Positioning• Leadership Development • Stakeholder Management• Organizational Design & Culture • Partnerships & Alliances• Supply Chain Management • Business & Practice Development• Client/Vendor Relations • Market Penetration• Training & Development • Operations Management• Six Sigma, ISO, SAP & Baldridge • P&L ManagementNo matter what challenge your business is currently facing, Erica is ready to tackle themhead-on with the same level of passion and commitment as the clients themselves.
  7. 7. CLIENT ENDORSEMENTS"Most impressive is her depth of research in our area of interest and her abilityto dovetail her findings into ideas that will help us achieve our short, medium,and long term goals and objectives." A. Ashley Cooper, Managing Director ofEcoFluid Caricom Inc., Ltd."Erica is a dynamic woman who knows how to get things done…She has theability to quickly assess the needs and offer a winning solution to any client."Tandelyn Weaver, President of The Power of Positive Action and WhartonSchool of Business Alumnus"Erica Murray is one of the most innovative thinkers of our time. She possessesthe innate ability to critically assess situations, and develop solutions that areboth fundamentally and financially sound…she operates with integrity, wisdom,and a great deal of knowledge." LaTonya Johnson, Internet Marketer/CEOConsultant, DNN SEO Company"Erica A. Murray is one of the most innovative and talented brand strategists Iveworked with. In no time she added new dimensions to my domestic andinternational presence." Dr. D. Ivan Young
  8. 8. CONTACT USErica A. Murray Consulting11152 Westheimer, Suite 138Houston, Texas 77042Tel: 800-580-2113Fax: 866-332-1088Email:
  9. 9. COPYRIGHTS"The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminalcopyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain is investigated by the FBIand is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.“© Copyright 2012 for Erica A. Murray, Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.