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Open ended questions 4-18


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Open ended questions 4-18

  1. 1. 4/18 Targets: Write open-ended questions to review for TheHunger Games Partner-read first five pages of Chapter 25 (p.)
  2. 2. Close-ended1 end, 1 correct answerRight or Wrong Open-endedMultiple ends, multiplecorrect answersDifferent types of questions
  3. 3. Close-ended questions Who is the main character? What is the name of the other district 12tribute? How does Cato die?KatnissPeetaAfter being eaten by the “dogs,”Katniss shoots him with an arrow.
  4. 4. Open-ended questions Who would be better for Katniss? Galeor Peeta? Why? What would you do if you were Galewatching Katniss kiss Peeta on TV?
  5. 5. Open-ended question starters What would you do if What do you think about… Why do you think… How do you feel about… What does remind you of… How does connect to What do you think means? Who or what has the greatest impact on What do you think the author meant by Do you think is ? Why or why not?And a bunch more on the handout…
  6. 6. Write 5 open-ended questionsabout The Hunger Games 1 per sheet Crumple up each sheet and wait forfurther directions
  7. 7. WRITE LEGIBLY Answer the question on the sheets thatyou picked up For points, you must use the book(either an example or quote) to supportyour answer
  8. 8.  Respond to the first person’s answerI agree/disagree with blank because
  9. 9. Partner up!Partner A reads an odd-numbered pagePartner B says, “One main idea from thepage is .”Partner B reads the next (even-numbered)page.Partner A says, “One main idea from thepage is .”