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Naumen Phone presentation

  1. 1. Naumen PhoneSolution for the automation of call centers
  2. 2. Сorporate profileNAUMEN is a leading developer of complete software solutions for the automation ofin-house and outsourced call centers.Since its foundation in 2001 Naumen experts in cooperation with partners havesuccessfully developed and implemented Naumen Phone solutions in more than 300call centers in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and CIS. Today the total volume ofworkplaces in these call centers is more than 10 thousand, every month they serveover 10 million customers.NAUMEN Company in Figures: 10 years on the market of software solutions for business and public authorities More than 700 projects in Russia and CIS countries More than 20 partners in different cities of Russia and in CISNAUMEN TeamNaumen employs over 300 skilled professionals, more than 200 of them aredevelopers and engineers.
  3. 3. IntroducingWhat product we are deliverNaumen is a leading developer of software solutions for call centers. We are pleased tooffer our partners and customers from APAC Region Naumen Phone, a complete solution,designed for the automation of call centers. For over 10 years Naumen has beendeveloping and improving Naumen Phone solution. We provide consulting services forpartners in the implementation and technical support for our product. Together withpartners we have successfully implemented over 300 projects.By type of communication: By verticals: Backoffice & reception service  BFCI Telemarketing, surveys and questionnaires  Telco Sales leads generation and appointments  Government Customer care  Outsourced contact centers Customer retention & recovery  On-line business and store Help desk etc.  Automobile sales center and travel agency
  4. 4. Where it is usedCustomer profile  Processes more than 200 incoming/outgoing calls of each type a day  Uses phone as main channel of interaction with customers and/or main sales channel  Demands tight control of business processes that include interaction over the phone  Is highly computerized and possesses distributed computer network
  5. 5. Major ApplicationsNaumen Phone solves key issues in the automation of callcenters, including: Smart call switching featuring the ACD functionality (based on the VoIP / SIP technology) Managing call centers business processes, projects and resources Workplace automation for agents and supervisors Real time and historical reporting of all activities, statistics and analytical data (OLAP reports)
  6. 6. AdvantagesImproves The performance of the call center agents and сall center as a whole The speed of launching new projects Quality of services Number of campaigns served simultaneously The key KPI and financial resultsReduces Costs for the purchase of expensive equipment and licenses Deployment time and time of integration with existing applications owned by customers Expenses for technical specialists and programmers
  7. 7. Highlights One Vendor Solution o covers all the functional needs of the call centers o reduces expenses for integration and support of solutions from different vendors High performance and reliability o guaranteed fault tolerance 99.99% o alerts and fault notifications support Low financial barrier for starting and expanding call center o low licenses cost, possibility to lease license or pay for it later o to expand a call center you simply get additional licenses Ease of configuration and maintenance of the system o campaign management and project optimization tools o web-base management interface
  8. 8. Highlights Agent work automation o Powerful agent scripting module with full CATI features o Knowledge base for agents providing them with comprehensive information o Integration with external customer systems, such as CRM, Helpdesk, etc. Call centers for the visually impaired agents with special workplaces Multi-site call centers and home based agents
  9. 9. Highlights Accessible technical platform o multi-platform agents and supervisors workplaces (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) o all server components run on the Linux operating system and Intel processor Fast and high performance scalability o increasing productivity up to 1000+ workplaces by adding more servers Customization of Naumen Phone for the unique needs of each client
  10. 10. Product SuiteInbound ACD • Smart call switching, featuring the ACD functionality. • Managing call queues based on any types of call distribution algorithmsOutbound Dialer • Preview, Progressive, Predictive • Automatic dialing without agents • Telemarketing and surveys moduleCampaign optimization • Campaign preparation and launching • Campaign management and reportingIVR • DTMF and voice enabled IVR (TTS, ASR) • IVR BuilderCall Recording • Call recordingPerformance Mgmt. • Real-time and historical reporting for supervisor • Personal agents’ statisticsSoftPhone • Agent scripting • Built-in knowledge base and phonebookAlerting and fault • Monitoring of all software components of call centernotifications • Emergency situations notification
  11. 11. Inbound ACD Intelligent Сall Routing, based on campaign settings, agents skills and queue algorithm (ACD) Support of all queue scheduling algorithm (most idle, most busy, most skilled etc.) DTMF and voice enabled IVR (TTS, ASR) Agent scripting with ability to use information from CRM, knowledge base, Help Desk etc. Ability to manage calls according to priority
  12. 12. Outbound Dialing Automatic outbound dialing (Predictive, Progressive, Preview) Fully automatic outbound dialing needs no agents (DTMF and voice enabled IVR) Agent scripting with ability to use information from CRM, knowledge base, Help Desk etc. Call suspending with exact rescheduling
  13. 13. Campaign management and optimization Campaign preparation and launch only by campaign manager without programmers Campaign management and optimization tools Launching new campaigns in 20 minutes Planning agents’ work and work of working groups Launching and stopping campaigns on schedule Web-based customer self service to monitor and control the campaign progress
  14. 14. Reporting Built-in set of standard reports to control call center operations and performance Builder for real time and historical reporting of all activities, statistics, and analytical data (OLAP reports) Web-based remote access of customer reps to campaign reports for review Multi user access to report generation and review Scheduled report generation with E-mail delivery
  15. 15. Agent scripting Build-in in agent workplace feature that support call script handling in single window Varied type of agent scripting for different type of calls and campaigns Dialog behavior changes depending on answers of phone call counterparty Script form page may contain information about call counterparty: ID, name, phone number, e-mail, etc. It may be obtained from external applications Agent script builder – an integrated tool for creating scripts of any complexity
  16. 16. Interactive Voice ResponceIVR Builder Useful tool for designing IVR scripts of any complexity Designing IVR from ready-to-use blocks (Drug & Drop) Extended collection of ready-to-use blocks for building IVRs Use of commonly adopted scripted programming languages Integration with external databases and CRM systems Support of VoiceXMLSupported type of IVR DTMF IVR Voice enabled IVR, that supports TTS and ASR
  17. 17. Naumen Soft Phone Supports all standard features of phone:  Personal agent statistics and trends transferring, creating conferences, etc  Unified corporate and personal Manage the calls and conferences by phonebook using intuitive and convenient graphical  Local conversation recording on tool demand Powerful build-in agent scripting  Easy-to-use customizable GUI On-line control of agent status  Voice mail support (speaking, ready, away, ACW) Ability to use information from CRM, knowledge base and other information system in single window Supports Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS
  18. 18. Naumen Soft PhoneFeatures for Agent Features for Supervisor Call handling  Silent call listening and monitoring Blind, returning and attended transfer  Monitoring status of queues and Create and handle audio conferences campaigns Local conversation recording  Monitoring status of agents Personal statistics and trends  Call intrusion, call interception Scripts for right call handling  Agent dismissal Voice messaging  Campaign statistics After call work (ACW)  Agent status reporting
  19. 19. Case studyAmadeus, global reservation system Creation of a multisite call center of the global online reservation system based on the Naumen Phone Outsourcing solution. As a result of the project Amadeus agents serve a total queue of calls, regardless of where they are located geographically. Due to this the speed of the calls processing has increased by 20%, waiting time for customers from various countries of the CIS and Central Asia has reduced.KARCHER, one of the largest cleansing equipment manufacturers in theEurope Creation of the call center in the KARCHER sale and equipment servicing center, based on the IP call center Naumen Phone solution. Today, all calls are sent to a single multi-channel number of the company and are distributed to available agents. Due to the use of IVR-module customers can listen to music, information or advertising messages while holding. Agents have now the opportunity to work with the electronic phone book, and to monitor the presence of another agent in the workplace. The company management has been able to analyze the quality of telephone services on the basis of statistical data.
  20. 20. Case study“Arguments & Facts”, a leading publishing house in Eastern Europe “Argumenty i Facty” has more than 65 publications with an audience of 26,273,500 people. Naumen organized a call center based on the Naumen Phone solution for “Argumenty i Facty”. As a result, “Argumenty i Facty” agens are processing over a thousand phone calls daily. When a call comes in the Naumen SoftPhone, working window displays information about the caller and the questionnaires and instructions for the agents obtained from the Naumen CRM system. Contact Center also provides a means for managing call processing, monitoring and analyzing workload statistics. The contact center has become an effective tool for conducting such activities as “hot lines”.TELE-KURS, one of the largest outsourced call centers in Eastern Europe for the visually impairedoperators Creation of one of the largest outsourced call center with workplaces to the visually impaired agents in Eastern Europe. To create a call center with total area of ​43 thousand square meters, the NAUMEN Phone Outsourcing solution was used. As a result of the project more than 900 workplaces for the visually impaired agents have been created. The majority of agents, visually impaired professionals of the call center, perform using the keyboard with a large number of “hot” keys. Screenreader voices the text information for the visually impaired agent from their monitor, and thus the agent is able to perform their job functions. “Tele-Kurs” call center was used for receiving and processing “hot line” calls between the population of the Russian Federation and the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
  21. 21. Case studyLANCK TELECOM, a global telecom operator The call center has been established on the basis of the Naumen Phone solution. Call center agents’ workplaces are equipped with Naumen SoftPhone telephones with support of multi-channel communication, the ability to record conversations and receive data from external applications. Automated call handling has improved the quality of customer service by reducing response time and reducing number of lost calls to a minimum.TOP Contact, one of the first outsourced call-center in Uzbekistan Creation of TOP Contact, one of the first outsourced call center in Uzbekistan. Call center has been established based on a Naumen Phone Outsourcing software solution. The NPO functionality allow TOP-Contact call center, not only offering a wide range of services to its customers – telephone sales, marketing research, the hot line, taking orders, virtual office, but also providing quality service to the clients’ projects in these areas. One indicator of an effective call center work is the 5-fold increase in the number of incoming calls per year during the campaign. Contact center capacity allows simultaneously carrying more than 10 customers’ projects. Fault-tolerant software solution ensures uninterrupted operation of the call-center 24/7.
  22. 22. Other Naumen clients
  23. 23. Russia and CIS market position Is the #1 solution in CIS for creating profitable call centers ranged from 5 до 2,500 work seats. Is the 100% software VoIP solution for corporate and outsourced call centers, is highly reliable and fault tolerantMarket Position: Has 300+ installations in Russia and CIS countries with total number of agent seats exceeding 10 thousands Is ranked 4th in Russia among all vendors supplying call center solutions, right after Avaya, Cisco и Genesys (by Russian NCCA research, 2010); Declared as «The Best Product of the Year 2012» in Russia and CIS countries on Сall Center Word Forum 2012 The largest Russian call center is built on Naumen Phone solution Is cost effective alternative to Avaya, Cisco Call Manager solutions
  24. 24. Naumen is pleased to work with you to developa solution that best suits your needs. Contact us toarrange a live, customized Naumen Phonepresentation and demonstration.Emailapac@naumen.comPhone+7(495) 783–02–