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Award winning Oil Dispersant Coretekk 2020 is a new product, non toxic for humans, and extremely effective water-based dispersant for oil spills.

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Coretekk 2020

  1. 1. Coretekk 2020 Oil Dispersant
  2. 2. An oil spill caused by ship, pipeline, or an oil platform poses a disastrous threatto marine and shoreline ecosystems. Booms and skimmer methods havepreviously shown to be ineffective. Petroleum based dispersants have proveneffective. They do not work in low salinity and can pose health hazards.Until the introduction of Coretekk 2020, the only othercredible dispersant products were formulated withpetroleum mineral spirits. These were used as a dilutantand as a consequence, in responding to an oil spill, morepetroleum products (up to 40%, of dispersant volume)were added to the spill.Coretekk 2020 is a unique blend (patent pending) ofwater, water-soluble surfactants and a coupling co-solvent.These are far more effective than the petroleum-basedalternatives. Coretekk 2020 does not pose the threat thatpetroleum dispersants do to human health. Coretekk 2020has been proven to be effective in salt and fresh waterwhereas petroleum-based dispersants are ineffective inboth brackish and fresh water.1Coretekk 2020THE PROBLEM WITHTRADITIONAL OIL DISPERSANT• Chemical dispersal during Gulf oil disaster linked tohorrific human injuries• Up to 95% of Gulf oil sunk to the sea bed where itremains today. Dispersal can make crude oil11 times more lethal.• The dispersal chemical was sprayed by unmarkedaircraft. The chemical was stored at military bases.• Post oil disaster there appeared to be an increaseof cancer cases in the Gulf area• The same dispersant is also used in chemicalwarfare to target humans, their food, land and watersupply.
  3. 3. The economic loss due to spills can also be devastating.Clean up costs are enormous and the long-term cost of amajor spill in a populated or resort area is incalculable. Inthe decade since the Exxon Valdez spill manyimprovements to navigation, ship construction andoperational safety have been developed in order toreduce the probability of an incident occuring and soresulting in a spill. In spite of these technologicaladvances, the probability of unfortunate events are stillwith us.The Valdez spill was one of the most studiedenvironmental events of our time. These studies clearlyindicate that long-term negative consequences are stillbeing felt on numerous species. The recent GalapagosIsland Spill is a perfect example of the continuing threatof spills to our environment. With the prospect ofcontinued spills, the major remaining question is how torespond in a manner that is effective in dissipating thespill and does not aggravate environmental or humanhealth problems in the process.Alternative Mediation SchemesPump Off RecoveryRecovery via off-loading is a most favoured approach toa possible spill. This may be limited by weatherconditions, location, and condition of the strickenvessel, also, with successful off-loading an amount ofspillage will occur. This requires yet another response.Containment / RecoveryGreat sums have been invested in this approach sincethe Exxon Valdez incident. Unfortunately, field resultshave demonstrated that actual recovery is less than10% of the spilled oil. In order to be nominallysuccessful the incident must be near stored equipment,in a location amenable to containment and in benignweather and sea conditions. In order for thecontainment / recovery approach to be even a nominalsuccess climate conditions must be near perfect.In Situ BurningThe burning off of oil in a damaged tanker may havesome application in special circumstances but recentstudies have demonstrated that burning may be seldomappropriate.Other studies have found some oils will not readily igniteor burn efficiently, which renders the burning optionmoot. Burning has limited application and in theprocess reduces one environmental problem andsupplants it for another. In situ burning does not solvethe problem entirely, instead it trades a sea and shoreproblem for an airborne problem.DispersantsDispersants by their nature and ease of applicationoffer the best response to spills of all types. Dispersantshave been the first line of defence throughout the world.However, the USA have shown reluctance due to thefact that dispersants present toxicity and health threatsto those applying the products.Oil spills are an environmental and economic catastrophe.They present a long-term threat to populations of marine life,birds, aquatic mammals and plants.2The Consequences of Oil Spills
  4. 4. Benefits• More effective• Less toxic to marine life• Works in fresh, brackish, and salt water• Completely safe for people who come intocontact with it during application• It works within ocean waters and on shorelines• It is much cheaper than anyother dispersants availablein the marketThe development of Coretekk 2020. A revolutionary water-based dispersant,originated during 1993, and to be introduced to the market in 2013.Coretekk 2020 TechnologyCoretekk 2020 is a far superior product than theprevious generation of dispersants. Coretekk 2020 is aneffective and non-toxic oil spill dispersant combining anoil-soluble surfactant with a water-soluble surfactant, aco-solvent is used for coupling the mixture with the oilspill. Water is included in the combination in order toadvance the interaction, it also helps reduce theviscosity of the dispersant allowing it to be pumpedunder pressure. The resulting product performs to asuperior degree in both fresh and salt water.It does not pose a threat to human health.Fresh Water ApplicationsOne of the continuing difficulties of relying ondispersants for remediation is their lack of effectivenessin both fresh and brackish water. A recent study hasdemonstrated the dramatic drop-off of effectiveness ofpetroleum dispersant as salinity declines from salt tofresh water.Using ten test oils, salinity was varied from 35 ppm to 50ppm and effectiveness of the two dominant petroleumbased dispersants was graphed. Both demonstratedmaximum dispersion at 25-35 ppm salinity. In every test,oil effectiveness declined by over 50% and in somecases 90% as salinity was reduced.As Coretekk 2020 is water-based, it has proven itseffectiveness in these conditions;Coretekk 2020 performed in a consistently superiorfashion in fresh and brackish water. “In tests on SouthLouisiana crude oil with varying water salinity, thedispersant maintained much of its effectiveness inbrackish water and notable effectiveness even in freshwater. For example, with South Louisiana Crude,Coretekk 2020 performed better in brackish water thanstandard oil dispersant did in full salt water.The relative decline in performance at dispersingPrudhoe Bay crude oil was more pronounced withdecreasing salinity, but the product still retained verygood effectiveness in brackish and fresh water. In fullsalt water (35 ppt), Coretekk 2020 compares favourablyto compatible products, being more effective atdispersing South Louisiana crude oil and the heavierPrudhoe Bay crude oil.Coretekk 2020 promises an effective response to a spillin any water condition.3
  5. 5. SpecificationsThe application of Coretekk 2020 via spray should beconducted using goggles, gloves and respirator toavoid discomfort. The potential health effect is “slight tonone” with protective equipment.Other oil dispersants can cause central nervous systemdepression, nausea, and unconsciousness. It cancause liver, kidney damage, and red blood cellhemolysis with repeated or prolonged exposure throughinhalation or ingestion according to the MSDS. Thethreat to human health viaexposure is characterized as “MODERATE”.As a result, water-based Coretekk 2020 demonstrates amarked improvement in human health effects whenresponding to an oil spill.Two crude oils are used for testing effectiveness: SouthLouisiana, a light crude and Prudhoe Bay, a heaviercrude.The market leader tested at 55% for SL and 45% for PB.The average effectiveness was 50%.Coretekk 2020 was tested using the same oils.The Coretekk 2020 results are 91% for SL and 89%for PB with a blended average of 90%.ALBERTA RESEARCH COUNCIL. Confirmation testingyielded 91% for SL OIL and 91% for PB OIL with ablended average of 91%.Additional studies have uncovered another advantageof this water-based product. Vessel based application isa favoured response approach which typically useswater education application systems. Petroleum baseddispersants lose most of their effectiveness whenpremixed with water. Coretekk 2020 shows little losswhen premixed (diluted) since it is water-based.The new water-based technology is demonstrated to bemuch more effective than its petroleum alternative.4
  6. 6. Comparative Human Health EffectsA review of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) ofCoretekk 2020 and any oil based dispersant illustratesthe dramatic difference between the water and oil.Comparative Marine ToxicityToxicity is determined by the effect of the dispersantmixed with No. 2 fuel; oil 10:1 on Menidia Beryllina andMysidopsis Bahia after 96 and 48 hours respectively.The oil itself is toxic at about 11 PPM. The market leaderwith oil is toxic at 2.61 PPM upon Menidia and 3.4 PPMupon Mysidopsis. A leading product with an anionic-characteristic, displayed an inhibitory effect of 5 ppm.Result: Market leader is ten times more toxic thanCoretekk 2020.Based effects on human health:Coretekk 2020 is essentially water and surfactant (soap).Breakthrough Oil Spill DispersantNaturetekk is proud to announce that PROFESSORAWAD MANSOUR has initiated a breakthrough in oildispersant in seas & gulfs which is superior to thecurrent market leader.Coretekk 2020 & the market leader are the onlydispersants approved to date by The EPA & AlbertaResearch Council respectively.The “Swirling Flask Test” designed by EPA fordetermining the efficiency of crude oil dispersion in seawater, rates the leading product at 47% whilst Coretekk2020 is rated at 91% by Alberta Research Council(please see the attached certificate).Our new dispersant Coretekk 2020 is more advancedand effective than the standard dispersant. Coretekk2020 has a new advantage, the capability to eliminateor minimise the “sticking” or adherence of oil to shoreline beaches, rocks… etc.The current use of dispersants is about ~ 1000 barrelsof floating oil spill. Coretekk 2020 can highly improvethe cost and efficiency of dispersing crude oil spills inseas, coasts & gulfs.Coretekk 2020 is also an excellent industrial cleanerand degreaser. It is biodegradable and environmentallysafe.• Our new dispersant is excellent for both sea andfresh waters.• It is electrolyte stable.• Samples of crude oil mixed with Coretekk 2020remain completely dispersed after 12 hours ofstanding time. Crude oil dispersed with standardproducts have all the oil floating on the surface after12 hours of standing time.• The market leader sells for in excess of$1,000 per barrel.• Maximum profit potential in excess of 50% greaterthan the market leader (due to lower cost ingredientsand process).5
  7. 7. Totally Biodegradable & EconomicalDescription• Coretekk 2020 is a new series of balanced formulations of specially selectedbiodegradable surfactants blended with enhancing environmentally safe additives,intermediates and coupling hydrocarbons.Coretekk 2020 is designed to provide maximumsurface action to disperse crude oil in seas and gulfs.• Coretekk 2020 is not only biodegradable, but also has a very low toxicity to humans,animals and vegetation.1 2 3dispersantCortekk 20201. Efficiency of 91% of crude oil dispersionin sea water, ‘swirling flask test’Alberta Research Centre.2. Sample of crude oil is completelydispersed after 12 hours of standing time.3. Eliminates the ‘sticking’ or adherence ofoil to shore-line beaches.4. Selling up to 50% less.5. Excellent industrial cleaner.6. Effective in both sea and resh water.7. Is electrolyte stable.A leading oil dispersant1. Efficiency of 47% of crude oil dispersion in seawater, ‘swirling flask test’Alberta Research Centre.2. Sample of crude oil remains complete after12 hours of standing time.3. No.4. Price in excess of $1,000/barrel.5. No.6. No.7. No.Coretekk 2020 and the market leader are the only viable dispersants approved by theEPA & Alberta Research CouncilComparisons that make Coretekk 2020 the number one choice for the oil industry:Summary6
  8. 8. Academic Rank• Full Professor in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Engineering.Education• B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Baghdad University M.Sc. inChemical Engineering, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1979• Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa,Oklahoma, 1980• M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma,1979. Dissertation title: "Numerical Solution of Multi-Component Absorption from A Stirred Bath".• Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma,1980. Dissertation title: "Numerical Solution of Liquid PhaseMulti-Component Absorption in Fixed Beds".Graduate Courses• Advanced Engineering Mathematics, PhysiochemicalProcesses, Water Supply and Air Pollution, Advanced HeatTransfer, Advanced Numerical Methods.Published Papers• Over 100 research papers, published or in press in refereedspecialised international journals.Books• 62 published scientific books in computer programming andapplications in science and engineering that were adopted ina number of Arabic, American and Canadian Universities.• 61 Books in Medicinal Herbal Technology to be published inU.S.A. & Canada in 5 international languages.• A. R. Mansour, “A new Technology for Liquefaction of JordanianOil Shale Kerogen”, submitted for publication (2004).• A. R. Mansour & K. J. Takrouri, “Radiation Effect on MixedConvection Over an Isothermal Wedge in Porous Media:Model Solution by Hybrid and Numerical Methods”, submittedfor publication (2004).• A. R. Mansour & K. J. Takrouri, “Convection-RadiationInteraction in Boundary Layer Flow Over a Horizontal Surface”,submitted for publication (2004).Patents in the Polymer, Water & Oil Industries• Multi-Purpose Surfactant/Detergent for Oil Recovery fromWater, Oil Spills, Tar Sands, Beach Sand and Shale Oil, DragReduction and Emulsification Processes, Kansas, D.S.A(GemTech Solvents Inc., 1983-1993).• A New Drag Reducing Additive for Crude Oil Pipelines &Sanitary Sewers, High Tech Technology, Cleveland, Ohio,D.S.A., 1983-1995.• Bio-Filter to Treat Water/Wastewater from Bacteria and Viruses,Jordan and D.S.A., (1990-1994).• A New Surfactant to Separate Oil from Canadian Oil Sand,High Tech Inc. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1994-1995.• New Surfactants to Solve Oil Spill Problems on Beaches and inthe Sea, High Tech Technology, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.1983-1995.• New Polymer Composites, Case Western & ReserveUniversity, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., (1993-1994).Inventions• 28 inventions and formulas in herbal medicines for: Malaria,Dengue, Diabetes 1&2, Asthma, Cancer, Hepatitis B and C,Cholesterol and Triglycerides, Rheumatism, High Pressure,Arthritis, Pain, Headache, Migraine, New Therapies for Auto-immune Diseases such as HIV, Multiple Sclerosis & Behest’sDisease, Psoriasis, Prostate… etc• 11 International Conferences in different fields• A member of the American Chemical Engineers Society, theInternational Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering and theAmerican Herb Research Foundation• Candidate for UNESCO Prize for Science & Technologyfor 1993• International Man of the Year ‘98, Cambridge• The 20th Century Man of Achievements in Science &Technology, 1998• International Man of ‘99 in Science & Technology,USA, 1999Membership in Scientific and Professional Societies• American Institute of Chemical Engineers• American Herb Research Foundation• American Health Sciences Institute• International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering• New York Academy of SciencesNaturetekk Ltd 111 Guthrum Place Newton AycliffeCo. Durham DL5 4QE United Kingdom +44 (0)7587 Awad MansourProfile