Tanzania a unique and unparalleled experience


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Tanzania a unique and unparalleled experience

  1. 1. Tanzania a Unique and Unparalleled Experience <br />Tanzania can be defined without doubt as the land of the authentic safari experience. This part of eastern Africa is blessed with a huge number of wild animals unequalled anywhere else in the world. Over one quarter of its total surface area has been set aside to create a preserved environment, where animals can interact freely without fear of being destroyed by Man.<br />Tanzania’s two major parks, the renowned Serengeti National Park and the vast Selous Game Reserve offer a richness of different wildlife species that include more than twenty percent of the larger mammal population of Africa.<br />With the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru a holiday to Tanzania is not only a simple safari but a unique adventure voyage to a land of endless boundaries and striking images that remain impressed as mental snapshots for life. The lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa, which are the three largest bodies of water in Africa also contribute to the beauty of the extensive landscape that stretches for miles until it meets the Indian Ocean with its magnificent beaches and Zanzibar, the spice island.<br />The unique and preserved habitat of the Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream National Parks are renowned for their wild chimpanzees. These areas that stretch out around the Lake Tanganyika offer the best place in the world for spotting the much loved species. Another less renowned area nearer to the coast hosts the Eastern Arc Mountains that shelter the richest animal and plant species in the world, so much so that this location has become known as the ‘African Galapagos’.<br />Although Nature reigns undisturbed as the queen of Tanzania, the land also boasts a large diversity of cultural wealth. Over one hundred different tribes inhabit the land, including the Swahili tribe who live on the coast, the Maasai of the Rift Valley and the Hadzabe hunters who live on Lake Eyasi.<br />Tanzania offers a unique experience for all types of travelers. Whether you are in search of an unmatched safari experience ending in a relaxing Indian Ocean beach holiday or an extreme and adventurous hiking venture up the slopes of Africa’s highest peaks, Tanzania has it.<br />The coast of Tanzania not only harbors the spectacular offshore reefs around the area of Mafia for those who are passionate divers, but the area also boasts mysterious mediaeval ruins that are scattered along the country’s south coast.<br />The inhabitants’ peaceful nature reflects the beauty of the land and their welcoming smiles and tolerant characters render the Tanzania holiday experience all the more unique. The distinctive characteristics of the multiracial people have preserved the country from civil or ethnic turmoil that has not spared the neighboring countries.<br /> The country has over the last decade developed positively into a vibrant and friendly travel destination with its inimitable welcoming atmosphere and rare natural wealth and beauty. A holiday in Tanzania provides the perfect escapade for all those seeking to regain harmony, peace and balance with nature once more. <br />Author Bio:<br />Angelina Christy is a travel author who has written many articles that keeps on guiding the travelers throughout the world. Angelina herself is an avid traveler who has traveled more than 22 countries. She also talks about travel options like Cheap Flights Manila and Cheap Tickets to Manila that explains how tourists can minimize the cost of their travel fares.<br />Website: www.eyesonnatureexpeditions.comEMAIL:    info@eyesonnatureexpeditions.com<br />http://www.beouthere.com/travelreviews/view_travel_operators_review.php?toid=18249&rpa=5<br />