Carn, corp= body


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Carn, corp= body

  1. 1. Carn, Corp= Body By: Rachel
  2. 2. Carnival: This is a ride you would see at a carnival.
  3. 3. Carnelian: These stones are carnelian colored.
  4. 4. Carnage: We get meat food from carnage.
  5. 5. Carnation: This flower is carnation colored.
  6. 6. Carnivore: Lions only eat meat.
  7. 7. Corpse: Inside the coffin is a dead person which is a corpse.
  8. 8. Corpulent: This panda is fat.
  9. 9. Corporal: They are being physical and active.
  10. 10. Corpuscle: These are blood cells that are floating freely.
  11. 11. Corsage: This is a corsage.
  12. 12. Corset: This is a corset.
  13. 13. Esprit de corps: NC State is a team with the same goal.
  14. 14. Incorporate: He is working to incorporate his business.
  15. 15. Reincarnation: I want to be a turtle when my soul gets put into another body.