Farewell Betsy


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a farewell to our lovely Betsy - we love you and camp just won't be the same without you. All your friends wish you the best of what life can offer !
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Farewell Betsy

  1. 1. Written and illustrated by those that love her
  2. 2. It all began in 2005……When our fairy godmother Betsy landed in Victory Junction Land
  3. 3. She wasted no time and got right to work
  4. 4. Betsy She took care of most of our needs (she did say something about being C.A. and wouldn’t hold my beer so I could kiss my buddies girlfriend)
  5. 5. On occasion she could be a little quirky
  6. 6. But she’s not the only one………………..
  7. 7. In the beginning she hung out with the blue unit
  8. 8. I don’t think when she arrived she realized just how many,
  9. 9. Many,
  10. 10. Many ,
  11. 11. lives she would touch with her magical healing powers
  12. 12. Both big and
  13. 13. Small
  14. 14. Although at times it was hard work - she made it fun!
  15. 15. She taught us all how to look funny too… 
  16. 16. She made sure we were safe
  17. 17. It was important to her that we took care of ourselves in order to love one another
  18. 18. Ditto……
  19. 19. Laugh often
  20. 20. She knew she could not do it alone and always made sure she had lots of help!
  21. 21. and more help….
  22. 22. And more…..
  23. 23. She worked with the Super Crew ….Doctor Peter, Jenna, Bevin and Pat
  24. 24. She worked for the amazing Pronto
  25. 25. And then the laughter Mann!
  26. 26. There were days when she would look the other way
  28. 28. She’s seen at least one our counselors go from this…..
  29. 29. To a Doctor Dr. Eddie
  30. 30. She empowered us to go for it!
  31. 31. And conquer our fears
  32. 32. And most of all to have fun!
  33. 33. There were great times in the Fab shop
  34. 34. Where everyone goes to get fabulous!
  35. 35. Then came the day when Betsy was no where to be found
  36. 36. Super Nurse Melody to the rescue!
  37. 37. Has anyone seen Nurse Betsy?
  38. 38. Nurse Betsy makes me laugh, we’ve got to find her!
  39. 39. We’ll check this way!
  40. 40. Follow me, I see footprints……I’ll get Pronto to make an announcement..
  41. 41. Listen up we have to go find Betsy
  42. 42. I’m coming…. she may need my urinal
  43. 43. Where oh where could she be?
  44. 44. Betsy are you in there?
  45. 45. I know where she is!
  46. 46. Hold on just one more hoop!
  47. 47. Let’s check the Body Shop
  48. 48. Oh no! There’s been an EPEDEMIC!
  49. 49. That’s j ust like Betsy she left us in good hands!
  50. 50. Everyone broke out in song wishing everyone to get well!
  51. 51. It worked! Betsy came out all better!
  52. 52. Then one day Betsy announced its been a wild ride and my job is done & I’m off to Disneyland! See ya later!
  53. 53. On behalf of all of us that you have touched at Victory Junction we thank you for being a part of our lives and most of all our heart!
  54. 54. To be continued…….