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Now available are these great ENVIROSAX reuseable shopping bags. Please contact me for pricing

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  1. 1. Envirosax – the next generation in reusable bags. Envirosax is a worldwide brand now available inInspired by people, places, nature, color and exquisite 57 countries. It is the world leader in the designerdesign, Envirosax multi-purpose bags feature graphic reusable bag industry and available in many highprints in a variety of shades to suit everyone’s lifestyle. end retail stores in the world such as: Galeries Lafayette Germany, Corso Como Italy, Fenwicks UK,Conveniently rolling up into a tiny 4” (1.4oz) package, Bloomingdales US, Sur La Table US, Neiman Marcusthese fashion forward contemporary bags are creating US, Nordstrom US, Globus Zurich, De Padova Milan,new trends in eco design. Illum Copenhagen, Guggenheim Museum Berlin, La Grande Epicerie Paris.Consumers have embraced these handy bags for anumber of reasons: The company is active in the media both print and• they are bright, fashionable and fun to use online ensuring consumer interest and demand• they have a low price point and are affordable remains high. In-store display support is available and new ranges are released twice a year, creating interest• they are extremely high quality and last a long time and fresh brand appeal. With low minimum orders,• they are water resistant and washable great product margins and a low price point for fast• their purpose, to stop one-use plastic bag moving sales, the Envirosax reusable bag is a great pollution, is an easy contribution everyone can up-sell item to add to your range and increase profits. make to saving the environment. Retailers worldwide can be assured of Envirosax’ commitment to our collective success.
  2. 2. graphic series OG.B1 OG.B2 OG.B3 OG.B4 OG.B5Infusing multiple looks and styles, Origami is individual, quirky and fun. Influenced by the playful street fashion in Japan where creativefashionistas parade their savvy style. Cute, poppy and a little kooky; be inspired, let your imagination run wild.
  3. 3. graphic series MD.B1 MD.B2 MD.B3 MD.B4 MD.B5Like the twinkling stars on a dark night, the Midnight Safari range evokes a little mystique, a little intrigue and a sense of breathless anticipation.The unmistakable tribal influences combined with classic black and white create a range perfect for our lifestyle in the modern urban jungle.
  4. 4. graphic series OS.B1 OS.B2 OS.B3 OS.B4 OS.B5Summer days by the sea, lazy walks along the esplanade and warm, balmy sunsets encapsulate the feel of our Oasis. Radiating a blissfulhappiness, the bright, playful colors, candy stripes and polka dots are a fun way to liven up your summer holiday.
  5. 5. graphic series CD.B1 CD.B2 CD.B3 CD.B4 CD.B5 LB.B1 LB.B2 LB.B3 LB.B4 LB.B5Retro, bold, swirling cascades of color alongside geometric hues in purple and black describe the Candy range. Adding sophistication and Inspired by the romanticism of Bohemia and the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement, La Boheme is a celebration of the company pushingglamour to your everyday shopping, the graphics were inspired by the depth of European design. conventional boundaries. Eco-friendly products with a focus on beautiful design are the perfect fusion of art, beauty and a responsible lifestyle.
  6. 6. graphic series MK.B1 MK.B2 MK.B3 MK.B4 MK.B5 BT.B1 BT.B2 BT.B3 BT.B4 BT.B5Beautiful, delicate and intricate describe the stylish designs in this Japanese inspired range. Highlighting the glory of nature and reflecting the Earthy and vibrant green, the Botanica Series is inspired by our lush and beautiful rainforests. Time spent in any type of forest is a reminder ofunderstated elegance of this traditional culture, the minimalist approach is reflected with dramatic effect. the wonders of nature including our place in its delicate balance and our responsibility to conserve this beauty for future generations.
  7. 7. certified RPET seriesIncorporating recycled plastic bottles and other plastic NOTE: The 45% Repreve® in the ENVIROSAX RPETwaste into fabric is the next evolutionary step in our is made up of 100% recycled product, with 80%industry. Not only do Envirosax reduce the wasteful pre-consumer and 20% post-consumer recycleduse of one-use items, we help to reuse waste material polyester content (mainly plastic bottles).that is already out there, preventing it from pollutingthe planet. The key point however, is that we can verify and prove that the 45% Repreve® is in fact 100% recycledEnvirosax insists on thorough research to bring you content as it has been tested and certified by the onlythe truth and with Envirosax RPET fabric, this is no company in the world able to accurately do this -exception. Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).Envirosax Pty Ltd has gone into partnership with Unifi Repreve® is third party certified by ScientificInc of the USA to make its own Envirosax RPET. The Certification Systems (SCS) and Oeka-Tex and meetsEnvirosax RPET is a mix of 55% flat filament polyester FTC guidelines for recycled products. No other yarn isand 45% Repreve® polyester (Unifi inc.) made like Repreve®. Whether polyester or nylon, UNIFI inc. has developed a special process that ensures it’s better than other recycled yarns available today.
  8. 8. certified RPET series SS.B1 SS.B2 SS.B3Made from the new Envirosax RPET fabric, SlingSax are a handy, hands-free accessory for busy people on the go. Easy tie-together handlesallow SlingSax to be worn long and diagonally to rest on the hip, and the handles can be adjusted to suit different body shapes. The sleekdesign suits busy urban dwellers who need their hands free while negotiating buses, trains and the daily grind. Convenient, stylish and featuringrecycled content, SlingSax are the epitome of contemporary eco conscious living.
  9. 9. certified RPET series MS.B1 MS.B2 MS.B3 print on reverse sideMaximizing reuse and minimizing wastage, MiniSax evolved from the utilization of remaining fabric from the creation of SlingSax! Designed as areusable lunch bag, this nifty little sack is also made from Envirosax RPET fabric and has a cute little takeaway coffee cup holder built into thedesign. The cup holder also doubles as a foldaway mechanism where you can tuck the bag away into its own mini pouch for easy storage, readywhen you need it next time. An innovative response to worldwide demand, MiniSax are set to minimize lunch and take-away bag wastage.
  10. 10. kids series DU.01 DU.02display unitsThe display unit fits neatly on a counter top or shelf and houses approximately 40 bags. With a changeable graphics insert panel, new graphics Fun, colorful and quirky, the Kid’s Series of reusable bags are designed to be fun to use as well as teach a valuable lesson about ourcards are regularly provided. Retailers around the world have advised that the new display units most certainly improve sales. A great tool to responsibility to the planet. Educating children about re-use is our greatest chance of preserving nature for future generations.help customers understand what Envirosax is all about – check with your local Envirosax representative to buy yours today!
  11. 11. kids seriesPIGGY IN THE MIDDLE RUSTY TUBBY MARSHMALLOW FLOWER POWER back of bag shown behindEnvirosax Kid’s bags are super fun and easy to carry, they’re lightweight yet tough for all children’s activities. They have been safety tested forheavy metals and are in compliance with new US legislation governing safe levels of lead content in products designed for children.
  12. 12. graphic series APK.B1 APK.B2 APK.B3 back of bag shown behindcollaborationsThe opportunity to work with some amazingly well known brands and their unique style guides have been a breath of fresh inspiration for the The animal kingdom is a fun, exciting place for kids to explore. The fascination of animals in our own backyard and in nature is a source ofEnvirosax design team. Evolving from a licensing relationship, the combined ideology of the iconic brand and Envirosax planet saving product is wonderment and joy for developing minds. Our link to this playful, wild world is an important lesson for future generations; understanding thata powerful combination. Appealing to an existing fan base as well as new customers, the environment is the winner with more and more users our everyday actions have the potential to impact these incredible creatures and their habitat is crucial. Produced under license with Animalof reusable bags. Planet™, these cute and colorful designs bring amazing animals into kids’ everyday lives. © 2010 & TM Discovery Communications, LLC. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. graphic series ELMO OSCAR COOKIE MONSTER GROVER BIG BIRDUse, play and learn about the environment with your favorite Sesame Street characters. Jump right in and clean up your neighborhood withhelp from the new Oscar, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird and Grover Envirosax bags. One, two, three count with me – the number of plasticbags we can save from polluting our planet every day. More fun, more love, go, go, go!TM © 2009 Sesame Workshop.MD © 2009 Sesame Workshop.
  14. 14. graphic series AP.B1 AP.B2 AP.B3 AP.B4 AP.B5 PG.B1 PG.B2 PG.B3 PG.B4 PG.B5 back of bag shown behindPlayful, instinctive and clever, animals in our own backyard are our link to the greater animal kingdom. They remind us of our responsibility to What’s big, blue and green, and our responsibility? The Planet of course; and these bags will be a groovy addition to your green lifestyle.the environment and to preserve its beauty for all inhabitants. Produced under license with Animal Planet™, these captivating designs are a fun Produced under license with Planet Green™, these five designs feature contemporary geometrics in fresh hues of green, aqua and white.expression of your animal appreciation. ©2010 & TM Discovery Communications, LLC. All rights reserved.© 2010 & TM Discovery Communications, LLC. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. organic seriesorganicNatural, earth-grown fabrics are the ultimate in sustainability. This premium line of reusable bags utilizes the best nature has to offer in fabrics oflinen, bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Printed with vegetable based inks, the variance in fabric texture creates a variety of effects with thedifferent designs. Each bag is packaged in its own little pouch for easy storage in a glove compartment or handbag. The hang tags are madefrom 100% recycled paper and printed with soy based inks.
  16. 16. organic series OC.B1 OC.B2 OC.B3 OH.B2 OH.B4 OH.B5organic cottonContinually researching the best environmentally safe and sustainable fabric technology available, the Organic Cotton line is sourced from the hemp Cultivated in China as early as 4000 BC, the hemp plant produces the strongest natural fiber known. Hemp fabric is three times stronger thanfields of Peru. Our relationship with the manufacturer supports a local farmers co-op, which encourages legal crops to be grown for the benefit cotton fabric of the same weight. With no known insect enemies and a high resistance to disease, there is no need to use harmful pesticides inof the workers and their community. Sustainable watering practices are used and the pure cotton is certified organic by GOTS international cultivation. A strong eco-friendly alternative.certifying body.
  17. 17. organic series OB.B1 OB.B3 OB.B4 OL.B2 OL.B3 OL.B5bambooSeveral Asian cultures believe that humanity emerged from a bamboo stem. An enduring natural resource, bamboo is also a critical element linen Linen may be the oldest textile material in the world. Its history goes back many thousands of years. Fragments of straw, seeds, fibersof the economy, an ancient medicine and integrally involved in culture and the arts. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable as it is naturally grown, and yarns, which date back to about 8000 B.C. have been found in Swiss lake dwellings. Linen was also used in the Mediterranean inwithout assistance from man, thriving naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers. 100% sustainable, bamboo is one of the fastest the pre-Christian age and was even sometimes used as currency in ancient Egypt. The linen bags are 100% linen.growing plants in the world. The bamboo bags are 45% viscose from bamboo, 55% linen.
  18. 18. greengrocer series LIQUORICE AVOCADO BLUEBERRY CHOCOLATE OYSTER DUCK EGG GUAVA WATERMELON APPLE SUMMER PEA BORDEAUX CHAMPIGNON TARRAGON CAVIAR ALMOND PAPRIKA LEMON AUBERGINE OLIVE CINNAMONThe Greengrocer Series was created to suit a more conservative shopper who preferred a solid color option to the many patterns available inthe Graphic Series. Based on the vibrant colors, textures and sense evoking characteristics of food, there are twenty different colors availableall named after food grown in nature. This range is slowly evolving into another personalizable option for smaller business needs and will all bemade from printable nylon fabric. Certain colors now available for printing.
  19. 19. corporate series corporate seriesDue to popular demand, the Envirosax Corporate series was established to enable companies, businesses, conference groups, schools There are a number of options within the Corporate Series to suit varying needs, from a simple logo bag to a signature series, which offersand many other organizations to create their very own Envirosax bag. The Corporate Series still incorporates all the best features for which complete freedom of design. The bags can be made from the very lightweight polyester and nylon to all the fabrics available in our organicEnvirosax bags are renown such as the highest quality, high level of convenience, roll up to 4”, carry up to 44lbs, last up to five years and they series, which are linen, bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Envirosax corporate bags are a desirable promotional item, as people love to useare available in many practical & beautiful colors to suit your corporate identity. them; which is fantastic for ongoing brand exposure.
  20. 20. 10 key facts display tips to maximise salesEnvirosax bags are exceptionally popular for reasons listed below. If your staff know these facts and advise your customers, sales Consumers love Envirosax bags but they can’t buy them at your store unless they can spot them easily, here are some displaywill only increase as a result. tips advised by other retailers that really work!Feature Benefit One open bag on display – at least one bag should be open, stuffed with a pillow and clearly visible near the product to show that the little rolled up item is actually a huge bag. This enables the customer to feel the fabric, clearly see the beautiful designs and start to contemplateHolds 44lbs Perfect for heavy items when grocery shopping the uses for this huge big bag in their life.Rolls up to a tiny 4” Super convenient to carry in your handbag and use all the time for anything! Display unit – a beautiful contemporary Perspex display unit is available from the company with interchangeable display card inserts. This is the ideal option for counter top or shelf displays as the branding is clearly visible to attract Envirosax fans. A glass or Perspex bowl isBeautiful colors & designs Fun and fashionable to use also suitable so long as the Envirosax product and branding are all together and not mixed with other items.High quality & double stitched Long lasting and does not break Placement in store – place them as close to the register as possible. Envirosax is an up-sell item as well as a stand-alone item, thereforeMigration tested Ensures chemicals do not leach into the food you carry the opportunity to offer the customer a reusable bag instead of plastic or other free packing bags in which to place their purchases is too good to miss. You make another sale and save money on free bags too!Fully washable Bag continues to look great for years to come Enough stock – the opportunity cost of missed sales due to lack of stock is crippling. Some consumers will wait for new stock to arriveHigh quality printing process Does not fade but most won’t and if it’s not there when they are looking, you have missed your chance. Minimum stock numbers are a good idea – if you deem that 30 bags are your optimal selling quantity then order 60 bags and always reorder when levels hit 30 again – you will then neverReplaces the use of up to 6,000 bags in its lifetime Easy way to help the environment miss a sale or the opportunity to maximize your bottom line.Water resistant Great for carrying wet items like bathers, or wet towels Themes & colors – due to the vast number of colors in the range, there are great opportunities to create interest with eye catching window displays, in store displays and matching other themes you may be working with like summer, spring, stripes, flowers, black & white. UseLow price point You can buy a whole collection to match your outfits and busy lifestyle your imagination and watch your sales soar!
  21. 21. product specifications Graphic series Imperial (approx.) Individual bag size: 19.7” x 16.5” Individual rolled up bag size: 4” x 1.7” diameter Pouch size: 9” x 6” Bag weight: 1.4 oz Maximum weight capacity: 44 lb Water resistant: yes Organic series Individual bag size: 19.5” x 16.5” Bag weight: 2.1 oz Maximum weight capacity: 22 lb Water resistant: no Envirosax Kids Individual bag size: 17.70” x 15.75” Water resistant: yes Envirosax Greengrocer Individual bag size: 18.70” x 16.5” Water resistant: yes Certified RPET series SlingSax Individual bag size: 17” x 14” From top of strap to bottom of bag: 47” Bag weight: 3.2 oz Water resistant: yes MiniSax Individual bag size: 8” x 9.25” Bag weight: 1.1 oz Water resistant: yes Display units Front width: 11.8” Side width: 12” Entire height: 14.2”Due to technical restrictions, colors in this catalogue may vary to those of the original Weight: 8.4 lbproducts. ®Envirosax bags are registered designs. ®Envirosax logo is a registered trademark Weight (inc. box): 8.8 lb
  22. 22. Envirosax LLC (USA) t: +1 800 491 2533 infousa@envirosax.com Envirosax LLC (CANADA) t: +1 800 491 2533 canada@envirosax.comwww.envirosax.com www.envirosax.cawaterless offset printing on recycled paper with soy-based ink