10 Year Anniversary - Natural Capitalism


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We have come along way in our first 10 years. Check out a selection of our accomplishments, testimonials, and continued efforts.

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  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Duke, Oregon State University, University of Colorado, ASU, University of Florida, University of Texas.Sustainability is increasingly important to institutions of higher learning across the US.Not only will this partnership deliver substantial cost savings, it will also provide a leadership opportunity for Follett and an opportunity to engage with universities through a set of shared values and a common language.
  • http://natcapsolutions.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=242&Itemid=53
  • NEEDIncrease your revenue—arm your sales team with the sustainability knowledge they need to better sell your products and services.Is your company’s sustainability story getting lost in translation? Many companies that have made great sustainability achievements are not effectively telling their story to customers and prospects. This equates to lost revenue opportunities for your company. Using interactive web technology, your sales staff can learn on their own time from laptops or tablets. The program provides a dynamic and effective tool for engaging large and decentralized sales networks, ensuring your staff has the knowledge and tools needed to help your business succeed.
  • Implement sustainability across geographic boundaries by delivering actionable training to your network of franchise or retail operations that cuts costs while increasing alignment with corporate goals.  Using interactive web technology and visual representations of your facilities, NCS’se-Solution will showcase the efficiency and sustainability measures important to your business operations and provide step-by-step action plans and practical tools to support implementation. Through this custom online program, you will increase alignment around corporate sustainability goals while cutting costs and enhancing profitability.
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • Source: http://www.ci.sebastopol.ca.us/pdfs/programs/Action%20Plan%20Analysis.pdf
  • 10 Year Anniversary - Natural Capitalism

    1. 1. Photo courtesy of Norm Clasen (NCS Board)
    2. 2. Implementing Genuine Sustainability Natural Capitalism a 501(c)3 is an internationally recognized leader in sustainability education, strategy, and implementation. We have decades of experience helping corporate and government clients, collectively representing over 3% of U.S. GDP.
    3. 3. Just Another Dayon the Job
    4. 4. With YvonChouinardSustainable Pioneer Awards / Zurich
    5. 5. Think this is lofty? We hope so. We are a small team with big goals. We magnify our impact by working with and educating otherorganizations and individuals that share our vision.
    6. 6. How?By Working With Leading Corporations
    7. 7. As a non-profit we believe in working withorganizations that are authentic in their pursuit ofsustainability.This doesn’t mean altruism – we believe businessesshould pursue sustainability because it increasesprofitability and manages risks.It does mean that our clients should be committedto implementing sustainability and not just talkingabout it.
    8. 8. Hunter and I were at Walmarts headquarters when CEO Lee Scott introduced their head of marketing. He shares a slide deck that looks like a standard NCS business case deck. Hunter and I looked at each other, "Wow, did we Jeff Hohensee, drop down the rabbit hole? Was it the Former CEO blue pill or the red pill?”By the end of the session Hunter was in front of 500 peoplethrowing a copy of the SmallMart Revolution into theaudience asking them what they were going to do about thelegitimate concerns about their business model.
    9. 9. • 96% concentrate - less water shipped•Using the right mix reduces chemicals by 50%• Boeing used the system to reduce from 1,000 chemicals to 15 from PortionPac• Color coded reduces errors•Greenseal certified• Joining Chicago Climate Exchange• Sells cleaning services instead of chemicals - incentive to reduce use
    10. 10. Hunter’s energy level to meet,lecture, write and learn frompeople all over the worldseems to be one of the greatsecrets to her success. Notsure what she is drinking but itshould be bottled and sold tothe rest of us.Marvin KleinPortion Pac Cleaning
    11. 11. @hlovins Hunter Lovins@hlovins Bucking hay the old fashioned way walking beside the big ol flatbed hefting 90lb bales neath the high blue Colorado sky meadowlarks trilling Hunter Lovins@hlovins Welcome to global weirding: its snowing on me now in Boulder. Course its Colorado: if you dont like the weather, wait a moment Hunter Lovins@hlovins Partying w/ my rodeoing friends, all of us in a truck hauling north to Wyoming for a Bren Hill concert: whiskey, cowboy music & good friends
    12. 12. "NCS provided Clif Bar with a cost-effective approach to understanding our ingredients all the way from the field to our final product. The team at NCS is world renowned and a great advisor on how sustainability can materially help a business operate”Diana Simmons, Clif Bar
    13. 13. Highlights include:• Preventing over 250,00 metric tons of CO2, which is the equivalent of taking almost 50,000 cars off the road.• Worked with over 175 cities, governments, and businesses—over 35 in Colorado alone!• Helped clients be able to create new jobs, while lessening their environmental impact by saving over $7 million through resource efficiency and sustainable design projects.
    14. 14. Sustainable Purchasing PolicyCovers all marketing andpromotion materialsHelps Red Bull effectivelycommunicate with vendorsEducates purchasing andprocurement staff onsustainability
    15. 15. “Our Experience has been that for every dollar invested in sustainability you get two dollars~Curt Johnson, Chair of Diversey back.”
    16. 16. Heres to you Hunter andthe NCS team - You are ahearty blend of visionariesand implementors. Yousee possibilities whereother dont see. You aregritty, genuine and smartas hell.AJ Grant
    17. 17. How?By Empowering Small Businesses
    18. 18. For the past eight years we have been working with small businesses to help them profit by implementing more sustainable practices.~Curt Johnson, Chair of Diversey
    19. 19. Solutions @ the Speed of Business Interactive Implementation SoftwareLighting Daylighting, Controls & EquipmentHeating & Cooling Insulation, HVACOffice Equipment Power Management, PurchasingWater Water Use & Water Heating Provides step-by-step action plansWaste and practical tools that make Reduce, Reuse, Compost & Recycle implementing efficiency – not just learning about it - fast and effective.Transit & Travel Transit Alternatives & Business Travel~Curt Johnson, Chair of Diversey
    20. 20. Solutions @ the Speed of Business Jim ThompsonToby Hunter LilyRussell Lovins Thaisz
    21. 21. Dear Hunter,It has been far too long.Despite having increasedmy carbon footprint with thearrival of Beatrice here, Iam still very committed tothe cause.Thanks for the support thatyou have given me in mychosen cause - education.Your enthusiasm andenergy are infectious. - Jim Thompson
    22. 22. Happy tenth anniversary to Natural Capitalism.Wish I were able to joinyou all and toast yourfuture with a whisky.Always Welcome inScotland. There are stilllots of malts here that youhaven’t yet tasted!Love and best wishesJim Thompson
    23. 23. Solutions 4 SustainabilityS4S is a program for Cities, Counties, Utilities, non-profits and other organizations who seekto reduce energy and resource usage for small business communities while enhancing their profitability. Toby Kara Steve Lily Russell Seeley Wilton Thaisz
    24. 24. Partners who NCS has ran programs with:
    25. 25. Wyoming SBDC Partners who NCS has ran programs with:
    26. 26. City of San Rafael Partners who NCS has ran programs with:
    27. 27. RT: Great work from @natcapsolutions30+ studies, including those wild-eyedenvironmentalists at Goldman Sachs, haveproven the biz case for sustainabilityRT: Great to see how Toby Russell @toby_ncsNY Times@gundersenluth hospital NCS Praisewas inspired by #Natural gives a shout out toCapitalism + @hlovins to on Twitter NCS for helping smallstart their journey businesses be morebit.ly/JLwjHd sustainable @RachelsNetworkLets fix our #environmental problems using good ole American ingenuity & #innovation.Hunter Lovins,@natcapsolutions(Yeah!) #RNSF12
    28. 28. How?Resigning the Way the World Works
    29. 29. How does nature do business?NCS Board Member,Janine Benyus
    30. 30. Hunterwith RichardBranson andBill Clinton
    31. 31. Between 2007 and2011, the PresidentialClimate Action Project(PCAP) has engagedhundreds of thoughtleaders to producescores ofrecommendations onhow the President of theUnited States couldimprove the nationsclimate and energysecurity. Bill Becker
    32. 32. Chile 2012 Clean Tech OpenTwitter sara_donoso Un honor estar con la granChatter @hlovins @efizity @ppsilvag @cwolleter http://t.co/9RZZ17iD marcelomena @hlovins people are telling my how awesome you were today in your talk in Vitacura!
    33. 33. NCS Future We Want was chosen by the UN to headline its global gathering on sustainability.BillBecker
    34. 34. “As I have tried to navigate my career andhave the maximum positive impact onclimate change and the environment atany time, the one constant at times ofchange has been Hunter. The result ofthis is that her impact on my life has beenfar greater than she can imagine. I willalways be grateful for her energy,kindness, passion and generosity of spirit.Thank you so much for all you do, Hunter,and congratulation on a big achievementwith ten years of NCS.”Tom CarnacManaging Director, CDP North America
    35. 35. #intelligence2 / New York
    36. 36. Worked in over 30countries globallyimplementingsustainability.From Jamaica, toSerbia, to Afghanistanand many more…
    37. 37. US AIDHunter Lovins AfghanistanEconomic Development Eric Rasmussen
    38. 38. Development Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable DevelopmentSouth Africa Hunter Lovins
    39. 39. United Nations:RedesigningIndustry in Asia CatherineEmily GreenerEvans Hunter Lovins
    40. 40. Intensive initiative topromote soundeconomic policy inthe United States andthe preservation ofthe Arctic NationalWildlife Refuge.
    41. 41. Hunter’s straight talking, heartcentered, intellectual andemotional rigor has been acompass for all of us for the last 30years and will be for many moreyears to come. Much love, respectand congratulations."Simon MainwaringFounder/author We First
    42. 42. How?Creating a Clean Energy Future
    43. 43. NCS’ CLEAN Coalition (Clean Local EnergyAccessible Now) has pushed the State of Californiato launch a 750 MW CLEAN Program in early 2013with a vastly expanded program following within ayear or two. In addition, the Long Island PowerAuthority has already launched a highly successful50 MW CLEAN Program and is now seekingguidance on a vastly expanded program.
    44. 44. “I speak for the entire CLEANCoalition team when I say howgrateful we are to Natural CapitalismSolutions. Although we have onlybeen partners for 3 of NCS’ 10 years,I know that the best is yet to comefor all of us.” - Craig Lewis, Executive Director
    45. 45. Alaska Energy Roadmap Coal Plant in TransitionDemonstrates how Alaskan’s Outlined a profitablecan meet electricity needs in transition from old coal plants2025, using as little as 50% of to efficiency and renewables.the electricity used in the year2000. Paul Sheldon
    46. 46. Increasing the efficiency with which Fairbanks meets its electricity needs will create jobs, increase business incomes, and provide overall economic development for the Community.Paul Sheldon
    47. 47. Hunter and Natural CapitalismSolutions are a critical part of ourintellectual civic infrastructure,regularly making breathtakinglysmart arguments for a clean energyfuture for the country and theglobe.Michael Northrop,Program Director, Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    48. 48. How? Educating theNext Generation of Leaders
    49. 49. Unreasonable Education Institute Sustainable MBA Bard BGIAASHE Madrone Leadership Sustainability In the Telling
    50. 50. University of Colorado Yale UniversityColorado State University Stanford UniversityUniversity of California Williams CollegeMIT University of CalgaryArizona State University University of IowaUniversity of Arkansas AASHE Envirolution
    51. 51. For a long time Hunter has been aguiding light for me and it has beena fantastic pleasure getting to knowher. NCS bailed me out when my oldNGO board had a cue and her teamtook me under their wing until Ifound ground again. Thank you foreverything and I look forward tocontinuing our journey at BardSustainability MBA program.Eban Goodstein,Director, Bard MBA in Sustainability
    52. 52. Certificate in Sustainability Leadership and Implementation
    53. 53. Congratulations Hunter and team for 10 years of inspiration and education. A modern generation understands and guards the principlesGreg Miller of sustainability in allNCS Associate and pastGoogle.org they do.
    54. 54. Hunter Inspires @hloviins shows best @AndrewWinston: > way to get standing ovation - Agreed & well deserved. What a gr8 opening #sb12con RT:@hlovins you are inspiring & tonights lecture was amazing. The amazing part is how much one person can do in one life. @designmba #ler5 Glad to see Hunter Lovins @lewisperkins remains on fire. Looking forward to reading her book #sb12con @MollyLearnGreenPumped for @hlovins keynote at the #sustainability forum! Inspire me Hunter!
    55. 55. Hunter has supported hundreds of young, up and coming, NCS staff and interns to enter the sustainability workforce. Hunters belief in people and her faith in a young persons rawJeff Hohensee, potential is both inspiring, andFormer CEO catalyzes amazing leaders.
    56. 56. Over ten years we’ve educatedmore than 100 interns rangingfrom undergrads to experiencedindividuals.Now employed at:
    57. 57. NCS Interns!
    58. 58. NCS Interns!
    59. 59. The reason I believe in HunterLovins is because at her core she isone of the most humble, caring,and integral people Ive known.And that is why shes changing theworld. Because she refuses to doanything but be exactly who she is.She refuses to be anything butunreasonable.TejuRavilochan,Co-Founder and CEO, Unreasonable Institute
    60. 60. How?Creating Sustainable Communities
    61. 61. Climate Protection Manual For CitiesThe JohnsonFoundation andthe Global EnergyCenter forCommunitySustainability(GEC) asked NCSto create a climateprotection how tomanual for citiesof all sizes. Was sponsored by Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises.
    62. 62. Climate Protection Manual For Cities“Never before have mayorshad such a detailed, helpfulresource for implementingstrategies that will significantlyreduce emissions ofgreenhouse gasses. You [NCS]have performed such animportant service—and withincredible competence and Rocky Anderson,class.” ex-Mayor of Salt Lake City
    63. 63. Clean Energy IncubatorCity of LongmontDeterminedfeasibility of startinga clean energyincubator inLongmont. Nick Sterling Hanna Schum
    64. 64. Bernard Leitier Brianna Christopher Buntje Juniper GwenHallsmith LASER is a powerful tool that provides a clear methodology to enable a community to define goals and targets, develop strategies, and measure progress
    65. 65. Sustainable Agriculturein Boulder CountyExamined literature andagricultural practices in thecounty to help BoulderCounty Parks and OpenSpace better manage ouragricultural land. Nick Sterling Hanna Schum
    66. 66. Hunter with Catherine Greener and Alex Bogusky
    67. 67. Quotable Moments @AmanSinghCSR - Listening to @hlovins at #sb12con:"Frankly the earth doesnt believe whether ubelieve in#climatechange or global warming.Its science" "You cant have SaraBAllan My favorite quotation - infinite growth on a finite planet." We need sustainability. @hlovins is so articulate#sb12con @AmanSinghCSR - Yes Nick_NCS @SustainBrands:"We need toentrepreneur our way out. This is what madeAmerica great"@hlovins #sb12con vsb.li/MvE4K7
    68. 68. “If Adam Smith’s TheWealth of Nationswas the bible for thefirst IndustrialRevolution, thenNatural Capitalismmay well prove to beit for the next - Peter Senge
    69. 69. If you wonder whetherthere is any hope ofhumankind’s dealingsuccessfully withclimate change, readthis book. - Ray Anderson