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Jamaican Patwa Lesson 2
Jamaican Patwa Lesson 2
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Jamaican Patwa Lesson 9



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Learn How to translate simple phrases to jamaican patwa and enrich your life. See more patwa phrases from

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Jamaican Patwa Lesson 9

  1. 1. Lesson 9 Learn Jamaican Patwa
  2. 2. a sweater - Wah swetta her socks are gray - Har sax dem gray
  3. 3. her sweater is purple - har swetta purple The tall man is wearing a tie - Di tall man a wear wah tie
  4. 4. The tall woman is wearing a gray suit - Di tall uhman a wear wah gray suit The short man is wearing a black suit - Di shaat man a wear wah black suit
  5. 5. My shoes are brown - Mi shoes dem brown My tie is brown - Mi tie brown
  6. 6. What color is his sweater? – Wah color ihh swetta be?? his sweater is blue - Ihe swetta blue
  7. 7. The boy is hot - Di bwoy hot The man is cold - Di man cold
  8. 8. The woman is hungry - Di uhman hungry The girl is thirsty - Di gyal tersty
  9. 9. Are you thirsty? - Yuh tersty?? Yes. i'm thirsty - Yeh mi tersty
  10. 10. Are you cold? - Yuh cold? no. We are not cold - no sah we no cold
  11. 11. We're not thirsty - Wih no tersty We are hungry - Wih hungry